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Blues Traveler 11/18/05
VooDoo Lounge, Harrah's North Kansas City, North Kansas City, MO
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Entered by Dave M [db.etree admin]
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Master: MG210>Oade mod UA-5>Microtrack 24/96
Conversion: Microtrack 24/96>Wavelab>FLAC
24-bit fileset 
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Blues Traveler
Voodoo Lounge
Harrah's Casino
Kansas City, MO.

Source- MG210(DIN, DFC)>OadeUA5>[email protected]/48
Lineage- Microtrack>Wavelab(Fades, DSP)>Flac

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Pt. 1

1. [Intro]
2. After What
3. Slow Change >
4. You Lost Me There >
5. NY Prophesie
6. 100 Years
7. Support Your Local Emperor
8. The One > You Can't Stop Thinking About Me
9. Crash Burn > Drums >
10. Defense & Desire

Pt. 2

1. Can't Win True Love > Mulling It Over solos > Can't Win True Love >
2. But Anyway
3. Freedom > Nail > Keys >
4. Run-Around
5. No Woman, No Cry
6. Carolina Blues
7. [Band member intros]
8. She Isn't Mine
9. The Path

Notes- One long set, no break.
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3f3bd65b8d48d049a3f7a689ec7219ff *bt2005-11-18pt1t01.flac
e79a82ca179bb429e1a4d29d92eb6a70 *bt2005-11-18pt1t02.flac
4eaa478a97451a1e7ae13d2e2751a879 *bt2005-11-18pt1t03.flac
7ccc20fe8c4ab4357cfbb1380f4db983 *bt2005-11-18pt1t04.flac
52fcb90b3ae58ce6a9942f26a04f8e5c *bt2005-11-18pt1t05.flac
a8cac8b5fa7564cd0cac1801f22aeea9 *bt2005-11-18pt1t06.flac
e8d8bdaeeaf6bf9c70e7244c7452835d *bt2005-11-18pt1t07.flac
8e4eee0c9b499fb9af4ffd7576a50123 *bt2005-11-18pt1t08.flac
a1c1b19685a1b7e1675d3dd9cbedba10 *bt2005-11-18pt1t09.flac
1bba949e1af441c900217543d2e7d8a4 *bt2005-11-18pt1t10.flac
0fc7723d41109b65c1f645fde4a2bebc *bt2005-11-18pt2t01.flac
cdd2023148f678e97cfb7fa252e9bce1 *bt2005-11-18pt2t02.flac
28dbf3af4756d4b188a2a5a34c75a3e9 *bt2005-11-18pt2t03.flac
8d2aa110650cd4f50cab80753a0535a5 *bt2005-11-18pt2t04.flac
7fcb2df7f3d22ed5ff834594e6e63394 *bt2005-11-18pt2t05.flac
431dd83c386d660b4c99a4d238820eeb *bt2005-11-18pt2t06.flac
77976f78ec6e18f3aac79ec07e9ff8c7 *bt2005-11-18pt2t07.flac
31daa72e45c2d97b96b32c82c04ef802 *bt2005-11-18pt2t08.flac
4be0db780b731c8509ec3996c3f87515 *bt2005-11-18pt2t09.flac

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