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Medeski Martin & Wood 12/04/05
Cannery Ballroom, Nashville, TN
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Entered by duggy
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary flac16; Peluso cemc6/cards > BM2p+mod ua-5 > D7; D7 > co2 > m-audio transit > wavelab 4.0; Culprit: Jon Buffington ([email protected]
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Medeski Martin & Wood
Cannery Ballroom
Nashville, Tn
December 4,2005

Source:  Peluso cemc6/cards>BM2p+mod ua-5>D7
Location:  DFC, slightly right of board, 8', DIN
Transfer:  D7>co2>m-audio transit>wavelab 4.0
Editing:  CDWave(tracking), Wavelab 4.0(fades)
Culprit:  Jon Buffington([email protected])


1. Improv/new tune? >
2. Improv >
3. Drums/Bass Intro * > Tuttie Ma
4. New New Orleans
5. After the Onsen
6. The Letter

*w/ Basso Profundo tease (chris @ 2:56-3:02)


1. Egbe Mi O  > Drum Solo >
3. Nocturne >
4. New Tune
5. Afro Blue


1. Row Boat
2. New Planet
3. Bass Solo > End of the World Party
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MMW 2005-12-04d1t02.flac:a02a8a4758cfb4ec363b3193ae877dae
MMW 2005-12-04d1t03.flac:848c09c22c34b37eeddbfc42cb58dab1
MMW 2005-12-04d1t04.flac:803c8f3b64d18fd40dc3734075cb3bd1
MMW 2005-12-04d1t05.flac:57aa76495cb4c3107a8b7dc9d4bc0605
MMW 2005-12-04d1t06.flac:ad4699bf6748c134b51c5718784dd23f
MMW 2005-12-04d2t01.flac:710c9a47dc3af3f16addbf7c2fa90100
MMW 2005-12-04d2t02.flac:807459645e49aacefff2ca38a9b722af
MMW 2005-12-04d2t03.flac:3aa492cb37633be8ea4915a9c5892588
MMW 2005-12-04d2t04.flac:b9e87138d4e4463150754f5714557b50
MMW 2005-12-04d2t05.flac:3220a1ca87d5b67ffa7f652b6d238213
MMW 2005-12-04d3t01.flac:34b3692bbce2dc87b7d85eebdae8576a
MMW 2005-12-04d3t02.flac:d1b693e9165532033d340880ec9eb3f0
MMW 2005-12-04d3t03.flac:efd047d0a1bcc1a4fd3cb9dd08330f9a
MMW 2005-12-04d1t01.flac:ffe7c9ce2bebbf042e39ac3528a88fe4

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01/02/2006 duggy Re-named d1t03 as Drums/Bass Intro > Tuttie Ma. Most versions of the song have this type of intro it seems and I've been noting them, but this one is particularly good and stretched out...also added the note about the Basso Profundo tease.

Updated d1t05 name from 'Shack Theme' to 'After the Onset' in light of Billy announcing that as the song's name after the 12/29/2005 performance.

This recording is fantastic and the show itself is killer.
03/09/2006 duggy Updated the name of d1t05 again from the misunderstood 'After the Onset' to the properly heard 'After the Onsen'.

Also, d2 & d3 will fit on one 80min CDR.