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Medeski Martin & Wood 12/31/05
Differ Ariake, Tokyo, Japan
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Entered by duggy
Checksums flac16-ffp , flac16-md5 , flac16-st5 , t-flac16-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Source: flac16: XY Rode NT-2 >Lunatec V3 >Sony D100; Tascam DA 302 >VX Pocket V2 >Audacity(@44.1) >Flac; Taped by Yutaka Enomoto 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
Differ Ariake, Koutoku, Tokyo, Japan
Saturday, December 31, 2005

Taper: Yutaka Enomoto

Source: XY Rode NT-2 >Lunatec V3 >Sony D100

Tranfer: Tascam DA 302 >VX Pocket V2 >Audacity(@44.1) >Flac

- One Set -
Disc 1
01.  [05:52] - 'Opening Movie'
02.  [10:02] - Improv >
03.  [21:37] - Exploration*#+ >
04.  [15:55] - Tootie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing#
05.  [10:23] - Nocturne^
06.  [09:03] - End Of The World Party
Disc 2
01.  [03:10] - Organ Solo >
02.  [09:55] - Shackman
03.  [09:23] - Egbe Mi O (Carry Me I Want To Die) >
04.  [03:31] - Drum Solo >
05.  [08:50] - Partido Alto$
06.  [09:34] - New New Orleans
07.  [08:48] - Paris#
Disc 3
01.  [12:52] - Wiggly's Way#
02.  [12:21] - Bubblehouse#+
- Encore -
03.  [14:52] - Gonzo#!

* w/ New Year's Eve countdown
# w/ Steven Bernstein
+ w/ DJ Olive
^ w/ Noh performer (Japanese traditional masked dance/drama)
$ w/ Flamenco dancers
! w/ acoustic outro (Bernstein joins here)

Note: There was a documentary movie about the band shown just before the show began -- its sound is the first track.

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MMW 2005-12-31-d1t1.flac:5febb7dd9f5acfdcc9001da45e9f95ad
MMW 2005-12-31-d1t2.flac:8b24f46d22a8b333ef0a7e3e882f504b
MMW 2005-12-31-d1t3.flac:85f8b2dd50e14e5e40b3c99e8830e979
MMW 2005-12-31-d1t4.flac:3b4bdef09130e05d2e342490f37c7572
MMW 2005-12-31-d1t5.flac:f5255604b8ee50a762a48506f29dab15
MMW 2005-12-31-d1t6.flac:72d94f3bf578e68093e99ba60683fb72
MMW 2005-12-31-d2t1.flac:b95d6103dcff5a4cd3d9c2b5b6d19254
MMW 2005-12-31-d2t2.flac:1cd5ab282f304b33dc1c5976393f2a3c
MMW 2005-12-31-d2t3.flac:e5df3fb9810376a3ebac3e2a2d2689e5
MMW 2005-12-31-d2t4.flac:58b94d5ac4a9b1e4d11f6596e5c3e26e
MMW 2005-12-31-d2t5.flac:3235f6b2461a9bb09334b9d9b625f673
MMW 2005-12-31-d2t6.flac:b92988aca261fdb17ee0b0c9e3532ff3
MMW 2005-12-31-d2t7.flac:f707780d880886bf771c166d5bb5fb0f
MMW 2005-12-31-d3t1.flac:5150c46cb30eddc0872c72262c272730
MMW 2005-12-31-d3t2.flac:d0d368056457aaa9c78305d1680ed4db
MMW 2005-12-31-d3t3.flac:0e783aed5dcb4b17a8d99c5e649fa321
62f74d770e037a3888b0e58e9c75a3cd *MMW 2005-12-31-d1t1.flac
497988b8c01a8dd1e299c9994895542c *MMW 2005-12-31-d1t2.flac
6c92d33bc9b3a8d8bca5983b159a2245 *MMW 2005-12-31-d1t3.flac
9ff85ae58d20048eeb0a81abb7e559dc *MMW 2005-12-31-d1t4.flac
3faaf5f844200794949bc0659cb81bf9 *MMW 2005-12-31-d1t5.flac
b12e6dcf069db8dcf4e4032f2c461784 *MMW 2005-12-31-d1t6.flac
025c9face4defddb726fd52991945acb *MMW 2005-12-31-d2t1.flac
6b3e6d2ab64cfd6fa7245de6b0a37b41 *MMW 2005-12-31-d2t2.flac
eafecab05db1d25c77600c548ba5fec7 *MMW 2005-12-31-d2t3.flac
ed1a4c44a1a47ee03960d308d524b00a *MMW 2005-12-31-d2t4.flac
02222208a7b3374a773970e309387364 *MMW 2005-12-31-d2t5.flac
dbd7ef4c902502b1cfe2a0ce5e929bc3 *MMW 2005-12-31-d2t6.flac
7010a30605f4db4615742e8c65b190a8 *MMW 2005-12-31-d2t7.flac
42cc4d40d2be292ed9fd36280fb613b5 *MMW 2005-12-31-d3t1.flac
9da14b623ab5c61217d6ee81101fe7dc *MMW 2005-12-31-d3t2.flac
73aadf74de9a4060b4543c28a50a3f0f *MMW 2005-12-31-d3t3.flac
5febb7dd9f5acfdcc9001da45e9f95ad [shntool] MMW 2005-12-31-d1t1.flac
8b24f46d22a8b333ef0a7e3e882f504b [shntool] MMW 2005-12-31-d1t2.flac
85f8b2dd50e14e5e40b3c99e8830e979 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-31-d1t3.flac
3b4bdef09130e05d2e342490f37c7572 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-31-d1t4.flac
f5255604b8ee50a762a48506f29dab15 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-31-d1t5.flac
72d94f3bf578e68093e99ba60683fb72 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-31-d1t6.flac
b95d6103dcff5a4cd3d9c2b5b6d19254 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-31-d2t1.flac
1cd5ab282f304b33dc1c5976393f2a3c [shntool] MMW 2005-12-31-d2t2.flac
e5df3fb9810376a3ebac3e2a2d2689e5 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-31-d2t3.flac
58b94d5ac4a9b1e4d11f6596e5c3e26e [shntool] MMW 2005-12-31-d2t4.flac
3235f6b2461a9bb09334b9d9b625f673 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-31-d2t5.flac
b92988aca261fdb17ee0b0c9e3532ff3 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-31-d2t6.flac
f707780d880886bf771c166d5bb5fb0f [shntool] MMW 2005-12-31-d2t7.flac
5150c46cb30eddc0872c72262c272730 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-31-d3t1.flac
d0d368056457aaa9c78305d1680ed4db [shntool] MMW 2005-12-31-d3t2.flac
0e783aed5dcb4b17a8d99c5e649fa321 [shntool] MMW 2005-12-31-d3t3.flac
62d1f311af8a9fcd0e76e163374d2690 *MMW 2005-12-31-d1t1.flac
868a74ced91faafe95865867ac39b012 *MMW 2005-12-31-d1t2.flac
043394e815498b1ec283d53dfcf4859c *MMW 2005-12-31-d1t3.flac
af77afb9c75f75e3d1496402d0feecaa *MMW 2005-12-31-d1t4.flac
071de92ec501d21a7bfb9b98523b70ca *MMW 2005-12-31-d1t5.flac
4bacdac7058d8308f52d0e8550c4eeff *MMW 2005-12-31-d1t6.flac
1cf9bc557e1e9fa97478d85bbec2e03b *MMW 2005-12-31-d2t1.flac
af17e5f12e6010318b0f8521e89f7900 *MMW 2005-12-31-d2t2.flac
f240dc5faa1fcca45a27ab117a24e557 *MMW 2005-12-31-d2t3.flac
145165c7cbc995a4757d74a28c63e06a *MMW 2005-12-31-d2t4.flac
c171018a7462ce0b28d2dc7e67d90ef7 *MMW 2005-12-31-d2t5.flac
1cf601bae9cae2918313b316747fddb9 *MMW 2005-12-31-d2t6.flac
bfe13a843eb350fe1e684efd3517357e *MMW 2005-12-31-d2t7.flac
b0d4f43aa63159b45a463e1825ae7103 *MMW 2005-12-31-d3t1.flac
73450ef3d38e61f78ae4f1f3c52f8583 *MMW 2005-12-31-d3t2.flac
679ac0983e833f1eee4bd6cfe70154b4 *MMW 2005-12-31-d3t3.flac

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Date User Comment
01/29/2006 duggy Updated the name of d1t04 to 'Exploration'. Also corrected the name of d2t02 to 'After the Onsen'. Also corrected the track numbering for disc 1 which was incorrect in the orginal text file (i.e. tracks 5 & 6 were labelled as 6 & 7).
01/01/2016 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, track times, etc.)

An ID3 tagged fileset now circulates. Its checksums are noted on this source entry.