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Grateful Dead 01/11/79
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
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Entered by dr.unclear
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Source Summary Recording by Keith Gatto: FOB (Nak 300's > Sony TC-158 )Cass. Master > DAT > Soundforge > CDR > Cdparanoia > SHN; ; Master Cassette was played back on a Nak Dragon > Sony PCM R-700 for the A > D; via R. Donnelly for, J. Kempka 
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Grateful Dead
January 11, 1979
Nassau Coliseum
Uniondale, NY

Source:  FOB Cass. Master > DAT > Soundforge > CDR > Cdparanoia > SHN Recorded by Keith Gatto FOB made with Nak 300?s and Sony TC-158

Disk 1

Set I
1.  Sugaree
2.  Me & My Uncle >
3.  Big River
4.  Peggy O
5.  Cassidy
6.  Friend of the Devil
7.  Minglewood Blues
8.  From the Heart of Me
9.  Ramble on Rose

Disk 2

Set I (cont)
1.  Jack Straw >
2.  Deal
Set II
3.  I Need a Miracle >
4.  Ship of Fools
5.  Estimated Prophet >
6.  He's Gone >
7.  Drums >

Disk 3

Set II (cont)
1.  Space >
2.  Truckin' >
3.  The Other One >
4.  Stella Blue >
5.  Good Lovin'
7.  Casey Jones

Master Cassette was played back on a Nak Dragon > Sony PCM R-700 for the A > D via Jim Wise

Thanks to Robert Donnelly for the disks.

Cdparanoia by Jeff Kempka on 5/3/2000.

Enjoy :)

Jeff Kempka
[email protected]

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3e7d10377245648a4c506dd9dc96fd1d *gd79-01-11d1t01.shn
71b3969c875f06314418269b50b819a4 *gd79-01-11d1t02.shn
65a6c7adc7e5fca63a6c2fedc6e92456 *gd79-01-11d1t03.shn
988a4c10d6d45a92b436ffb337e2d43a *gd79-01-11d1t04.shn
62d73a3e93666861a91aaccf595eaac4 *gd79-01-11d1t05.shn
67d6a9944d68914dd5f0b29ca9dbe0c8 *gd79-01-11d1t06.shn
aaf99c527e6a0f56b3f27c3dc91c6cf9 *gd79-01-11d1t07.shn
2fef0e3bce7d5ea3eb40688b8b26333e *gd79-01-11d1t08.shn
1aa5a894c85bf924886d0176f59dd339 *gd79-01-11d1t09.shn
15553666efedf07f818302bc15dd14bb *gd79-01-11d2t01.shn
d883508eb00eec6424b59473e2ae20c6 *gd79-01-11d2t02.shn
97384a8062ec56b301fbc556b2e18aee *gd79-01-11d2t03.shn
d977493737f5a7b7527aa697b771bac7 *gd79-01-11d2t04.shn
be2e4f1a6b91a0811f55565eabd79e2f *gd79-01-11d2t05.shn
5411223de1a1db4b7845f842583e1647 *gd79-01-11d2t06.shn
2ba2827540becddc5d0b63c882a93fcc *gd79-01-11d2t07.shn
38047c2b9fce46561128dcc6e6c6cb29 *gd79-01-11d2t08.shn
2efefa131a7973c97190552a872f7187 *gd79-01-11d3t01.shn
3ea91d7f2c216ca631642a4086b7a0a0 *gd79-01-11d3t02.shn
bdfb8a23fd04c28404812d4507b5173a *gd79-01-11d3t03.shn
ec6c59655ab6166d5e316459a903c478 *gd79-01-11d3t04.shn
b05c02485dd7c672332dcb92f7e96dda *gd79-01-11d3t05.shn
b501dec9ed40488259b95c7994e876c5 *gd79-01-11d3t06.shn
b2c5fd4f63d0cd1b25f504e26dc2349d [shntool] gd79-01-11d1t01.shn
3353539f716159dec78e5686cd65c6ac [shntool] gd79-01-11d1t02.shn
7563531fa40ec418b2dce14ac7832b13 [shntool] gd79-01-11d1t03.shn
9416b2e75a8544ad5b514e8dd96a3bde [shntool] gd79-01-11d1t04.shn
86c9e7678e6ea20bebb2069bcc2694ef [shntool] gd79-01-11d1t05.shn
db7b907f7b2dc0da79fb47df602dcce3 [shntool] gd79-01-11d1t06.shn
94e0e049d023b6c9875d3118ba343180 [shntool] gd79-01-11d1t07.shn
f6f1bdc366122e89dd1dc2b8532f6fcb [shntool] gd79-01-11d1t08.shn
b4af0c0c743a39cf084fb0e83904f1eb [shntool] gd79-01-11d1t09.shn
53e7bc663ddf770b3a4f0f57b5e7bf3c [shntool] gd79-01-11d2t01.shn
6e85b6525dcc1b7b80c8f3f4c15a25cb [shntool] gd79-01-11d2t02.shn
49b689267df4c1df22c0b8fc0eac2d06 [shntool] gd79-01-11d2t03.shn
25160da33bd8c9244526e9f455dc94a6 [shntool] gd79-01-11d2t04.shn
eda7b52371213bd9e0110a400a970516 [shntool] gd79-01-11d2t05.shn
6a36872000aa5a7de5b33624d8b212a9 [shntool] gd79-01-11d2t06.shn
2dc44cd1b1594ed9173e6c5cd22e0fb7 [shntool] gd79-01-11d2t07.shn
567fab7ef9645a369690703b163ba4bd [shntool] gd79-01-11d2t08.shn
7f8c686bba2062110205252a50255952 [shntool] gd79-01-11d3t01.shn
9003e96e61bf99c49faa298e1f4d872c [shntool] gd79-01-11d3t02.shn
e7ae882b06315d8a270d76722b59d5d8 [shntool] gd79-01-11d3t03.shn
fc3e864394840df7ba6c537a08abefdd [shntool] gd79-01-11d3t04.shn
207709bd1dc5b52280d44f1478a48174 [shntool] gd79-01-11d3t05.shn
4242bb8b1025e4f4ee551e908489df59 [shntool] gd79-01-11d3t06.shn

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Date User Comment
01/30/2003 Jens Alexandersson Jim Wise contacted me and explained that 1/10 and 1/11 is not his or Eddie?s, but in fact Keith Gatto?s FOB made with Nak 300?s and Sony TC-158. 1/12 however has the correct info.
I felt a correction for these was in place.

Alex the Swede
06/11/2003 Don Chase FOB left center
06/12/2003 Don Chase stems from January ?79 tree run by Jim Wise and Rango Keshavan on DNC (years ago).

Keith Gatto did the cassette > DAT transfer on his gear; Jim Wise did the DAT > CD.
04/19/2004 BoPs bobby DOES say "We used to play for acid, now we play for Clive" in jack straw ;)
07/10/2008 Yurkovic D2T05 is actually "Happy Birthday" banter. There are 8 tracks total on disc 2. There are only 6 tracks on disc 3 even though "Casey Jones" is noted as track 7 in the text file.