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Grateful Dead 01/20/79
Shea's Buffalo Theater, Buffalo, NY
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Recording by Eddie Claridge: FOB (Split 30' on the balcony with Sony ECM-280 mics > Sony tc158) Cass. Master > DAT > Soundforge > CDR > Cdparanoia > SHN; ; Digital Remaster by Jim Wise; via Robert Donnelly, Jeff Kempka 
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Grateful Dead
January 20, 1979
Shea's Theatre
Buffalo, NY

Source:  FOB Cass. Master > DAT > Soundforge > CDR > Cdparanoia > SHN

Disk 1

Set I
1.  Introduction
2.  Promised Land
3.  Sugaree
4.  El Paso
5.  Peggy O
6.  All Over Now
7.  Jack-a-Roe
8.  Minglewood Blues
9.  Stagger Lee
10. Jack Straw

Disk 2

Set II
1.  I Need a Miracle >
2.  Bertha >
3.  Good Lovin'
4.  Loser
5.  Estimated Prophet >
6.  The Other One > [fades out before Drums]

Disk 3

Set II (cont)
[1.  Estimated Prophet >
2.  The Other One >
note 2 tracks together are 59 sec shorter than d2 version]
3.  Drums >
4.  Space > The Other One Reprise >
5.  Dark Star >
6.  Not Fade Away >
7.  Sugar Magnolia
8.  One More Saturday Night

Recorded by Eddie Claridge.
Split 30' on the balcony with Sony ECM-280 mics > Sony tc158
Digital Remaster by Jim Wise.

Thanks to Robert Donnelly for the disks.

Cdparanoia by Jeff Kempka on 5/3/2000.

Enjoy :)

Jeff Kempka
[email protected]

10/01 txt update note: Tracklist in the info file has been corrected in several spots
to match the actual circulating shn set, thanks to Jay Gerland. Note the d2, d3 "overlaps".
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ddc65bfffbd78d0a80f8c84264abb919 *gd79-01-20d1t01.shn
c60ee6ce436bad84435fe9b306723025 *gd79-01-20d1t02.shn
5ff6dadb3445e527b5137772517de641 *gd79-01-20d1t03.shn
d507878d5870445edaf23287022e4f15 *gd79-01-20d1t04.shn
2b681d2c7b1759452ea3525a9e6a2cb6 *gd79-01-20d1t05.shn
8b45591ed4df86ec7752f14f1bb7d232 *gd79-01-20d1t06.shn
2cd12b7702b1cd2943abf8de9931a49a *gd79-01-20d1t07.shn
f728c64ae9ac6f1f1f142277e70747ad *gd79-01-20d1t08.shn
787d56ae34a8c34a13ca50d790e8dc5d *gd79-01-20d1t09.shn
1c789e7d90b9118991cfb4a81d3f9c8a *gd79-01-20d1t10.shn
90243b8b5eba963bfebac21259a60a00 *gd79-01-20d2t01.shn
84d4b9a592071e29e1e6cb9d35f52b5c *gd79-01-20d2t02.shn
0c8a0c81b98ab80c64006ea308203ce8 *gd79-01-20d2t03.shn
0761b21f828a80eec630cd7246e60531 *gd79-01-20d2t04.shn
39a6161863ad9267755f4e2b289c4cb9 *gd79-01-20d2t05.shn
7bbd4d3dcba14c0f7b75a32d023b2d8e *gd79-01-20d2t06.shn
03b825c827d3fbf5343ae74a39faa751 *gd79-01-20d3t01.shn
6bd9a7d1fb4e1d604ef6b020da1dd937 *gd79-01-20d3t02.shn
69918d62820f532ab7844eecc09871d3 *gd79-01-20d3t03.shn
67a78d30c1bbe532776816424190f1bf *gd79-01-20d3t04.shn
a0561215eba62e6da845a37f9558cffe *gd79-01-20d3t05.shn
c0e309497195ee0c7529c87b48f0e4ea *gd79-01-20d3t06.shn
babe7a7690491cc0426c109099831d59 *gd79-01-20d3t07.shn
45d99bf1df8c7a4f2e1939604fa2eb39 *gd79-01-20d3t08.shn
559cb2900a1cd5847c287578d1bc8315 [shntool] gd79-01-20d1t01.shn
89aba2b43ce65608f5a42738ff1a201b [shntool] gd79-01-20d1t02.shn
19e3542bcb12a1d1138765086fa706bb [shntool] gd79-01-20d1t03.shn
2a3530b70fde5ad3167bc37210ca4eeb [shntool] gd79-01-20d1t04.shn
da4168b2633d161a4b21999eb97f3390 [shntool] gd79-01-20d1t05.shn
b1cd4cd9fd9de02f5b8b84f5d54b4f59 [shntool] gd79-01-20d1t06.shn
34ed5bb15f6cbc7ec04ed7b1ed4df09f [shntool] gd79-01-20d1t07.shn
a1501eb79545e8eb4c4d63fcc6927093 [shntool] gd79-01-20d1t08.shn
e8f14b76b2c1b8e086d6d556edceacf6 [shntool] gd79-01-20d1t09.shn
0776853abab60677307ee7e557d53b3d [shntool] gd79-01-20d1t10.shn
4f4af131c325bf58fa839895ef4a1ef0 [shntool] gd79-01-20d2t01.shn
1bea7010326362b63cf6e3504503535d [shntool] gd79-01-20d2t02.shn
e50bc975a17d7280e6edbf66ff42420a [shntool] gd79-01-20d2t03.shn
23b3832ca21a97eed84f2e99ac6c9f0f [shntool] gd79-01-20d2t04.shn
0ad26fd1eafb3dbee892930e6eca4d5b [shntool] gd79-01-20d2t05.shn
5d2bf1fae5f90287b8096dec309674b0 [shntool] gd79-01-20d2t06.shn
33bfc4fa6a7bfc8281936a9815fecdcb [shntool] gd79-01-20d3t01.shn
47fd4a3327882fa81e35f31aa8fb6a3d [shntool] gd79-01-20d3t02.shn
5ca788028f9b0e5db60b19c6d3f96999 [shntool] gd79-01-20d3t03.shn
8488f3ce23120402185a53d94b26d410 [shntool] gd79-01-20d3t04.shn
f5b3df52ece26d7f7869c4d2358c8a82 [shntool] gd79-01-20d3t05.shn
b228f35bc5454f080fab477ae80c5974 [shntool] gd79-01-20d3t06.shn
d37b5066da49550091430ebd25a3f4c8 [shntool] gd79-01-20d3t07.shn
bf5e8d40aa4a99f2f248062599ef7c87 [shntool] gd79-01-20d3t08.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
AUDMC > DAT > CD Recorded... (2) updated source info: AUDMC... (3) flac16; source: aud... (0) flac16; Recording... (0) flac16;... (0) flac24; source: aud... (0) flac16; Source: FOB... (0)
Date User Comment
10/09/2001 Jay D1T6 is not the Dylan song (Baby Blue), it's the Bobby Womack song, "All Over Now".

Also, looking into the SHNs with this, the setlist does not match the number of SHNs included. Here is what I have added to my text file:

-- Notes: Added by Jay Gerland [email protected] 4/23/2001 --
The way the SHNs are laid out on my copy from DES are different than what is listed above. Here's what I have:

Disk 1

1. Introduction <-- Not listed above - There are 10 tracks if you burn this
<-- one. Which you should ;^)
2. Promised Land
3. Sugaree
4. El Paso
5. Peggy O
6. It's All Over Now Baby Blue
7. Jack-a-Roe
8. Minglewood Blues
9. Stagger Lee
10. Jack Straw

Disk 2

1. I Need a Miracle >
2. Bertha >
3. Good Lovin'
4. Loser
5. Estimated Prophet >
6. The Other One > <-- Fades out at end before drums

Disk 3

1. Estimated Prophet > <-- These 2 tracks are different from
<-- tracks 5 and 6 of disc 2. Together, they
2. The Other One > <-- are 59 seconds shorter than tracks 5 and 6 of disc 2.
3. Drums >
4. Space > The Other One > <-- The Other One Reprise is at the end of
<-- Space at 3:11
5. Dark Star >
6. Not Fade Away >
7. Sugar Magnolia
8. One More Saturday Night
10/12/2001 Hamilton, Diana Thanks Jay! I think I incorporated all of your corrections/observations into an update of the original info file here.