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Phil Lesh & Friends 11/22/05
New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ
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Entered by Marc Pujol
Checksums flac-md5 , ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary DTS 5.1 (Schoeps mk4 Recorded by Craig Taraszki and Offical Soundboard) 
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Phil Lesh & Friends
Newark, NJ
November 22, 2005

DTS-Audio-CD 5.1 Mix

Disc 1

01 [04:04] Jam >
02 [10:10] Scarlet Begonias >
03 [10:39] Althea
04 [06:49] Long Black Veil
05 [11:02] Tennessee Jed
06 [08:29] Peggy-O
07 [14:26] Sugaree
08 [09:49] Cosmic Charlie
TT [75:31]

Disc 2

01 [08:56] Just Another Whistle Stop >
02 [02:27] Jam >
03 [06:34] Big Railroad Blues
04 [02:20] Feedback^ >
05 [11:16] Caution^ >
06 [01:58] Feedback^ >
07 [09:05] Cowboy Movie* >
08 [08:07] Mountain Song Chorus > Jam >
TT [50:46]

Disc 3

01 [09:26] Gimme Shelter >
02 [04:58] Cryptical Envelopment >
03 [09:07] The Other One >
04 [11:02] Truckin' >
05 [11:12] I Know You Rider
06 [02:42] Donor Rap/Band Intros
07 [04:53] Do Right Woman
TT [53:23]

^Phil plays Big Brown
*1st time played


Source Info

DSBD: Free SBD Thanks to Phil & Friends

Mixed and mastered by Wiz

FOB: Schoeps mk4 (din, 6'stand, fob/roc) > kc5 > cmc6 >
Lunatec V3 (24/96) > PDAudio-CF > iPaq 3835 (Live2496,
Addonics Pocket ExDrive); Wave Lab 5 (fades, resample,
Apogee uv22hr dither) > CDWave > FLAC

Recorded by Craig Taraszki ([email protected])


Tech Notes

FLACs were decoded to wave.  Wavmerge was used to reassemble
the tracks back to 1 long wave.  CEP2.0 was used to align &
synch both of the sources.  CEP2.0 used to adjust the volume for
the center and LFE channels.  Surcode CD Pro DTS was used
to encode to DTS.      
- Mixed by [email protected]
- FLAC conversion done 06-DEC-2005  
- Artwork at 300dpi by [email protected] and
- For best results print at the highest resolution onto glossy
photo paper.  Design for use in a clear slim double jewel case.


DTS-Audio-CD Info

Left Channel SBD
Right Channel SBD  

Mixed to Mono -6db SBD

Left Channel B&K 4011's
Right Channel B&K 4011's

Mixed to Mono -5db SBD



The AUD source was patched with a second AUD source:
Schoeps mk4 > kc5 > cmc6 > V3(24/96) > 722

These patches can be found here:
d1to1 0:00-3:38
d2t01 0:00-1:51
These patches are smooth and completely undetectable.

There is an occasional 'pop' on the SBD source that seems to
becoming from a mic overload on one of the drum kit mics.  
This kinda develops as the 2nd set progresses.  Or at least
that's when I took notice.  This is really very minor but can
be seen when looking at the wave file.  The mixing of the 2
sources did help to elevate this even more.  This is almost
unnoticeable and not at all distracting.

Difficult song segues and jams to track ID in the 2nd set.  I
did my best to drop a track to include a theme or jam but if
I did it again it would likely be in totally different spots.

Disc 2 and disc 3 can be assembled seamlessly on longer media.


Band Info

Phil Lesh (vocals, bass guitar)
Chris Robinson (vocals, guitar)
Larry Campbell (guitar, mando, violin, ps, etc)
John Molo (drums)
Mookie Siegel (keys)
Barry Sless (guitar, pedalsteel)


Additional Formats

This show is available in the following formats:

1. The straight DSBD and FOB: Schoeps MK4
2. SBD + AUD Matrix Mix at 16/44 CD-Audio
3. SBD + AUD Matrix Mix at 24/48 DVD-Audio
4. SBD + AUD DTS-Audio-CD 5.1 Surround Sound
5. SBD + AUD DVD-Audio 5.1 Surround Sound


More On DTS

Today's audio standards are moving towards multi-channel
sound, like DTS and Dolby Digital.  While the Audio-CD
standard (Red Book) hasn't changed to accommodate these
new sound formats, it is still possible to go around the
specification and to put a 5.1 surround recording on a
regular Audio-CD.  To play a DTS-Audio-CD you must connect
your DVD/CD player via a digital cable (optical or coaxial)
to your DTS Dolby-Digital receiver. It is not 100% sure that
your receiver will recognize a DTS-Audio-CD, so the first
time you're trying to playback a DTS-Audio-CD you must do
a test to determine if it can. Begin with the volume very
low, start the disc and rise the volume gradually. NEVER
listen to a DTS-Audio-CD through the analogue audio outputs
of your CD/DVD player.

Burning Instructions
Burn them the absolute same way as you would burn any normal
Audio-CD from FLAC files.


FLAC fingerprint

Show Checksums
fbe2eb20d25517f4909dff1ec9c81d7a *phil2005-11-22-dts-d1t01.flac
69864a1c761336c1c5344bceb75caffb *phil2005-11-22-dts-d1t02.flac
5c2a850ad3a796e6331ce562caf382b9 *phil2005-11-22-dts-d1t03.flac
ef2dbbc60911232f914169a7f0e3b610 *phil2005-11-22-dts-d1t04.flac
6bff009fc48ad697dd0265cb50d53d72 *phil2005-11-22-dts-d1t05.flac
a6a77dcd3cfcf54e02199de3f0f6c66d *phil2005-11-22-dts-d1t06.flac
3030f7cc0316bf0ad376a5ca51d02094 *phil2005-11-22-dts-d1t07.flac
84aa10de68509394aaccd0366996684b *phil2005-11-22-dts-d1t08.flac
d08219d9fb9f743b56939004950bc15d *phil2005-11-22-dts-d2t01.flac
b00fb93e32b1b28102c76c5136f63334 *phil2005-11-22-dts-d2t02.flac
c070cb959c27423384d43491b851a9f7 *phil2005-11-22-dts-d2t03.flac
1e4ce0b22bd883a2238af507f2185656 *phil2005-11-22-dts-d2t04.flac
86b2fb21f1446d6341ed8b20b9d7cb22 *phil2005-11-22-dts-d2t05.flac
14402fc76668f002f07a693448973518 *phil2005-11-22-dts-d2t06.flac
3cb4fb220d8d605399c591622815eada *phil2005-11-22-dts-d2t07.flac
f40eeb552d06d26f2d2145d4e0e8246d *phil2005-11-22-dts-d2t08.flac
22c24877e87d830adbb540ac9c3404b7 *phil2005-11-22-dts-d3t01.flac
ba1b7796f9f6c608b6ae15b4a296dff3 *phil2005-11-22-dts-d3t02.flac
ec7841b4bb44acfccd451c6af1b9cbfe *phil2005-11-22-dts-d3t03.flac
5a7227415777c7d9fa666df5674c6637 *phil2005-11-22-dts-d3t04.flac
8d3083925d3de9778dafea74544f7f31 *phil2005-11-22-dts-d3t05.flac
c346f0f2939a12a105513b6600717bd3 *phil2005-11-22-dts-d3t06.flac
267d817b259450d5154c28ac74a5de5f *phil2005-11-22-dts-d3t07.flac

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