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Medeski Martin & Wood 12/29/05
Bayside Jenny, Osaka, Japan
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Entered by duggy
Checksums flac16-ffp , flac16-md5 , flac16-st5 , t-flac16-md5 , t-flac16-md5-d2t05-IDtag-error
Disc Counts 1 / 2
Media Size
Date Circulated
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Source Summary Source: flac16: FOB Neumann ak40 (ORTF) > lc3 > km100 > V3 @44.1kHz > DA-P1; DA-P1 > AOpen AW850 deluxe > CDWav > FLAC16; Taped by Mark Skeens 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
Bayside Jenny, Osaka, Japan
Thursday, December 29, 2005

Taper: Shack Taper (Mark Skeens)
Source:Neumann AK40s (ORTF)/ lc3s / m100s >[email protected] > DA-P1
Location: FOB DFC 25ft back
Transfer: da-p1 > AOpen AW850 deluxe > cd wave > FLAC

- Set 1 -
01.  [04:23] - Open Improv >
02.  [06:34] - Improv >
03.  [05:48] - Improv >
04.  [03:10] - Open Improv >
05.  [06:12] - Improv >
06.  [06:20] - Bass Solo / Bass Improv > Intro to [@5:29] >
07.  [06:35] - What'd I Say >
08.  [10:40] - The Lover, 'Billy Speaks' [@9:50]

- Set 2 -
01.  [05:03] - Night Marchers >
02.  [06:29] - Tootie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing
03.  [09:30] - New New Orleans >
04.  [01:50] - Improv >
05.  [07:00] - Shackman
06.  [03:48] - Who The Fuck?
07.  [07:28] - Paris
08.  [02:43] - Bass Solo >
09.  [06:27] - Sasa >
10.  [10:03] - End Of The World Party, 'Billy Speaks' [@9:13]
- Encore 1 -
11.  [13:21] - Rowboat, 'Billy Speaks' [@12:05]
- Encore 2 -
12.  [05:57] - No Ke Ano Ahiahi

good show,fun time but got crazy at the end for the 2 tapers
but it all worked out. shack taper thanks chucky for the housing
and hospiatality and showing him how to set up a torrent.

please fill free to fill in on the setlist and make corrections
it's been a long week and the brain ain't working right.

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- FLAC MD5 generated for ID3 tagged files (t-flac.md5)

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- The metadata ID3 tags can be read by any player that plays FLAC files.
- ID3 tags will be stripped if converted to WAV, however audio data will be unaffected

Use FLAC ST5 to validate audio integrity.
(Alternatively, the FLAC FFP contains the same checksum values.)
t-FLAC MD5 values will change if ID3 tags are altered.
Original FLAC MD5 & ST5 included for reference
T-FLAC16TAG.HTML uses FOLDER.JPG to display album art
T-FLAC16TAG.TXT provides a track-by-track breakdown of the fileset's ID3 tags
- by dug [mmwshackproject AT gmail DOT com] 2015-12-31
flac-ffp will verify pre- and post-tagged files
flac-st5 will verify pre- and post-tagged files
flac-md5 will verify pre-tagged files
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MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t01.flac:fdba25bd46268e006d8c80bf99d53c4b
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t02.flac:b375928fed18a50a3b922c858e0ec8d2
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t03.flac:d942eb4a02e1580030d0c8af3b10ba36
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t04.flac:07f42df117472b20c2fb5dd664198451
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t05.flac:c91628d581470eb249d020e032d6d640
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t06.flac:51816927d94b500b6565f69073505b62
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t07.flac:2d31698949e6704bf5975299ee0a15c8
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t08.flac:8086a91ab5bc7e6f7a9a7ad102162bf7
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t01.flac:6f964fe6f5fb0f667c1bbaf305cf2e5c
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t02.flac:896f61dfb234ace9cb7dc2d826a2a5c5
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t03.flac:4204c2c8f52b5857d561a8e40daf69bb
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t04.flac:2ce531b3f10c09584280322b26e3c734
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t05.flac:fd4580ec6534bbdcb7f5c4982e82467c
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t06.flac:63de64a6068c9e8b1c776d0facf9ea61
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t07.flac:c877d97632f1b6f07209cf961fccc262
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t08.flac:a1d27bad492f53f167207eff29ba8114
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t09.flac:9b303cb65f2d3cb5d1dfee8af27b23f3
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t10.flac:b60d5d15a1fa114b7760da6252dec474
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t11.flac:1c9b0eda1cf3ab8a8af791c03ecdd8c5
MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t12.flac:7319c3c4b7484b071df985a150563b81
bf85f8c8b54c8ca7486aa175b663f8b0 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t01.flac
84254e3306a45004a4a762ca4f858542 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t02.flac
3c56ba75309587f6b0e770f53cb16fa3 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t03.flac
9765ee151460ed3dd1ae6bf37ab2db70 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t04.flac
c66a9652bb912491fc22f97047befba1 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t05.flac
b5303286cd6f4ffdcb3e86d2c17b690d *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t06.flac
9dfc2eb7cbe24004ecca764ad916ad70 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t07.flac
533198192ffb3fd0badc4b0feccc2f59 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t08.flac
b11773c8d023bdb15afe1b6e4862b36d *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t01.flac
5dbc4384c23808e771cb12ba7096043d *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t02.flac
85cec770bd7613d12eccd5debb5feb97 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t03.flac
1185236639d8bf252d5fc3ddfe71b1cf *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t04.flac
7be879ff79ec8d91d5f90a062c07acd3 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t05.flac
ebe528eb0b4614309db50b7e247b534b *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t06.flac
74fd07a545da31589e62f297c8762b5f *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t07.flac
0a9bb6b5c29caa37b3b388fb608de7ca *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t08.flac
013a4f16d39c38f109ce87199e5d48f4 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t09.flac
a950d1abf9a6d98567ca939aae0f6b63 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t10.flac
bd002ea7c0c85b91bb783e5f9e3c01f1 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t11.flac
9ae4ce9551f920fb00d38eb74ca52cbe *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t12.flac
fdba25bd46268e006d8c80bf99d53c4b [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t01.flac
b375928fed18a50a3b922c858e0ec8d2 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t02.flac
d942eb4a02e1580030d0c8af3b10ba36 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t03.flac
07f42df117472b20c2fb5dd664198451 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t04.flac
c91628d581470eb249d020e032d6d640 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t05.flac
51816927d94b500b6565f69073505b62 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t06.flac
2d31698949e6704bf5975299ee0a15c8 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t07.flac
8086a91ab5bc7e6f7a9a7ad102162bf7 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t08.flac
6f964fe6f5fb0f667c1bbaf305cf2e5c [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t01.flac
896f61dfb234ace9cb7dc2d826a2a5c5 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t02.flac
4204c2c8f52b5857d561a8e40daf69bb [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t03.flac
2ce531b3f10c09584280322b26e3c734 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t04.flac
fd4580ec6534bbdcb7f5c4982e82467c [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t05.flac
63de64a6068c9e8b1c776d0facf9ea61 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t06.flac
c877d97632f1b6f07209cf961fccc262 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t07.flac
a1d27bad492f53f167207eff29ba8114 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t08.flac
9b303cb65f2d3cb5d1dfee8af27b23f3 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t09.flac
b60d5d15a1fa114b7760da6252dec474 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t10.flac
1c9b0eda1cf3ab8a8af791c03ecdd8c5 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t11.flac
7319c3c4b7484b071df985a150563b81 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t12.flac
7d7df575af59d1f1e4361f774646e728 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t01.flac
553a3ef9d7d4fbb8b0d0f065e26d8754 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t02.flac
97998d515b35048e8c04aa5b51794b20 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t03.flac
bcc4d203348b89476030ec835441578b *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t04.flac
1d7a951908fd1f79616ca5f268a64405 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t05.flac
9616b93842678d03e1f908658c46779a *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t06.flac
ca8cec69498b71e5fc2e4d11c0630969 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t07.flac
842d01bdc43830d1297368ab6cc907c9 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d1t08.flac
831d9cf16fc1876ece077bdd57343899 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t01.flac
b8e97734ac20fc89cab23b8e5c44da7b *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t02.flac
c4c25b83376442efb08395bca9900148 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t03.flac
b3fe0a44c57e6279b8e97b47f8df1805 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t04.flac
b13e410bc7a391c6f49d252435926892 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t05.flac
eb3ad17d441a4e6309f6584c17fa50b4 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t06.flac
133b494e83d5cc08a11413c898a2fd7d *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t07.flac
6e4b9e56dd2ab39fc6c9a2aee99a72ca *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t08.flac
a433cffa03ffe1d319abdaf554e60ac7 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t09.flac
36df6c715c8304309685ee25f9258b51 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t10.flac
bbff9ea3e2d38aa2094fac3df6c53e2a *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t11.flac
3489aaaf6e267fb2d9508de2ffb23e32 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t12.flac
8b0a2803e478433e20a3d79f78deedb1 *MMW 2005-12-29 Shacktaper d2t05.flac

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Other Sources (comments)
Source: flac16:... (3)
Date User Comment
01/29/2006 duggy Filled in setlist above.
12/31/2015 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, track times, etc.)

An ID3 tagged fileset now circulates. Its checksums are noted on this source entry.
01/02/2016 duggy ID TAG/SONG TITLE CORRECTION: Track #5 of Set 2 is called Shackman (NOT After the Onsen), as per the band's 20 studio track releases during their 20th anniversary in 2011. I neglected to correct the ID tag and text file before creating this seed, so ...

I've circulated this seed AGAIN with the corrected ID tag info and updated textfile. The only real difference is that the ID Tag and text file now reads Shackman as the title (NOT After the Onsen) and it has this MD5 checksum:
eaf04191a9953afd6da962ecfc65d600 *MMW 2005-12-29 Chucky d2t04 Shack theme.flac

... if you update your track it'll generate the same MD5, and then update your text file and you're all set!

Or, you can delete that track from the first fileset and download my corrected version of the track in this new torrent:

Sorry for the confusion, but I wanted to update this seed with a correct torrent so all the links are cool on our website: