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Trey Anastasio 05/07/99
American Theater, St. Louis, MO
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Entered by Ben Mohr
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Source Summary Schoeps CMC6/mk41 >Lunatec V2 >Tascam DA-P1; DA-20 > PC via S/PDIF > 48>44.1 resample using SoundForge > CDWav> SHN; Transfer by Lance Stack  
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Trey Anastasio (acoustic/electric)
May 7, 1999
American Theatre, St. Louis, MO

Source:  Schoeps CMC6/MK41->Lunatec V2->Tascam DA-P1
CD Transfer: DA-20 > PC via S/PDIF > 48>44.1 resample using SoundForge
at high quality setting > CDWAV > SHN

Transfer by: Lance Stack ([email protected])
Upload by: Lance Stack ([email protected])
Hosted by:

Disc One (Acoustic):
1.  Get Back on the Train
2.  Wolfman's Brother *
3.  Farmhouse
4.  Dogs Stole Things
5.  Bouncing Around the Room
6.  Kissed by Mist
7.  Mountains in the Mist
8.  Guyute
9.  Wading in the Velvet Sea ->
10. Prince Caspian
11. Aftermath**
12. AC/DC Bag***

Disc Two (Electric):
1.  Further On Up the Road****
2.  First Tube
3.  Come on Baby Lets go Downtown
4.  Gotta Jiboo ->
5.  Voodoo Child (slight return)
6.  Ooh Child
7.  Heavy Things

Disc Three (Electric cont.):
1.  Come On (Part 1)
2.  Sand ->
3.  Drums Duel^
4.  Free Thought
5.  I Can See Clearly Now
6.  Andre the Giant
7.  Will It Go Round in Circles
8.  Last Tube ^^

* - Trey started laughing mid-song and stopped playing to tell the crowd about
where the song came from as well as about the first time he met Jon Fishman at
UVM and how every time he plays the song, he thinks about how Jon really is the
"Wolfman's Brother" just as in the Beatles, Paul McCartney was the walrus

** - Trey talked about his friend Roger Hollaway, who got engaged on-stage at
a Phish show at the American Theatre. Roger then joined Trey on-stage and they
played "Aftermath", which Roger had co-written; first time played live; from The White Tape

*** - "Just like Roger, he's a crazy little kid"; also with Roger

**** - Eric Clapton cover, written by Joe Medwick Veasey and Don D. Robey; first time played

^ - with Trey on second drumset

^^ - with "Happy Birthday" tease after Tony Markellis mentioned that it was someone on
the crew's birthday
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2af6a98cebe3f2fc98e0b5ad392a3fa5 *trey99-05-07d1t01.shn

b6d7194fc1a7e070b1424e9557da2dd5 *trey99-05-07d1t02.shn

d5c1c26825fb815358f8ec5e3c27eaa2 *trey99-05-07d1t03.shn

97dfa19903e56be4eb7541ae01236cdc *trey99-05-07d1t04.shn

fc58dcfee2f57a6dfc250b284789506a *trey99-05-07d1t05.shn

19d1a8669d1a6d78ca72b20e417079f8 *trey99-05-07d1t06.shn

ccefc2c6cd39f02240eed89f16a7eef9 *trey99-05-07d1t07.shn

5de85a81b6b97793d84a63b3b0501f49 *trey99-05-07d1t08.shn

b8a886579f8e105b5fed45262f1abb26 *trey99-05-07d1t09.shn

6afaf10799abe94166fefbd2d4fc78c5 *trey99-05-07d1t10.shn

074b84a283ee3e7a110ea488ed9de857 *trey99-05-07d1t11.shn

938667a86c611b945d87cfbae0bb65c5 *trey99-05-07d1t12.shn

4e55599679844ac2626fe6feb3685981 *trey99-05-07d2t01.shn

84b2fe716134be1a6fecc80aefbc7016 *trey99-05-07d2t02.shn

071bf56f7d048f68f9802d2fdd670a12 *trey99-05-07d2t03.shn

aafc6a75da211baf2ec445aadcef96f8 *trey99-05-07d2t04.shn

4b025bddacd3ec7af77fb0b69826f640 *trey99-05-07d2t05.shn

d3f27bff2eba2118c22cdd88d1138eff *trey99-05-07d2t06.shn

ff07abc14c3ec488bc955b221fb3edd9 *trey99-05-07d2t07.shn

30281c0870ceb2231feafeb930e4f635 *trey99-05-07d3t01.shn

013cbf4a7f4a224e1ddc92fe873ab302 *trey99-05-07d3t02.shn

46f7b6d6bcd5349cd6b1a620e6e25f57 *trey99-05-07d3t03.shn

6da1490e0d23d5eb900213e73f4079c9 *trey99-05-07d3t04.shn

245bfed0bf0f835b8be99b652d10e8bc *trey99-05-07d3t05.shn

a42483dee621fbcdd81f2c5dbcd44e4b *trey99-05-07d3t06.shn

c0b24ed68f3cbfcc88320c3648f54fcb *trey99-05-07d3t07.shn

6c959d7a9a5428ae0a3835993fe7ff6f *trey99-05-07d3t08.shn

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12/01/2001 mattyrigs Great sound on this recording! You cant really ask for much more.=)