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Medeski Martin & Wood 10/05/96
Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
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Source Summary Soundboard> Sony D7> DAT Master> Tascam DA-P1> Zefiro Acoustics ZA2> CD Architect> CDR; Mastering/transfer: [email protected] (webcast on live 10/5/96) 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
10/5/96 Capitol Theater, Portchester, NY
(co-headline with moe.)

SOURCE: Soundboard>Sony D7>DAT Master>Tascam DA-P1>Zefiro Acoustics ZA2>CD Architect>CDR
MASTER/TRANSFER: [email protected]
(webcast on live 10/5/96)

Disc One

1. Chinoiserie
2. Sequel
3. Lifeblood>
4. Night Marchers>
5. Think>
6. Dracula>
7. Last Chance to Dance Trance

Disc Two

1. Bubble House
2. Jelly Belly
3. Crosstown Traffic
4. Moti Mo

FILLER: 10/15/95 Emo's, Austin, TX
with Trey Anastasio
5. F Electric
6. Does Anybody Love My Jesus?
7. Chubb Sub
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a788b27ebd3351c6f88a3e872d713f85 *mmw96-10-05d1t4.wav.shn
ce0913ba45aa5e31c26f22da61100277 *mmw96-10-05d1t1.wav.shn
f6d2b0f9ebd910a1b5fe1049b1219a56 *mmw96-10-05d1t2.wav.shn
7800626588fbee094b55adb90ba7343b *mmw96-10-05d1t3.wav.shn
5dbea6ffd58d27ef40a12d16e9f7f076 *mmw96-10-05d1t5.wav.shn
f2efff33f4b047dbe01f6902b7dd6abf *mmw96-10-05d1t6.wav.shn
597bcb949e5a8b074c54540677b5f99b *mmw96-10-05d1t7.wav.shn
b775ed06d014ade7b8209f39af59cc8b *mmw96-10-05d2t1.wav.shn
d901ca0ecc8a0d0392dd1f5dfe562cee *mmw96-10-05d2t2.wav.shn
8ed15ad26b7ba9e9fd7c93feefc528b6 *mmw96-10-05d2t3.wav.shn
a0d1e3a10cfd6efab78215b4acdf5d65 *mmw96-10-05d2t4.wav.shn
a1a793c9e13acb7b0f619ca0ed9f2158 *mmw96-10-05d2t5.wav.shn
d3f782d2046d2cd0ab5a485f9b3ad58e *mmw96-10-05d2t6.wav.shn
e063d13644f49618e25031d6407dd83d *mmw96-10-05d2t7.wav.shn

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