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John Cipollina 01/05/84
The Stone, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Ryan Linn
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Thunder & Lightning: Sony D5 --> D6, Nakamichi 300 Mics 
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John Cipollina - Nick Gravenites Band (a.k.a. Thunder and Lightning)
The Stone, San Francisco, CA.

Source: Master Cassette, Audience
Equipment: Sony D5 --> D6, Nakamichi 300 Mics
Tapers: Bob Leonardis & Roger Miller
Location: Front center tables

Lineage: MC > WAV > FLAC

(Disc 1)
(First Set)
01. Six Weeks In Reno 5:12
02. Small Walk In Box 9:20
03. Love Me Or I'll Kill You 4:37
04. Pride Of Man 4:16
05. I'll Pull The Trigger 5:25
06. I Did It For The Band 7:32
07. Bad Luck Baby 7:02
08. Dekalb Blues 5:55

(Second Set)
09. /You Can't Hurt Me No More 5:07
10. Going Back To Anna 6:25
11. The Trip 11:12
12. Fantasy World 3:44
(Disc 2)
13. Who Do You Love 7:17
14. Happy Birthdays 0:59
15. Walkin' Blues 6:44
16. Stay Out All Night Long 4:37
17. Buried Alive In The Blues 7:56
18. Intros 0:42
19. Nick talk 1:31
20. Run Outta West 4:58
21. Exit Song 2:50

Thunder & Lightning

John Cipollina- Guitar, Vocals
Nick Gravenites- Guitar, Vocals
Doug Kilmer- Bass, Vocals
Greg Elmore- Drums

Excuse the cut in the beginning of "You Can't Hurt Me No More".
It was a wild night :-) One of the best shows I've ever heard T&L play, IMHO.
They are cookin'!
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802e175409dc68212db9fa898733b7cf *cipollina1984-01-05d1t01.flac
79cbf34661a02448ae9469dee44a2fd4 *cipollina1984-01-05d1t02.flac
4d58c24bc13f88bcb8395e96c6369fb1 *cipollina1984-01-05d1t03.flac
1d72934965e71172efc594b8ee241a67 *cipollina1984-01-05d1t04.flac
e03cd94d81eae74d3754b8fae6865305 *cipollina1984-01-05d1t05.flac
3f090a0451b78a8363368716380e4eb8 *cipollina1984-01-05d1t06.flac
ebf0ac3fb9a4a988bee1c1f994536fd3 *cipollina1984-01-05d1t07.flac
9b9ebc2078d215469ec1bf7e82c5f585 *cipollina1984-01-05d1t08.flac
4939453149d1ebf866d8416f24b42c04 *cipollina1984-01-05d1t09.flac
5390eb565a53e7243a9d73eed6c58b0e *cipollina1984-01-05d1t10.flac
3cd7fe1b8c3a2677c3a38eb7c889230e *cipollina1984-01-05d1t11.flac
d9efb83ff056aa545afc9b91389aa13d *cipollina1984-01-05d1t12.flac
9eb57e04d926d84c4a0648b6c1f95742 *cipollina1984-01-05d2t01.flac
13e41a6092b82c10e344ffb857ab5dc3 *cipollina1984-01-05d2t02.flac
ae82470f4e572e871e0c01a53058fc49 *cipollina1984-01-05d2t03.flac
1a93eadafc0f2a801dd44e36880468dd *cipollina1984-01-05d2t04.flac
8092430ace67f3c2f76c0b4ba5dd3fbf *cipollina1984-01-05d2t05.flac
6d5ba42d298dc36e936a7462b5501b33 *cipollina1984-01-05d2t06.flac
ed4b2528579729223640e523f01f4352 *cipollina1984-01-05d2t07.flac
3ccade92f89636b47f06ce74d48ef29a *cipollina1984-01-05d2t08.flac
633702b16a8734cb18c7adc88b5fbe41 *cipollina1984-01-05d2t09.flac

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