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Trey Anastasio 05/10/99
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville, NC
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Entered by Ben Mohr
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Source Summary AKG-414 TL-2s > Oade M248 > SBM-1 > DA-P1 > M-1 > CDR > SHN 
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Trey Anastasio (Acoustic/Electric)
May 10th 1999
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium - Asheville, North Carolina

Source Info: AKG-414 TL-2s > Oade M248 > SBM-1 > DA-P1 > M-1 > CDR > SHN

Disk 1 (Acoustic Set)
1.  Farmhouse
2.  Wading in the Velvet Sea
3.  Get Back on the Train
4.  You'll Know My Name *
5.  Minestrone **
6.  Strange Design
7.  Snowflakes in the Sand
8.  Kissed by Mist
9.  Billy Breathes ***
10. Roggae >
11. The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday,
12. Possum

Disk 2 (Electric Set)
1.  The Wind Cries Mary ****
2.  Further On Up the Road
3.  Heavy Things
4.  Will It Round In Circles
5.  Gotta Jiboo
6.  Ooh Child
7.  Bug

Disk 3 (Electric Set, Cont.)
1.  Windora Bug
2.  Free Thought >
3.  Drums
4.  Sand^
5.  I Can See Clearly Now

    * - a new, "real country tune"
    ** - Trey decided to keep the title "Minestrone" instead of "Purple Hugh"
    *** - Trey on piano
    **** - Jimi Hendrix cover from the album Are You Experienced?; first time played
    ^ - previously known as "Pistol" or "Symptom" (not "Silicon Fairy" as was
        previously reported")

Seeded to the etree by Jeff K. ([email protected]), please contact me with any questions
and/or comments.
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3de60f2b7fd4fc53e5b96a6f00bb5998 *trey99-5-10d1t10.shn

852d5f45bf52df3673087aa31121864f *trey99-5-10d1t11.shn

5b44466d4797b493dd118e43fcc9130e *trey99-5-10d1t12.shn

627f611efd551d0dd020465ddb696020 *trey99-5-10d1t02.shn

8ddc7817ea029c85c5bf618672fbed41 *trey99-5-10d1t03.shn

c52cbeba5688c6be5cdffe92bbd4f263 *trey99-5-10d1t04.shn

b9886cb53e3954224e5a1108c3e510e9 *trey99-5-10d1t05.shn

f3a1bcf844ed2c33b414e46eb90ff019 *trey99-5-10d1t01.shn

4540fd7f25cd33092b1d473f3476cb84 *trey99-5-10d1t06.shn

2fecb72d16f98f9a6835b17ea5bfaa85 *trey99-5-10d1t07.shn

7bb991291ce1925763434f5c935c2c4d *trey99-5-10d1t08.shn

7640f9553ca8250b868e57af46627ac7 *trey99-5-10d1t09.shn

7a47f6c1fbdedbf4b36f1a1d6dfab0ad *trey99-5-10d2t03.shn

8e51b230a0d2466fb408e37cc35cbf98 *trey99-5-10d2t02.shn

2d243a37cff75811971d97f884e674de *trey99-5-10d2t01.shn

6486ee25e3e5a3a0770da67e407f42d5 *trey99-5-10d2t04.shn

fbaefeb064796c10f6ec99a44175aa83 *trey99-5-10d2t05.shn

049baec59689fdb33c427ffa049614d9 *trey99-5-10d2t06.shn

8dd14db07b88ba1935ed5e8ac69a62b6 *trey99-5-10d2t07.shn

29d5338fcab92a1bde106107e817c827 *trey99-5-10d3t05.shn

f3de5074e138095cdcd690bf7106d6b3 *trey99-5-10d3t02.shn

8ea2e126f761b0fe23922eebc1713e1f *trey99-5-10d3t03.shn

273c7f100ead4c0e0078367f269e1558 *trey99-5-10d3t04.shn

29a758da980fa2489b9ce1a9527d8c87 *trey99-5-10d3t01.shn

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12/01/2001 mattyrigs Excellent sounding recording! I really enjoy the highs and lows.
08/09/2020 beeohbee looking for a seed of this source
08/09/2020 beeohbee looking for a seed of this source
08/09/2020 beeohbee looking for a seed of this source