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Grateful Dead 02/24/95
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums flac-md5 , ffp
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Source Summary flac16; FM SBD Monitor > MC > Cx > WAV > FLAC 
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Grateful Dead


Oakland County Coliseum*

Oakland, CA

Source:  FM SBD Monitor > MC > Cx > WAV > FLAC.

Cassette for digital transcription provided by Mike Townshend.

Transfer:  Cassettte playback on Nakamichi DR-2 (no NR) > gold-plated RCA monster cables > Audiophile 24/96 > recorded as 24/48 KHz WAV and edited (crossfades, level adjustments) with Wavelab > Waves XBuzz (60Hz tone removed)/XNoise noise reduction/L3 Multimaximizer/IDR (hi res CD settings) > 16 bit WAV > CDWAV 1.9 > FLAC by Chris Ladner.


01  It's A Man's World (take 1)

02  It's A Man's World (take 2)

03  It's A Man's World (take 3)

04  Bob!!! BoB!!!   ...  Bob Do It . > Jerry slipknotian noodles

05  Slipknot >

06  Franklin's Tower

07  messing around > Blues jam(schoolgirl?).


*this is the date and location given.  

Strange listen.   Worth it for the Franklin's Tower which Jerry refuses to let die, otherwise its pretty painful.

There was a decent amount of hiss which given the rehearsal nature of the recording is distraction.  XNoise did an adequate job at minimal settings.

Thanks to M.Townshend for sharing his cassette source.


    length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE  probs   filename

     1:49.20      19274684     ---   --    -xx    gd1994-02-24_soundcheck_t01.flac

     3:39.16      38669276     ---   --    -xx    gd1994-02-24_soundcheck_t02.flac

    10:09.20     107474684     ---   --    -xx    gd1994-02-24_soundcheck_t03.flac

     2:18.53      24467900     ---   --    -xx    gd1994-02-24_soundcheck_t04.flac

     4:35.43      48611180     ---   --    -xx    gd1994-02-24_soundcheck_t05.flac

     8:21.56      88508156     ---   --    -xx    gd1994-02-24_soundcheck_t06.flac

     3:02.08      32123660     ---   --    -xx    gd1994-02-24_soundcheck_t07.flac

    33:55.66     359129540 B                      (totals for 7 files)

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644cd5fa32c3c454024d8256be7fb93b *gd1994-02-24_soundcheck_t01.flac
83de20c63bc5511821ff48fe3f50b30b *gd1994-02-24_soundcheck_t02.flac
cdd696a01a79f8c516ea17f069508f6a *gd1994-02-24_soundcheck_t03.flac
c8d0fc211e010a825e6366758e373d3a *gd1994-02-24_soundcheck_t04.flac
5c474a7ef9f5d108095e3fc1d217dd63 *gd1994-02-24_soundcheck_t05.flac
c993dd19735a0b3b7127d6768b6dc15a *gd1994-02-24_soundcheck_t06.flac
4544d75784475fd76d5f2ea1200d438b *gd1994-02-24_soundcheck_t07.flac

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Date User Comment
02/21/2006 Charlie Miller This must be the wrong date since there was no show on this date. They wouldn't pay the fees to use the coliseum for rehearsal when they could have just used their own studio to rehearse.

02/21/2006 Charlie Miller I just realized that they played Oakland on 2/24/95. That's probably when this is from. Keep in mind that The Valentines (Bobby and Vince) played Man's World on 2/14/95 making the 2/24/95 date make more
02/21/2006 Psilo Jones yep - this is the discussion that took place when this was torrented on bt. it is from '95. and its a man's world is an audio abomination.
04/25/2009 mvernon On 4/25/09, changed the date this source was listed under from 2/24/94 to 2/24/95. No other changes were made so file names and info file will still refer to the 2/24/94 date.