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Grateful Dead 03/29/95
The Omni, Atlanta, GA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary set 2; NAK300's> Teac DAP 20; transfer via DAP-1> Zoltrix> CoolEdit> CDWAV> MKW audio tools; seekable SBE-fixed version of SHNid=3917 
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The Grateful Dead
The Omni
Atlanta, GA  3-29-95 set 2

NAK300's>Teac DAP 20

transfer via DAP-1>Zoltrix>CoolEdit>CDWAV>MKW audio tools

Disc 1

Disc 2
01.  Unbroken Chain
02.  Help on the Way >
03.  Slipknot >
04.  Franklin's Tower
05.  Corrina >
06.  Mahtilda >
07.  Drums

Disc 3
01.  Space >
02.  I need a Miracle >
03.  Standing on the Moon >
04.  Not Fade Away
05.  Encore:  U.S. Blues

SBEs fixed by cwier60ATyahooDOTcom using shntool.  Fixed files are now seekable.
Show Checksums
0992ba9133f8743ab873f862b746eab5 *gd95-03-29d2t201-fixed.shn
b722642ac2772136642460d771860ef5 *gd95-03-29d2t202-fixed.shn
7ed6620c88518a30436fbb680d963a2b *gd95-03-29d2t203-fixed.shn
04dd26dbdc159aa57a05400254b1bb8a *gd95-03-29d2t204-fixed.shn
94cfb2edf45adbdedf958beacd78bc15 *gd95-03-29d2t205-fixed.shn
56d3741ad9e54345f6cc89789e25abdf *gd95-03-29d2t206-fixed.shn
02707c6ff3665c9cb29c8576694680ac *gd95-03-29d2t207-fixed.shn
a357aa38d3ebbae0c72c77edaa6c3d9c *gd95-03-29d3t301-fixed.shn
68f248d8ed1579672ed916431205ddf2 *gd95-03-29d3t302-fixed.shn
f3c9834cff082c2c84c2a4d49a592874 *gd95-03-29d3t303-fixed.shn
e4b6edd08db462c6daee8fc347848474 *gd95-03-29d3t304-fixed.shn
54cd20d8562180234c97382dc1b82db9 *gd95-03-29d3t305-fixed.shn
eb625808b2d395aa6d9ca9954c7aa66f [shntool] gd95-03-29d2t201-fixed.shn
c794c1bac79f549192f529f7bfdbca26 [shntool] gd95-03-29d2t202-fixed.shn
34e3d20834e66a11370a5b864060fce9 [shntool] gd95-03-29d2t203-fixed.shn
fcdf1b9a32fb9b8314bccb880ff386c0 [shntool] gd95-03-29d2t204-fixed.shn
9f70c74a9127e04f6f435fe35f18c14f [shntool] gd95-03-29d2t205-fixed.shn
aecf44fee26860343a5e0491361e6918 [shntool] gd95-03-29d2t206-fixed.shn
7fd4b01e2f3a258c9767580e81594dc0 [shntool] gd95-03-29d2t207-fixed.shn
f7e030b6d078821bd9ecf08d013239cd [shntool] gd95-03-29d3t301-fixed.shn
381bc0847c89c39ca7532f42267b3f01 [shntool] gd95-03-29d3t302-fixed.shn
7d12037bb52576fbde20e0c1420a87cf [shntool] gd95-03-29d3t303-fixed.shn
a48a22d7b12895ae5ef95ab42a6804c7 [shntool] gd95-03-29d3t304-fixed.shn
0988b9a7584b041e9c7f47144a804afa [shntool] gd95-03-29d3t305-fixed.shn

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