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The Dinosaurs 06/18/83
Phoenix Theater, Petaluma, CA
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Entered by Ryan Linn
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Sony D6, Sony Mics 
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Phoenix Theatre, Petaluma, CA.

Source: 1st Gen Cassette, Audience
Equipment: Sony D6, Sony Mics
Taper: Bob Leonardis
Digitized by: Roger Miller

Lineage: MC > WAV > FLAC16

(Disc 1)
01. /Who Makes The Moves --> 8:42
02. Slack String Quartet 7:38
03. Butcher's Boy 9:00
04. Blind Man 3:34
05. I Can't Dance 7:22
06. If You're In A Hurry/Banana Boat Song 8:01
07. Tiger Rose 2:49
08. Motel Party Baby 6:04
09. H-Bomb 3:48
10. Tell Ol' Bill 5:15
11. Talk 1:28
12. Just A Vagabond 5:40
(Disc 2)
13. Mona 10:22
14. Franklin's Tower 7:19
15. Thirty Days 3:50
16. Closer 18:11
17. Promontory Rider 7:41  


John Cipollina- Guitar, Vocals
Barry Melton- Guitar, Vocals
Peter Albin- Bass, Vocals
Robert Hunter- Guitar, Vocals
Spencer Dryden- Drums


Matthew Kelly- Harp
Norton Buffalo- Harp, Vocals
Mike Wilhelm- Guitar, Vocals
David Cohen- Saxophone
David Nelson- Guitar, Vocals
Kathy McDonald- Vocals

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696ca744c751a7df0afdc20cd5d3e187 *dinosaurs1983-06-18d1t01.flac
e5eb32972e6c9260daed95e1559c89af *dinosaurs1983-06-18d1t02.flac
2d7c87d8733d43ada089f26a04a34481 *dinosaurs1983-06-18d1t03.flac
903cd7c30b3394ba5ceb5c4fca31f56d *dinosaurs1983-06-18d1t04.flac
b57fa75f53ef08fdc03a01ab4120ae3f *dinosaurs1983-06-18d1t05.flac
6b7a1b3c143ceacc5b9a2d2100fdc347 *dinosaurs1983-06-18d1t06.flac
4cf4feb1887e71719088d636e97fdf86 *dinosaurs1983-06-18d1t07.flac
0f31575f05db5da45885f3b702ace7ec *dinosaurs1983-06-18d1t08.flac
75ba417730c41c9ec693f5a1070a360c *dinosaurs1983-06-18d1t09.flac
c648f4c3002877a2eb158dd29b95ef42 *dinosaurs1983-06-18d1t10.flac
b0012fed2eb9662ee68844e159d4c754 *dinosaurs1983-06-18d1t11.flac
4978f639554ce2863a58550ac92ae13c *dinosaurs1983-06-18d1t12.flac
b7ccbf7d24ca179231a5bb9d9f3e09f2 *dinosaurs1983-06-18d2t01.flac
95ab9b3167b2afd84cd60e2b5b353363 *dinosaurs1983-06-18d2t02.flac
068b0d9fbc04d0e92cef140d9215d012 *dinosaurs1983-06-18d2t03.flac
ccfca2e9f78c5da245b01e67b734d51a *dinosaurs1983-06-18d2t04.flac
76c3db60df294376ebf026673fa6d145 *dinosaurs1983-06-18d2t05.flac

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