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Grateful Dead 11/21/78
Community War Memorial Auditorium, Rochester, NY
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Source # 30116 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary flac16; Partial SBD > ? > Cassette Transfer: Cassette > Sony TC-D5M > Soundblaster > Soundforge > CD-Wave > TLH > FLAC. Soundforge for fades & edits, CD-Wave for tracking, Trader's Little Helper for SBE-OK and checksums, FLAC Frontend for lossless compression.; upgrade in circulation  
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War Memorial Auditorium
Rochester NY

Partial SBD > ? > Cassette
Total Time 92:09 Min

01 [5:05] Promised Land
02 [0:39] TASB #1
03 [9:26] They Love Eachother
04 [7:52] Cassidy
05 [4:11] Dire Wolf
06 [1:33] TASB #2 - finniculi finnicula
07 [3:04] Me & My Uncle >
08 [6:05] Big River
09 [9:38] Row Jimmy
10 [6:16] Minglewood Blues
11 [7:35] Loser
12 [6:20] Jack Straw >
13 [7:25] Deal
-- set break --
14 [0:24] TASB #3
15 [7:06] Bertha >
16 [7:35] Good Lovin'
17 [1:48] crowd noise

SBD > ? > Cassette > Sony TC-D5M > Soundblaster > Soundforge > CD-Wave > TLH > FLAC.
Soundforge for fades & edits, CD-Wave for tracking, Trader's Little Helper
for SBE-OK and checksums, FLAC Frontend for lossless compression.

Patches made with the Aud source taken from the archive: AUD>MC>DAT>CDR
Promised Land 0:00 to 0:20
Dire Wolf     3:47 to 4:11
TASB #2       0:00 to 0:04
Row Jimmy     9:20 to 9:38
TASB #3       0:00 to 0:24
Bertha        0:00 to 0:18
Good Lovin'   5:51 to 7:35

Burning Options:

COMPLETE SHOW: Go to and download the remainder of the show
from Stagger Lee onwards. Disc One will be the entire first set. Start
Disc Two from Track 14. Track 17 will append itself to the beginning of
Stagger Lee and be seamless. That gives you a three disc set.

SBD PORTION ONLY: Make a two disc set. Put the disc split between Row
Jimmy and Minglewood. Eliminate the crowd noise track (number 17).

Notes July 2005:
-- This is an unlineaged cassette from years ago. Since it's not listed in
etree, and not on any active lists, I've decided to circulate this copy.
-- Deadlists gives the following info: "For the SBD, the first set and
second set through 5:59 of Good Lovin' is high quality". They also refer
to a badly deteriorated and cut-up second set completion tape, but I do
not have that part.
-- Jerry's voice is showing signs of the damage that would force the
cancellation of the final shows from this tour. Although he does manage
to squeeze out about 45 final choruses in Deal!
-- Slight saturation in the vocals at the end of Deal, and in Good Lovin'.
-- The Aud source is pitch correct, but the sbd was sped up. I used
Soundforge to correct the pitch in the Sbd source.

Show Checksums
5a66e8a1f7418deb3b618e0fcf0795af *gd1978-11-21-psbd-t01.flac
5a3f6b8d2d85d956d43c820cd25a9f7f *gd1978-11-21-psbd-t02.flac
f778f092fc1a6df5c7ef343639e25645 *gd1978-11-21-psbd-t03.flac
2ef0342a877f3c5c12043c7aefcdf4c0 *gd1978-11-21-psbd-t04.flac
f9572ac5ef0bb9707658bc4e22e28c14 *gd1978-11-21-psbd-t05.flac
0d28f5182aeedcf8b0d4f2667cc4c58e *gd1978-11-21-psbd-t06.flac
0f5e4da05580d8ff87779d3c802fd0f8 *gd1978-11-21-psbd-t07.flac
b385b42fab3d56fa0a37ac4e3c72474c *gd1978-11-21-psbd-t08.flac
ac67187e392dba8ef7c62ccd77f17cca *gd1978-11-21-psbd-t09.flac
81b8967b7a350dbd64fc6e2fd72276a1 *gd1978-11-21-psbd-t10.flac
32f1141d2b8652dfc0895eb83a6019e4 *gd1978-11-21-psbd-t11.flac
2d445ee4555a9aab118bddc1ba636890 *gd1978-11-21-psbd-t12.flac
b0d575b260073b9209027455d6153fa1 *gd1978-11-21-psbd-t13.flac
8ffe04bd541fa8685d970933ecdf1062 *gd1978-11-21-psbd-t14.flac
a0b3bce600ec1ae114e37bcb5215d990 *gd1978-11-21-psbd-t15.flac
21bfd1c5b1b3725015faf5bb60463e8a *gd1978-11-21-psbd-t16.flac
b354076bbd5e9ad968456ceb57441cc4 *gd1978-11-21-psbd-t17.flac

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12/14/2006 FattyBurner what the heck is TASB??
12/14/2006 FattyBurner nevermind! ;-)

take a step back!
05/20/2007 btet This source was FLACed using Replaygain (as determined by selecting tracks in Winamp's playlist and bringing up the track properties by hitting ALT + 3).