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Grateful Dead 10/12/81
Olympia Halle, Munich, Germany
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Recording by Uwe Dehnel. AUD > MC > CD > EAC > SHN Sony TC D5, one point stereo mic, handhold Mastering: MC > CD by Uwe Dehnel via Bernd Weiskircher 
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Grateful Dead
Olympia Halle
Munich, West Germany

taper: Uwe Dehnel
Sony TC D5, one point stereo mic, handhold
Mastering: MC > CD by Uwe Dehnel

From tape flip in Not Fade Away to end maybe from another AUD-source.
Tape flips in Ramble On Rose (@7:07), Not Fade Away (@5:48) and
Estimated Prophet (@14:19) are patched from SBD > MC > C > CD by Bernd Weiskircher

Disc 1 - Set 1
01 Jack Straw
02 Candyman
03 Little Red Rooster
04 Cumberland Blues
06 Ramble On Rose
07 Mama Tried >
08 Mexicali Blues
09 Althea
10 Passenger
11 China Cat Sunflower >
12 I Know You Rider

Disc 2 - Set 2
01 Bertha
02 Samson & Delilah
03 Ship of Fools
04 Estimated Prophet >
05 Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad >
06 Never Trust A Woman >
07 Jam >
08 Drums >

Disc 3 - Set 2 (cont'd)
01 Space >
02 Not Fade Away* >
03 Stella Blue* >
04 Around & Around* >
05 Good Lovin'*
06 U.S. Blues* (encore)

1. * boosted bass (after patch in Not Fade Away)

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4ae4e0f3aaacdb7b3dedd7dd5eeeaa82 *gd81-10-12d1t12.shn
e38711d4d82d50477f915d0a7b9e8797 *gd81-10-12d1t02.shn
4d30fdc7ea208ec05d0804159631da29 *gd81-10-12d1t03.shn
7dbc4e7f61691cb13e3df474bc987f80 *gd81-10-12d1t04.shn
3cb8c8e5e3f3f63536af22eb41b87de8 *gd81-10-12d1t05.shn
11098d9a0331adde889993b31ac2f677 *gd81-10-12d1t06.shn
7a29b9082fda41e76533366bfdefae40 *gd81-10-12d1t07.shn
4629942c7d950bbd8ff9607cbcfdefc7 *gd81-10-12d1t08.shn
8c715d62e39124118649d6d22fc78706 *gd81-10-12d1t09.shn
b32423bae45d7bf6a8b5785ed5892dc8 *gd81-10-12d1t10.shn
7498f19b4359d2f13ded22dad9fe5bbf *gd81-10-12d1t11.shn
f87f301b05d674809b2cf481e77faf89 *gd81-10-12d1t01.shn
e9b53513d5975a78fc261223dbd32dee *gd81-10-12d2t01.shn
de1ad688a681867b7186f5c9bb95f18b *gd81-10-12d2t02.shn
ef40db54cce9fac0fd96143ce1effff3 *gd81-10-12d2t03.shn
2fc173700bb9a8e2697d5dddc70110ac *gd81-10-12d2t04.shn
30b3e5e2d8471c470dbf082ada78e5f0 *gd81-10-12d2t05.shn
e12f6d1711488d12fa926620189028b2 *gd81-10-12d2t06.shn
ee6184e27b152a16480401121e3200e5 *gd81-10-12d2t07.shn
efadf9280debc5f108319cac2ee1b820 *gd81-10-12d2t08.shn
df51cb1e6538288871d59f63fe55324a *gd81-10-12d3t01.shn
9be27a4396c8f116dff070c6d9bc4354 *gd81-10-12d3t02.shn
5ea22c78dfbd7d69c086fc934e8e774f *gd81-10-12d3t03.shn
b56297ad30baaeb1b73e54dfe255b874 *gd81-10-12d3t04.shn
ef8f3a67055963df36108fdfbe58fc4d *gd81-10-12d3t05.shn
10b275045e9b7dcb866a82a0be864083 *gd81-10-12d3t06.shn
9886dbd4f03360a0ca54bd5dd775b3af [shntool] gd81-10-12d1t01.shn
daafc0d6de7fdad5e337e82dceb28cb5 [shntool] gd81-10-12d1t02.shn
599dda147424126c0d0f6d9f32dffe0e [shntool] gd81-10-12d1t03.shn
3e826adc21f2888466cad836dfe1881d [shntool] gd81-10-12d1t04.shn
49e875cc4f94d63c0b8f9817e7f1a6f1 [shntool] gd81-10-12d1t05.shn
dadb8512741b8fbd3d3040a47ab0d295 [shntool] gd81-10-12d1t06.shn
5a6acfac60ca42c3fbef90418e25f293 [shntool] gd81-10-12d1t07.shn
9c740ef3653fb5d34ba37ed867ef6b9f [shntool] gd81-10-12d1t08.shn
fa36f7b76f6c3db28adc02c1853fd2f8 [shntool] gd81-10-12d1t09.shn
00f3cf993e125ea9c07c43ee2b79a300 [shntool] gd81-10-12d1t10.shn
d5b0e912c5b899ac59d3fcdb2e68cd82 [shntool] gd81-10-12d1t11.shn
b7548f6bc8ea8ea730f5af778614e5a7 [shntool] gd81-10-12d1t12.shn
f68a49a2847f22b795d73da9a484427a [shntool] gd81-10-12d2t01.shn
49070411db958ebf6aa4542b90870413 [shntool] gd81-10-12d2t02.shn
fdeca0c40eb23f0de184ef55d534f29e [shntool] gd81-10-12d2t03.shn
aec28684f7bc6555cc14d310d2232aca [shntool] gd81-10-12d2t04.shn
44e82564607229068faff59e803158fb [shntool] gd81-10-12d2t05.shn
f8b0af8a7266822d1a25463ee68f6175 [shntool] gd81-10-12d2t06.shn
954b5b0000a0d17fb93ab4f207e15348 [shntool] gd81-10-12d2t07.shn
50eb7b80ae164ec9df82006e6a17ea37 [shntool] gd81-10-12d2t08.shn
69fe616c778894d2e9c8302259d00a9b [shntool] gd81-10-12d3t01.shn
ca1e5b08309010c6472e01df7f15185e [shntool] gd81-10-12d3t02.shn
1422e0b90dceed3f3c0fab2d1dac9ac2 [shntool] gd81-10-12d3t03.shn
5448e65828be381feda9b032800fc35a [shntool] gd81-10-12d3t04.shn
4660f1df1e4a0395a67c42249a417910 [shntool] gd81-10-12d3t05.shn
6e85f148e7212b097d9841502540b4c4 [shntool] gd81-10-12d3t06.shn

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