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Grateful Dead 10/27/79
Cape Cod Coliseum, South Yarmouth, MA
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Source # 317 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
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Source Summary SBD> [?]> DAT (D. DiProsa)> TB Montego Digi i/o (44.1)> .wav> .shn; transfer by A. Walton; see pub comments for listening notes : upgrade now in circulation
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Grateful Dead
Cape Cod Coliseum
South Yarmouth MA

Jack Straw
Me & My Uncle>
Big River
Brown-Eyed Women
Easy to Love You
Minglewood Blues
Stagger Lee

Lost Sailor>
Saint of Circumstance>
Dancin' in the Streets>
Franklin's Tower
He's Gone>

The Other One>
Not Fade Away>
Black Peter>
Around & Around
One More Saturday Night

SRC: SBD> [?]> DAT(Dante DiProsa>TB Montego Digi i/o (44.1)>.wav>.shn

DAT xfer by Abbddull ([email protected])
Show Checksums
807ff25958913b170748cc2c239f068f *GD791027set101.wav.shn
f33059253dd5f84713c88147276d175d *GD791027set102.wav.shn
7d6d6e76f13292afe58a5fb0e9c3bda6 *GD791027set103.wav.shn
09f2eb63f037d68b60d27708cf0a486e *GD791027set104.wav.shn
365c50ce85f1d4468d8f994fd7e6b1da *GD791027set105.wav.shn
38cc7b61b38f3249573c1ff2205a680c *GD791027set106.wav.shn
7680e5d6a54cf73ce5373bd061da8a1b *GD791027set107.wav.shn
0fa67a2c7beff3b84eb02902507b88ef *GD791027set108.wav.shn
b4038c7df29edb3bd8d02cb84af04e31 *GD791027set109.wav.shn
1f5fc8d6184b95b700ce03fcaee2dd1b *GD791027set110.wav.shn
5edea4c20e2f02b7e9dbf71cee905dbb *GD791027set111.wav.shn
e0cdee7aefeaa2b2e4868551f36bd137 *GD791027set201.wav.shn
f10cd27a3ec4ee26637af939a47057b9 *GD791027set202.wav.shn
02bbd191b3fd6a381fa58c68e08d79e5 *GD791027set203.wav.shn
ea3e3f16fe4c6c392863235202cd6bce *GD791027set209.wav.shn
9801e7f1a032835237b5da069a1a65c4 *GD791027set205.wav.shn
09c4a0c6407a32f869c6b3949109c774 *GD791027set206.wav.shn
9f54c99c3bd4c257ec568d4055ababea *GD791027set207.wav.shn
cd597fc63d27341c07c15c0f720433ae *GD791027set208.wav.shn
ca7b3a6b20c784c6db43184e327b337c *GD791027set204.wav.shn
fcbdef1c01baebd00d73fcc170e390b0 [shntool] GD791027set101.wav.shn
f876abee1c47fdec9bd3275b2c56635a [shntool] GD791027set102.wav.shn
a1727f35454e50b860be0f3c616ed4b6 [shntool] GD791027set103.wav.shn
85e42531045f2da30a03c4d7b6fe18ee [shntool] GD791027set104.wav.shn
b84a8a8137d692d9b90e092795c15f36 [shntool] GD791027set105.wav.shn
068f5d4a36f0f4fe7aa81f345295d47b [shntool] GD791027set106.wav.shn
c7220b5238610b1586b55be2001f4adb [shntool] GD791027set107.wav.shn
ec9da75a16a812ded5a2a432909897a2 [shntool] GD791027set108.wav.shn
d69aa0245c76d1ddd5aef9eed9cefaa5 [shntool] GD791027set109.wav.shn
cd9e8f7bf22567547eca5151df319631 [shntool] GD791027set110.wav.shn
63c4bbc59bbefd806fb11177d9f70e7f [shntool] GD791027set111.wav.shn
30e1e86c519067dd0041d645b03e592e [shntool] GD791027set201.wav.shn
7bc5b94099ca5d431f9d46d1f3c907cf [shntool] GD791027set202.wav.shn
6b4fa32afbb53792a65317d4048f668d [shntool] GD791027set203.wav.shn
37b1c7131e43d78a5d02f999610a4884 [shntool] GD791027set204.wav.shn
d63424b0bb9291ffbc395f34ef6b9a13 [shntool] GD791027set205.wav.shn
254c048bb12395442933f2c3647fcf28 [shntool] GD791027set206.wav.shn
528fe6ef9ad0154c0d5984edba9210e7 [shntool] GD791027set207.wav.shn
414941fa02dfa3037f2b41b0fa0b523e [shntool] GD791027set208.wav.shn
1d752b9898233d62e8269a1be4ae39f4 [shntool] GD791027set209.wav.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Master Soundboard Cassette... (9) Recording by Steve Rolfe:... (0) Set 2 Only: zero gen source... (0) Repatch of (1) flac16; Recording... (0) flac16; Recording... (0) flac16; SBD and... (0) flac16; Recording... (0) flac16; Recording... (0) flac16; Matrix by... (0) flac16; AUD: 3x... (0) flac16; Sennheiser... (0) flac24; Recorded... (0)
Date User Comment
10/07/2001 Diesel I don't believe this shn is slow. Instrument tunings match the night after and all nights around this time if that means anything.
10/20/2001 Cornbred I don't believe this show is slow either. Bob and Jerry's voices as well as the instruments sound to be in their normal register. And though this isn't definative by any means, I held a guitar tuner up to the speakers during Stagger Lee, and though it wavered, the pitch centered fairly accuratelly on D.
The sound quality is ok, though recorded a little too low. I can't tell if there was any noise reduction or not.
There are several glitches that should be noted.
d2t1 Dancing In The Streets:
08:33 08:36-08:38 08:46-08:50 Right channel static.
10:29-10:31 Momentary loss of volume. Not a complete dropout.
d3t2 Black Peter
0:56-0:58 Static/dropout.
That is all I noticed, but there may be others.
It came with ludicrous disc split. All of set one can fit on one 74 minute disc. Set 2 up to drums on disc 2, and Not Fade Away to the end (~30min) on the third.
10/20/2001 Cornbred I forgot to mention, the lineage given is quite wrong as DATs didn't exist in 79. I noted mine simply as SBD>???>DAT, though I think what was probably intended was SBD>Master Reel>DAT. Can anyone give a definative answer to what this is?
10/25/2001 Hamilton, Diana These listener comments had been in the shn comments section from pre-db days- I've moving them here since it's more appropriate now:

listener Jason Palmer reports quality lacking- theorizes noise reduction; listener James Griffin notes it sounds a bit slow

Also I've put a ? in the lineage here thanks to your observations.

06/10/2002 Hub Spencer This is a great 79 show. Phil's intro into the Other One has got to be one of the best ever. I noticed the other flaws listed, but isn't the second verse of the Other One missing as well? There is an abrupt cut at 6:58 that must be a tape flip. It is a shame that any of the great playing of Phil during this jam is lost. Possibly another source could be found without this missing part of the show.
12/18/2002 Robert Goetz An audience version of 10.27.79 does exist. I used to have both an analogy soundboard of this show and an audience. Indeed, there is a second verse and if you count the first two Phil bass thunderrolls, there is a third just prior to the second verse which is equally as explosive and dominant. Hopefully someone will combine these sources to create a complete version. In my opinion, the missing second verse on the soundboard tarnishes one of the finest dead jams ever. Incidentally, I have noticed that several very fine audience recordings of different dead performances are not listed here - such as 10.27.79 and 7.19.74. I wonder where they are.
12/19/2002 scottz the aud version circulated on CD about a year ago, along with 10/28/79. They aren't really that good sounding, the sbd is much preferred by my ears. But someone could do a patch job if there was music missing on the board. for an awesome aud from this time period, look no further than Bertrando's 10/31.
12/19/2002 Diana "I wonder where they are." As is the case for any "missing" sources, either no one has made shns out of them and circulated them that way, or if they have, no one has submitted the info yet.
01/18/2003 Greg Yurkovic I received these SHNs with different file names but the same checksums within the md5 files. The file names of the set are canonical to the usual naming standards (gd79-10-27d1t01.shn, gd79-10-27d1t02.shn, etc.), unlike those in the md5s linked here.
01/20/2003 Diana If the md5 checksums are the same, it is the same shn set. The checksums are the fingerprints.