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Trey Anastasio 02/22/01
Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, NY
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , d1wav , d2wav , d3wav
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Source Summary FOB B+K 4022 > Lunatec V2 > AD2K+ @48kHz (mics taped to outside rim of hat @ 6'4"); R500 > Audio Magic Presto II > Zefiro ZA2 > Soundforge 4.5(48>44.1) > CDWav > SHN; Recorded by Ron Dalton; Transferred by Eric McRoberts 
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Trey Anastasio
Landmark Theatre
Syracuse, NY

B+K 4022->Lunatec V2->AD2K+->BTP @48kHz
Recorded by Ron Dalton, mics taped to outside rim of hat @ 6'4"

R500->Audio Magic Presto II->Zefiro ZA2->Soundforge 4.5(48>44.1)->CDWav->shn
Transfer and encoding by Eric McRoberts

**No editing(other than start and end set fades), normalizing, or DAE of any kind**
Resampled in Soundforge using highest quality setting w/ anti-alias filter.


*Dankseed Certification received 01-05-02*
and posted at
Listening test performed by *5* danksters

positive criteria met:
Tracking- OK
Seamless and complete- OK
Lineage listed- OK

negative criteria met:
Resampled- NO
Diginoise- NO

Disk 1
Set I:
1.  In The Night
2.  Push On Till The Day->
3.  Tube Top Wobble
4.  Sunday Morning
5.  Mozambique
6.  Jiboo
7.  Burlap Sack and Pumps
8.  Guyute

Disk 2
Set II:
1.  Rainy Day Women
2.  Sand
3.  It makes No Difference
4.  Mellow Mood
5.  Happy Coffee Song

Disk 3
Set II(Cont'd):
1.  Nothin But an E Thing
2.  At The Gazebo
3.  Drifting
4.  Circles
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a917e053cf3e1469f57d7f54d5878102 *trey01-02-22d1t01.shn
2999fa34dbc99fd0407cff0803a36495 *trey01-02-22d1t02.shn
7ae75343088463cda1bc752f5ae10c3c *trey01-02-22d1t03.shn
65ea4480b5e9cd51ee86c4b2d26388cc *trey01-02-22d1t04.shn
c9414211996e154d9c5ef2ca8ccc04a2 *trey01-02-22d1t05.shn
18584bae986a60283daa5540cbf1853d *trey01-02-22d1t06.shn
485fd28815ae84eb2bcf441b8f4ae2d2 *trey01-02-22d1t07.shn
93a2b82358400757b70e286ae88c1ba7 *trey01-02-22d1t08.shn
203f0850b44dfcf964ad0252d8d6b0b1 *trey01-02-22d2t01.shn
b2face27d2bbcea8077925fdb2884135 *trey01-02-22d2t02.shn
a81a7e203a7da51336367360058b9c98 *trey01-02-22d2t03.shn
a19caf3fbbeff1c8beddecc637edfd45 *trey01-02-22d2t04.shn
160d95202286c5caece4a667588d11c5 *trey01-02-22d2t05.shn
743af70c0ea045b7ac401c560d082413 *trey01-02-22d3t01.shn
3f712ea60d8299241262484f4f738307 *trey01-02-22d3t02.shn
3f9c87642e8a4ad9594f471d7c4f4fe2 *trey01-02-22d3t03.shn
48c363339bc45c8bfd10064489f55e16 *trey01-02-22d3t04.shn
a628dc97b80f10d3e7628a094bbbe79a *trey01-02-22d1t06.wav
0f1cf5808f62871f0c71e08d05030f7b *trey01-02-22d1t02.wav
4e0ec1fcc089ca36acc29e4a2ced8dd9 *trey01-02-22d1t03.wav
5bdc18583b1fc487e827aeeb9a733522 *trey01-02-22d1t04.wav
4ad08a500a4f53519e0db8ea8cbaec95 *trey01-02-22d1t05.wav
ec07edfc84cd69e2a534199424dda3f9 *trey01-02-22d1t01.wav
fd309fb8e9b0569988c5d39befb09735 *trey01-02-22d1t07.wav
fc085495bd93de9f27913a95edb02aff *trey01-02-22d1t08.wav
50a8c4ead4b24ec827822de6b109adb6 *trey01-02-22d2t04.wav
a5762d51084da9aed55b3ae437fbf701 *trey01-02-22d2t02.wav
d6b98142391408d3f86f3abdc5f2ca95 *trey01-02-22d2t03.wav
11ee7ef4c32288fb8207f231a0f57dd8 *trey01-02-22d2t01.wav
1203e89223a8941ca1fa0520319a51f0 *trey01-02-22d2t05.wav
42f2df80364f2c09ea4e42d00f7e2332 *trey01-02-22d3t02.wav
1f5ae9298558769e093203d416862efe *trey01-02-22d3t01.wav
879a20ba70bc91451264a9e03743cdc2 *trey01-02-22d3t03.wav
6594497cdb21349c0b4f119df5aa4292 *trey01-02-22d3t04.wav

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Other Sources (comments)
MBHO 603a/KA200n (cardioid)... (1) Schoeps CMC6/mk4v > Sonosax... (3)
Date User Comment
12/01/2001 mattyrigs Kickass recording probably the best seed but i do like the mbho's!