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Trey Anastasio 05/03/99
Michigan Theatre, Ann Arbor, MI
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Entered by Ben Mohr
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Source Summary Neumann KM-184 > Mackie 1202vlz > Sony D8; Recorded by David Schall 
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Trey (acoustic/electric)
May 3rd 1999
Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Source Info: David Schall's Rig: Neumann KM-184 > Mackie 1202vlz > Sony D8

Disc One (Trey Solo Acoustic):
1.  Farmhouse
2.  Snowflakes In The Sand*
3.  Talk: New song
4.  Bake and Boil*
5.  Bouncing Around the Room
6.  Minestrone**
7.  Guyute
8.  Talk: Internet
9.  ***Brian & Robert
10.  Possum

Disc Two (Electric), Set two:
1.  Ooh Child
2.  Mozambique****
3.  Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown
4.  Gotta Jiboo,
5.  Keyboard Solo (Trey)^
6.  Then CameYou^^
7.  First Tube

Disc Three, Set Two cont:
1.  Pistol^^^
2.  Talk: Ann Arbor
3.  I Can See Clearly Now
4.  Will It Go Round In Circles^^^^
5.  Drums Duel
6.  Silicon Fairy#  
7.  Aqui Como Alla##
8.  Voodoo Child (slight return)###

* - New song, first time played
** - New song, first time played; from Jesse Jarnow: "In the first set there was
an untitled instrumental. Trey said that whomever posted the setlist first got to
name it. In deference to aLi's misreading of the word "instrumental" on my setlist,
we hereby request that the tune be named "Minestrone"."
*** - Trey talked about reading on Sonicnet about his show at Higher Ground and
how they had allegedly played "Voodoo Child" during the electric set at the show,
when in fact they hadn't (perhaps "Ooh Child" was mistaken for "Voodoo Child"?),
and talked about how the unknown songs would frustrate fans online. He then
introduced the next song as being "Voodoo Child (acoustic)" and played
"Brian & Robert"
**** - previously listed as "Unknown Song (played at Higher Ground 02/15/99)";
first played at the Eight Foot Flourescent Tubes (04/16/98)
^ - included teases of "Axel F" (from the soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop)
^^ - Philip T. Pugh and Sherman Marshall cover; also done by The Spinners
(with Dionne Warwick); first time played
^^^ - previously listed as "Symptom"; also first played with the Eight Foot Flourescent
^^^^ - Billy Preston cover, previously listed with a possible title of "Melody";
first time played
# - also first played at the Eight Foot Flourescent Tubes
## - previously listed as "Mid-Tempo Instrumental"
### - Jimi Hendrix cover, from the album Electric Ladyland; first time played ...
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12/01/2001 mattyrigs I enjoy the quality of this recording very much! I recommend grabbing it if you are interested.
08/08/2003 Schall I had my rig in the front row TS DFC right behind Kuroda and Paul. They key to making it work was the Mackie EQ, which I used to add some presence, as the TS was under the balcony.

There was a B+K 4023 FOB attempt from the front row, executed by a couple of my buddies. During set 2, Brad caught them, snagged the tapes, and threw them out. Oh well.