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Phish 11/11/98
Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, MI
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums all_ffp , all_flac_md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Neumann skm184 > Mackie 1202vlz > Sony D8 @48kHz; Tascam DA-30 mkII > SPDIF > Digidesign Digi002 Rack > Pro Tools LE 6.4 (48>44.1kHz) > CDWav > FLAC; Taped and transferred by Dave Schall 
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November 11, 1998

Van Andel Arena
Grand Rapids, MI

OTS, DFC Neumann skm-184s (AB, aimed at clusters, 10' high)>
Horizon custom XLRs > Mackie 1202vlz > Straightwire Chorus gold RCA/1/8">
Sony D8 @ 48kHz, Kao Gold master
powered by Galaxy Audio Far-Outlet 240

Kao Gold master > Tascam DA-30 Mk II > SPDIF > Digidesign Digi002 Rack >
Pro Tools LE 6.4 (bounced at Tweak Head (highest) conversion rate to 44.1, with fades) >
CDwav > FLAC

taped and transferred by Dave Schall, with help at the show from
Steve Newton, Mark Hutchinson, Jen, and Fran
transferred 8/17/2005

Disc 1 -  
Set 1:
1.  Punch You in the Eye
3.  Call Me if You Need a Fool
4.  Sleep
5.  Tela
6.  Birds of a Feather
7.  Theme From the Bottom
8.  Julius

Disc 2 -
Set 2:
1.  Halley's Comet >
2.  Simple
3.  Walkaway
4.  Limb By Limb
5.  When the Circus Comes to Town

Disc 3:
1.  Contact
2.  Rocky Top
3.  Funky Bitch
04.  Runaway Jim >
05.  Big Ball Jam
from 7.21.1993
Orange Cty. Fairgrounds, Middletown, NY (HORDE)
FOB: Schoeps cmc5/mk21>sonosax SX-m2>D3
06.  Flatbed Jam
Clifford Ball 8.17.96
Neumann km-140s > Beyer mv-100 > SBM-1

notes: PYITE has some level adjustments near the beginning, otherwise the rig ran untouched.
In my opinion, this has one of the best Gumbos EVER.  Ghost is pretty slick too.
Don't let the lack of an external AD conv. fool you...this one turned out amazing.  
If only all OTSs had the sound of Van Andel on this night.  
[email protected] represent!

Friends don't let friends compress shows to MP3.  Keep the quality.
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ph1998-11-11d1t01- PYITE.flac:bfde2785c746df5a009f5e2adb0d7bd6
ph1998-11-11d1t02- Gumbo.flac:df81c2e965003bad40598bf00a361042
ph1998-11-11d1t03- CMIYNAF.flac:9fa5f677a3782c012a7dc6804babfd66
ph1998-11-11d1t04- Sleep.flac:64ebb57f4bbdd26a7fe1a20eca62d233
ph1998-11-11d1t05- Tela.flac:63a6b997f84fcd343bcbe364fc8362ec
ph1998-11-11d1t06- Birds of a Feather.flac:320a45b616451a2bd47b67491f5aa9fc
ph1998-11-11d1t07- Theme From the Bottom.flac:a076611142dfba51c8e51cc390d30c68
ph1998-11-11d1t08- Julius.flac:387c85b12d627454bc468f30dea50fbb
ph1998-11-11d2t01- Halleys Comet.flac:e9d04f4f9dbfa6e4c4f144d68076ae33
ph1998-11-11d2t02- Simple.flac:49ae2d0d92385bbc816d9a04aa55d5f4
ph1998-11-11d2t03- Walkaway.flac:a3bef7666a909c1186c2aff4840ff214
ph1998-11-11d2t04- Limb By Limb.flac:f483b9967e0b9854a4f7a96030b020f3
ph1998-11-11d2t05- Circus.flac:44a3aba3fe40a178d362f7681e69c727
ph1998-11-11d2t06- Ghost.flac:f4a58141edd235ddb000e7b52297ca2d
ph1998-11-11d3t01- E-Contact.flac:381c160e7e0fa3ca35294d21f8beb38a
ph1998-11-11d3t02- Rocky Top.flac:a9f06f24e01f047150e67462f7f47d3d
ph1998-11-11d3t03- Funky Bitch.flac:b5a9b8ae142a3eb1b38de2bf19869bde
ph1998-11-11d3t04- fill1.flac:94188ddbed31fc24f3f4fae2ab0b12e3
ph1998-11-11d3t05- fill2.flac:9fc8277b972ea3dfa5da7696ac4eaa31
ph1998-11-11d3t06- fill3.flac:b63079e03cef35a1ae48ddea18670c13
f351ce2f9cc5bb4fcafcdfa681217add *ph1998-11-11d1t01- PYITE.flac
f5e636b4fcfd03d772ed778e6f2b890a *ph1998-11-11d1t02- Gumbo.flac
77203d34ed534b299d582dde35d2e1b7 *ph1998-11-11d1t03- CMIYNAF.flac
2d7b0a2876d11a7efad0780214938025 *ph1998-11-11d1t04- Sleep.flac
3dfd463e6dc3adb2ed5b0be0193a9c14 *ph1998-11-11d1t05- Tela.flac
ec13b32053086eecb6b24f813fbf3113 *ph1998-11-11d1t06- Birds of a Feather.flac
b36d80123c59d074feeec71acbfd5d4f *ph1998-11-11d1t07- Theme From the Bottom.flac
375734cadf66d8c06c4094da282be3c8 *ph1998-11-11d1t08- Julius.flac
38e678cf2a402471fffa95442bf1d2ac *ph1998-11-11d2t01- Halleys Comet.flac
0551bc989c97218afcec35de032901b0 *ph1998-11-11d2t02- Simple.flac
6e6dcb8fef849da3bceb5b5b50519060 *ph1998-11-11d2t03- Walkaway.flac
04b1a50002af756caeffd99daf3925ee *ph1998-11-11d2t04- Limb By Limb.flac
263c3666afbd1d00ddbe4e5b1d042c67 *ph1998-11-11d2t05- Circus.flac
5e57748d980a194c2d61841d14f55f31 *ph1998-11-11d2t06- Ghost.flac
1911f9919ac098b0de5f74873dbff755 *ph1998-11-11d3t01- E-Contact.flac
d876aa071ce8d689dbb2038e68c9fade *ph1998-11-11d3t02- Rocky Top.flac
7391965871ad9384a71b9859ea88d47e *ph1998-11-11d3t03- Funky Bitch.flac
3c7713d4812bfc92ac04dc4de4cfcd4e *ph1998-11-11d3t04- fill1.flac
6e8915b714a6de766a53b3f8a6217b38 *ph1998-11-11d3t05- fill2.flac
69575690b58875197682ddb8a664e92b *ph1998-11-11d3t06- fill3.flac

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