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Medeski Martin & Wood 11/12/05
Chameleon Club, Lancaster, PA
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Entered by duggy
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary flac16; TEAC ME-120s / XY/ DFC > Edirol UA-5 mod (44.1kHz, 16bit) > NJB3 > WAV; WAV > Soundforge 6.0 > CD WAV ED > MKWact > SHN; Taped and Transfered by: tOdDoW!_? 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
Chameleon Club-
Lancaster, Pa

Source: TEAC ME-120s / XY/ DFC > Edirol UA-5 mod (44.1kHz, 16bit) >

Transfer: WAV > Soundforge 6.0 > CD WAV ED > MKWact > SHN.

Taped and Transfered by:  tOdDoW!_?

Disc One: Set One:
01) Improv > Whiney Bitches
02) Improv? >
03) Improv > drum solo >
04) Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho
05) Tuttie Ma

Disc Two: Set Two:
01) Intro
02) After the Onset
03) Sugarcraft > Improv > The Letter (PJ Harvey)
04) Bass solo > Reflector > Drum Solo >
05) Reflector > Lonely Avenue

Disc Three: Set Two Cont.:
01) Curtis >
02) Queen Bee
03) Moti Mo

[Thanks Randy Bayers, for setlist ]
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cb0a490c064dcdfefcb2e7434454fac9 *mmw2005-11-12_d3_t03.shn
199460b64240a61db93bf98921508412 *mmw2005-11-12_d1_t01.shn
ee9112405efc1e2efeea86101177d24c *mmw2005-11-12_d1_t02.shn
5331280f0e156fc31bee7d3660a70a05 *mmw2005-11-12_d1_t03.shn
806ebbdf50d12062e790238ea6f33740 *mmw2005-11-12_d1_t04.shn
0a315d4303977caa4de8d5d4b3f91002 *mmw2005-11-12_d1_t05.shn
12866ee0bc3de8e9f26d56b1765e96d9 *mmw2005-11-12_d2_t01.shn
8e7f4f967d8f58eebeedcddfd03b0aee *mmw2005-11-12_d2_t02.shn
e5c47682308c1a1146bbb2237b0a61d9 *mmw2005-11-12_d2_t03.shn
c45aa82e55494f95658d39067fffe18f *mmw2005-11-12_d2_t04.shn
371623b3983a0905be50824c26717e5c *mmw2005-11-12_d2_t05.shn
5b3e12a1db656803465cdc9a0300ac5f *mmw2005-11-12_d3_t01.shn
cc40bfe5b99b0e20aff0bd94a56ec0d4 *mmw2005-11-12_d3_t02.shn

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Date User Comment
01/03/2006 duggy Updated the setlist:
d1t05 was 'Wurlitzer Shuffle' but is actually 'Tuttie Ma'
d2t02 was 'KCRdubU' but is actually 'After the Onset'

I think d1t02 is actually a song but I'm not sounds very familiar and is structured like a tune...