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Grateful Dead 04/28/71
Fillmore East, New York, NY
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Source # 32862 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary MR>R>CDR and MR>CDR with alt. SBD patches; Refined, patched, re-tracked and SHN'ed by Chris Frisco. 
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The Grateful Dead
Fillmore East.  New York City, NY
April 28, 1971

disc 1: 67:20
~set 1~
01. Bill Graham intro
02. Truckin
03. Beat it on Down the Line
04. Loser
05. El Paso
06. The Rub
07. Bird Song
08. Playin' in the Band
09. Cumberland Blues
10. Ripple

disc 2: 59:25
01. Me and Bobby McGee
02. I'm A King Bee
03. Bertha//
~set two~
04. Morning Dew
05. Me and My Uncle
06. Deal
07. Hard To Handle

disc 3: 75:47
01. Cryptical>
02. Drumz>
03. The Other One>
04. Wharf Rat
05. Sugar Magnolia
06. Dark Star>
07. St. Stephen>
08. Not Fade Away>
09. Goin Down the Road Feelin Bad>
10. Not Fade Away

Tom Constanten appears on Dark Star through NFA

d01t01 through d01t07 (2:32): MR>R>CDR
d01t07 (6:00) through the end: MR>CDR
except for the following patches:
d01t07 (1:17 - 1:18) patched from altenate SB source 1
d01t07 (2:32 - 6:00) patched from altenate SB source 1
d03t03 (4:37 - 13:07) patched from altenate SB source 2
d03t04 (0:00 - 9:27) patched from altenate SB source 1

all sources were synced to match altenate SB source 1

The following 21 glitches were painstakingly removed without
deleting any of the wav.  Each sector was repositioned,
one by one, until flaw was no longer audible:
d01t07: (5 @ 6:10)
d02t01: (8:17, 8:32)
d02t02: (7:38)
d02t03: (0:00)
d02t04: (4:54)
d02t05: (3 @ 0:00)
d02t06: (5:55, 6:02)
d02t07: (9:18, 2 @ 9:21, 9:31)
d03t02: (1:32)
d03t06: (1:59)

refined, patched, retracked and SHN'ed by Chris Frisco at the Frisco Refinery, April 28, 2004.

Show Checksums
2a7f830f5a478bb07db4c34d949c94fc *gd1971-04-28d02t03.shn
3c113ded9f9954d0010e669637de67e2 *gd1971-04-28d01t02.shn
788cc9f6b29c5aa99223e5fb8a5bfa53 *gd1971-04-28d01t03.shn
b8535f4cf9a9fe2980e22713975a0d4d *gd1971-04-28d01t04.shn
c3e868d54d1924a87dd4284855b2d38e *gd1971-04-28d01t05.shn
3a71ffeccdbf541087de2969744dd6ec *gd1971-04-28d01t06.shn
d637f8960f082218ab8e11efb7513b3e *gd1971-04-28d01t07.shn
d151c5dbcc2748878d8fdaa1f2402664 *gd1971-04-28d01t08.shn
54405f1d643120bdafb633c768270570 *gd1971-04-28d01t09.shn
5b1a056c2e605efde773b740f5c4192c *gd1971-04-28d01t10.shn
56cd8ff188187357efb9bdb534131470 *gd1971-04-28d02t01.shn
1cce92a6c257d482e35ae2976a8404f8 *gd1971-04-28d02t02.shn
e3d7204dae57c5779530c570c6387874 *gd1971-04-28d01t01.shn
2e74d4338a197ae5dce8b789bdfcab46 *gd1971-04-28d03t10.shn
4524e156c44efa7d1d45cc918b35c203 *gd1971-04-28d02t05.shn
728ea6a956615fe8f8d58a5a829c515e *gd1971-04-28d02t06.shn
a89d08bf3a4b9ec6e34d9d9aef013db0 *gd1971-04-28d02t07.shn
1f6ef3ecb3677535a52156e6cfe23218 *gd1971-04-28d03t01.shn
dc401f34c19b734f4ce6484c703d3ec8 *gd1971-04-28d03t02.shn
ca3539315c7f33ef008a196f9863de6d *gd1971-04-28d03t03.shn
f9e5adcc51ddd6f63a7ae662b59e8d5e *gd1971-04-28d03t04.shn
6d476e0e44f29dbab110b9712e80dbb7 *gd1971-04-28d03t05.shn
b587e510427567fd71d8bcf5aa8bc19b *gd1971-04-28d03t06.shn
d22f932adaff587572eb667dca7c38a2 *gd1971-04-28d03t07.shn
cabd5c0d6333a1f17b15538a49a472bc *gd1971-04-28d03t08.shn
a70a0b9b8b047a321ca19bea5e7c75cb *gd1971-04-28d03t09.shn
3cea4f3376eef9c970e9636ac731dab6 *gd1971-04-28d02t04.shn
eec39b29b47158c2a84173667cb1911a [shntool] gd1971-04-28d01t01.shn
f6c3d15c82e2ac7a77ccca862263de47 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d01t02.shn
ac81d667fb92ea7c4335d0893f9088b0 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d01t03.shn
2f9d1eeea50523acebc950cd1bf7af79 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d01t04.shn
9f06cb6b2f2ae8781a9f4d9795dccd19 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d01t05.shn
ce893b01387a28e51c2b2c12c0069685 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d01t06.shn
0a4fc5f4f7b6598eb3f76a279756313d [shntool] gd1971-04-28d01t07.shn
612fb0f013d73423c5f485b01b03b4e8 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d01t08.shn
e7d687d35884ed7cf73341c9d5cb56f6 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d01t09.shn
518101dd554d4572e79d870b2a4a2598 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d01t10.shn
3e47b7018c186823dd96f16bd246e872 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d02t01.shn
e7ddcd478d7ce0257690f218df507e7e [shntool] gd1971-04-28d02t02.shn
0cad2ff23475216e15a6d81aa4b95d01 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d02t03.shn
bc3f09a157d22f1c5ff2ff3cb949c2ba [shntool] gd1971-04-28d02t04.shn
daec0518dffcf2983274bfb9da8c73f8 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d02t05.shn
ac29c885c5093695f07a968b5d73e060 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d02t06.shn
40e8d257f9255e7a5d196e5956b68397 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d02t07.shn
ae993a84068920375c2981951bdba43d [shntool] gd1971-04-28d03t01.shn
979a97c5d67b9bddbb19eedd5f8c6e4b [shntool] gd1971-04-28d03t02.shn
8b441a9a5f8845dd81934480c48ef8a2 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d03t03.shn
4f482b0bdc0241913d36eb21109cdd32 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d03t04.shn
8601146e9e7eab47ea4823dc44cf92e6 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d03t05.shn
ef739a6fc63f32b0b1eb8b29cda1644e [shntool] gd1971-04-28d03t06.shn
b08b4e28bea6396c176dcefb5dbf257d [shntool] gd1971-04-28d03t07.shn
fd05b637c5725dec4bfaf5a24b4a49b3 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d03t08.shn
3bc6b2a98600ba459d2a157e1a2148c5 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d03t09.shn
f6b6edc3db28e7e05eb72d612ac0b554 [shntool] gd1971-04-28d03t10.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
MSR > (Reel post-Bird Song)... (2) MR> R> CDR and MR> CDR;... (1) Complete; Previous splices... (5) flac24; SBD MR>R@ 7... (0) flac16; Recording... (0) flac24; Recording... (0) flac16; Lineage:MR@... (2) flac24; Lineage:MR@... (0) flac16; Lineage:MR@... (0)
Date User Comment
10/12/2006 sshaw13 SBEs on d1t07, d1t10 (insignificant), d2t06, d2t07 (insig), d3t10 (insig).
10/13/2006 4dave Isn't this version the one with the patches from
b another show?
The notes should say that!
10/13/2006 skbarchives wasn't that the next night??
10/13/2006 4dave Yes I think you are right. 4/29 has the source with the patches from other shows - my mistake!