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Grateful Dead 10/11/80
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary acoustic set; SBD> Reel> PCM> DAT> CDR> Plexwriter CD-R (EAC)> HP 8200i CDRW Drive (EAC); via Andy "Bear" Greider, Stephen Windsor, Darrin Sacks 
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Grateful Dead
Warfield, San Francisco, CA
10-11-80 Acoustic Set

Dire Wolf
Dark Hollow
Rosalie McFall
Deep Elem Blues
Monkey & the Engineer
China Doll
Heaven Help the Fool
Oh Babe it Ain't No Lie >

Lineage:  Soundboard->Reel->PCM->DAT->CDR->
          Plexwriter CD-R(EAC)->HP 8200i CDRW Drive(EAC)

Recvd from Andy (Aka Bear), [email protected]
SHN by stephen windsor, [email protected]
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2b1f5dd3a47a4733b5d3de44525cfa3b *GD101180_D1_T01.shn
fb96717c160ac77f40559a5432fee80e *GD101180_D1_T02.shn
dd68e99ec19de8002e0868bf4810cec3 *GD101180_D1_T03.shn
661b57589962acefda6b85bb89ba86cd *GD101180_D1_T04.shn
832c6099a8485a027a150299c4664411 *GD101180_D1_T05.shn
2432e14c7072a465b97fcd4702323b29 *GD101180_D1_T06.shn
f39269845061859abf59da2851daccbc *GD101180_D1_T07.shn
ba9722e04f49522e73263ad8328515a9 *GD101180_D1_T08.shn
5d19468f5ac51d4b69a2d0c95734b100 *GD101180_D1_T09.shn
3a920bb2a189f42f92e4c7b18a46d72c *GD101180_D1_T10.shn
f942228498a1c85cefe9b5465a43d698 [shntool] GD101180_D1_T01.shn
746696516e24a2ce8c56587a9d0f50ef [shntool] GD101180_D1_T02.shn
14e116cf0f1164e0fda7d503e625d06d [shntool] GD101180_D1_T03.shn
e52fec1583f4b436666d2cbc6a5d85ac [shntool] GD101180_D1_T04.shn
28b29ea37de0a0533ec4afae3c1d53bb [shntool] GD101180_D1_T05.shn
429f3e673fd851bf3b81743c23318513 [shntool] GD101180_D1_T06.shn
99d8ed6b3afe8951b62917f4fcc0a91c [shntool] GD101180_D1_T07.shn
97712f5bf2c89a4e7d4190d0243a5f31 [shntool] GD101180_D1_T08.shn
b2c70048f628441458cc6c493b769b05 [shntool] GD101180_D1_T09.shn
456182b838e7ff8c57072dfe3d3b9d6b [shntool] GD101180_D1_T10.shn

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shn set from (0) SBD:MC >? >CDR >EAC >cool... (4) flac16; Acoustic Set... (0) flac16; Recorded by... (0) flac16/48kHz; Master... (0) flac24; Source Info:... (0)
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10/01/2002 GDLIVE