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Medeski Martin & Wood 10/31/05
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY
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Entered by duggy
Checksums flac-md5 , flac-ffp , flac-st5 , t-flac-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
Media Size Compressed: 704.14 MB (738341994 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; Source: Audix 1290 hc's (DIN)> UA-5(Oade T-Mod)> Optical> JB3 48/16 (Clamped to the Mezz Railing Left of center); JB3> Creative Playcenter via USB> SoundForge AS (fades/resample)>CD Wave (Track splits) 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
Hammerstien Ballroom
New York, NY

Source: Audix 1290 hc's (DIN)> UA-5(Oade T-Mod)> Optical> JB3 48/16
Location: Clamped to the Mezz Railing Left Of  center
Transfer: JB3> Creative Playcenter via USB> SoundForge AS (fades/resample)>CD Wave (Track splits)

- One Set -
Disc One:
01.  [09:44] - Open Improv > Improv [@3:36] >
02.  [05:11] - Improv >
03.  [12:41] - Tootie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing
04.  [12:26] - Egbe Mi O (Carry Me I Want to Die)*
05.  [00:54] - 'Crowd'
06.  [09:21] - New New Orleans
07.  [14:16] - Afrique
08.  [09:53] - What'd I Say > Drums Outro
Disc Two:
09.  [07:58] - Nocturne
10.  [07:10] - Shackman
11.  [06:41] - Partido Alto >
12.  [11:32] - Drum/Percussion Improv >
13.  [04:33] - Organ Solo > Bass Solo >
14.  [06:54] - Bubblehouse
15.  [02:37] - 'Encore Break'
- Encore -
16.  [11:03] - Improv*
17.  [09:06] - End Of The World Party

Entire show w/ Cyro Baptista
* 1st known performance
+ w/ SLAM (50+ piece band fronted by Kenny Wolleson & Jonathon Haffner)

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ad19791e5327cb9823a2e56b73334823 *mmw 2005-10-3101.flac
232a9eadf0fdb5feaef956d78326123b *mmw 2005-10-3102.flac
8db57d8afaefad2981261f56104910e7 *mmw 2005-10-3103.flac
37a5d880c1d1759c782238f903e3877b *mmw 2005-10-3104.flac
0871d4b32c25519aa9bb517ff6571916 *mmw 2005-10-3105.flac
721603771fb60b66ea540fcf61ebe327 *mmw 2005-10-3106.flac
66ba2d6e6beae76ec276eaf222b91522 *mmw 2005-10-3107.flac
70cb0c840b96e10fc4c9de55fa01aa42 *mmw 2005-10-3108.flac
19aba7f801d7c74a3351203433c308fd *mmw 2005-10-3109.flac
ca4298d0760ddca053a1f7ebdba37901 *mmw 2005-10-3110.flac
fc4cf71091d562820a42ce05b0206dbb *mmw 2005-10-3111.flac
226750fbe72910792fb3dfa80c8b72f9 *mmw 2005-10-3112.flac
20139088f08ff2010a5d9ea5741f7ae1 *mmw 2005-10-3113.flac
bf93c037bc4389b1bb6b770b8d70c7cf *mmw 2005-10-3114.flac
9a505927135b7ee1ce58782abc95c588 *mmw 2005-10-3115.flac
7413f223b89684e2a4127b0eaf4b5307 *mmw 2005-10-3116.flac
6c5232c48d0c1b6c69558f617e4dd7bb *mmw 2005-10-3117.flac

mmw 2005-10-3101.flac:2123aeb2c5e7a61309924d7b40a41981
mmw 2005-10-3102.flac:18856fa248a9ea66bd17871bc3627e07
mmw 2005-10-3103.flac:425bc53980126e1eab773ecbe1b0a945
mmw 2005-10-3104.flac:749edb13b1df0c88c9c7fa43edc50e96
mmw 2005-10-3105.flac:57d45af4fab91cc3c1bbb21591c7e0d6
mmw 2005-10-3106.flac:e490044e782bab7fd32427ddb0ce8182
mmw 2005-10-3107.flac:b8b8eb40a5d676131b59cbfffce28986
mmw 2005-10-3108.flac:0cfd1e9ae72b0edfe823b88cae439134
mmw 2005-10-3109.flac:5eacb66c45c966a02d7b39d8175c1f9d
mmw 2005-10-3110.flac:e32c92299e0b6148ef6e079f97eba18b
mmw 2005-10-3111.flac:88d8c3653921a8280caf800bef6db288
mmw 2005-10-3112.flac:80d0b5c4971cb8cdcfdcd3499cf4d979
mmw 2005-10-3113.flac:84b4f518edbaa16832d9076f03f79fdc
mmw 2005-10-3114.flac:88aa5455c17b8866a404cbd66f059362
mmw 2005-10-3115.flac:aa22755e663c1601e81a4801787e0cc4
mmw 2005-10-3116.flac:d101be0b2f5a7f5c3a79ce8f787639f5
mmw 2005-10-3117.flac:3acb000e243134e50d4426238db3bde2
2123aeb2c5e7a61309924d7b40a41981 [shntool] mmw 2005-10-3101.flac
18856fa248a9ea66bd17871bc3627e07 [shntool] mmw 2005-10-3102.flac
425bc53980126e1eab773ecbe1b0a945 [shntool] mmw 2005-10-3103.flac
749edb13b1df0c88c9c7fa43edc50e96 [shntool] mmw 2005-10-3104.flac
57d45af4fab91cc3c1bbb21591c7e0d6 [shntool] mmw 2005-10-3105.flac
e490044e782bab7fd32427ddb0ce8182 [shntool] mmw 2005-10-3106.flac
b8b8eb40a5d676131b59cbfffce28986 [shntool] mmw 2005-10-3107.flac
0cfd1e9ae72b0edfe823b88cae439134 [shntool] mmw 2005-10-3108.flac
5eacb66c45c966a02d7b39d8175c1f9d [shntool] mmw 2005-10-3109.flac
e32c92299e0b6148ef6e079f97eba18b [shntool] mmw 2005-10-3110.flac
88d8c3653921a8280caf800bef6db288 [shntool] mmw 2005-10-3111.flac
80d0b5c4971cb8cdcfdcd3499cf4d979 [shntool] mmw 2005-10-3112.flac
84b4f518edbaa16832d9076f03f79fdc [shntool] mmw 2005-10-3113.flac
88aa5455c17b8866a404cbd66f059362 [shntool] mmw 2005-10-3114.flac
aa22755e663c1601e81a4801787e0cc4 [shntool] mmw 2005-10-3115.flac
d101be0b2f5a7f5c3a79ce8f787639f5 [shntool] mmw 2005-10-3116.flac
3acb000e243134e50d4426238db3bde2 [shntool] mmw 2005-10-3117.flac
58a004ba0295171eb18d2431ae004dd3 *mmw 2005-10-3101.flac
48de1a3a1be0bda298cf87ca3765bbf2 *mmw 2005-10-3102.flac
4a8cc6ad31237901fde5706883a7cb40 *mmw 2005-10-3103.flac
1cbe47fc0391d006122bb83e37fddb0c *mmw 2005-10-3104.flac
6e134425b33faba6a9695720f4816ac3 *mmw 2005-10-3105.flac
d81af57036ccb7ad779cd999fb02d78a *mmw 2005-10-3106.flac
72469c60eb27032a685e366db1632437 *mmw 2005-10-3107.flac
5a333bf5e7d6a9ddbe59ad4c88dd3901 *mmw 2005-10-3108.flac
c48e988b41f230ce97932640f24689bd *mmw 2005-10-3109.flac
860e22ed0aa56b06b7d1dec6cd94f43e *mmw 2005-10-3110.flac
9d3b2f5b3ce4a62b765a4b6208a8a5e2 *mmw 2005-10-3111.flac
5f5070c73ee20f6d7f6a3bd9dc464d35 *mmw 2005-10-3112.flac
1bcca5257ecf8070edbe429e509313e3 *mmw 2005-10-3113.flac
b02713ed03dccfc6ea5e701c3a1c00cf *mmw 2005-10-3114.flac
9a90f52e6d06a5a468bdd5e8a2a39c41 *mmw 2005-10-3115.flac
be8743bd6f8b5f4b7e8cadd4cdc949ea *mmw 2005-10-3116.flac
d366c18f8431552275a226be6f64bda0 *mmw 2005-10-3117.flac

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Date User Comment
01/01/2006 duggy Added setlist to text file above.
11/04/2012 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, etc.)

An ID3 tagged fileset now circulates. Its checksums are noted on this source entry.
11/05/2012 duggy The tagged source was mistakenly not updated for track #10 to the proper title: Shackman (After the Onsen was the title Billy announced back in Dec '05 after debuting the tune that fall, but last year's 20 releases found this song being released and entitled Shackman).

You'll want to update your tags and textfiles folks:
10. [07:10] - Shackman