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Grateful Dead 10/06/81
Rainbow Theater, London, England
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary Master Soundboard Cassette > Cassette > CDR ; EAC > SHN by Brian Polgar; to abgd; cuts are master tape flips or ends. The first few words of Sunshine Daydream are also clipped 
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Rainbow Theater
London, England

Master Soundboard Cassette > Cassette > CDR

EAC > SHN by Brian Polgar
Posted to alt.binaries.gdead 2/2001-3/2001

   Disc 1
   1st Set
1. Shakedown Street>
2. New Minglewood Blues
4. Little Red Rooster
5. Althea
6. Me & My Uncle>
7. Mexicali Blues
8. Never Trust A Woman (Good Times)

   Disc 2
   1st Set
1. Cumberland>
2. LL Rain>
3. Might As Well

   2nd Set
4. Man Smart Woman Smarter>
5. High//Time
6. Estimated>
7. He's Gone>
8. Drums

   Disc 3
1. Allah Space/Jam>
2. Wheel>
3. Sugar Magnolia>
4. Stella Blue>
5. Good Lovin'
6. Sunshine Daydream>
7. Brokedown Palace//

This gem was obtained in a trade with someone who obviously has connections.  Let's hope there's more coming!!  The cuts are master tape flips or ends.  The first few words of Sunshine Daydream are also clipped.
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71423be3f84dc92a82eda343ab95a6ff *gd811006d1t02.shn
da31cdafc48547328abb2cd29ba422d4 *gd811006d1t03.shn
20003057db68c73dd44d4375052b9298 *gd811006d1t04.shn
8562031e2d006fe16cdbbaa19690e511 *gd811006d1t05.shn
c27b42ef40eb170434e0263965e05b92 *gd811006d1t06.shn
878ddde82b781e218e57d3d08e8d7c00 *gd811006d1t07.shn
31649d63d8ada467d30c1dd026504ece *gd811006d1t08.shn
0b526e8e082a83876d7ad278f2ed4955 *gd811006d1t01.shn
d5ba0d344ac31950ceb7931e9bb3f0e1 *gd811006d2t03.shn
3bb3feb797d1fdb6efd8e93b29f11f9c *gd811006d2t04.shn
2c62fc331286185c764a787bba3b348b *gd811006d2t05.shn
187b21ef6e69ab98e24760a2e07b90c2 *gd811006d2t06.shn
b64a139ecd1968e2ede24085c0629687 *gd811006d2t07.shn
16cd8428a3ae3bcc7addd61fd7f3c406 *gd811006d2t01.shn
079d47514cbae1f3d44937e58da09802 *gd811006d2t02.shn
3330d08a55f82d8b86941574efb68ca6 *gd811006d2t08.shn
8580c5ecbc750b46c3cf73257589731e *gd811006d3t03.shn
5c37815dcf0fa91fbac6e9bda661bdc4 *gd811006d3t04.shn
73776b535077cfbd1e583885c5be35aa *gd811006d3t05.shn
cbb0a9ab5e9976a8727a45ea86dd4801 *gd811006d3t06.shn
7471c94249e7ad25e9646f2882992757 *gd811006d3t01.shn
93180de216f038c4e2aad3f6f0bc4c09 *gd811006d3t02.shn
4ea4ed01cce450b759f964b23b0c52f4 *gd811006d3t07.shn
1f3e935f77a5242777fded928e4e6f5a [shntool] gd811006d1t01.shn
d516f7993b7c6caa70df98e9674b1ddb [shntool] gd811006d1t02.shn
1a22344319a3af7dcab69e1ce82a8d17 [shntool] gd811006d1t03.shn
b8afda82216fef536a9b2e0b93d21424 [shntool] gd811006d1t04.shn
7883e700055d0b334f36fe7ec1d95192 [shntool] gd811006d1t05.shn
14525a4851c46481277e6c34162fc87a [shntool] gd811006d1t06.shn
876884f719c98eed70e62253e2ca79a4 [shntool] gd811006d1t07.shn
94d7a6e427e553335513bc48ead4f833 [shntool] gd811006d1t08.shn
f82b8178f9f20889881fbdc38d64d9ae [shntool] gd811006d2t01.shn
ff03c9459dfcac8ab20a01e54561c3ed [shntool] gd811006d2t02.shn
f05677e84155f1885a7d36f46c061aeb [shntool] gd811006d2t03.shn
c9fead10163d9b16241a44239ad16d2b [shntool] gd811006d2t04.shn
8f75b5a5852561e9edb2b9505a8bc98e [shntool] gd811006d2t05.shn
20a9494b9c7e20b2fa7f34b1a1f6cc2c [shntool] gd811006d2t06.shn
4a8e0e85fd2d0fbf2ababab6cd4e47bf [shntool] gd811006d2t07.shn
bc6bbafd96977ebadd2a488f77681c3a [shntool] gd811006d2t08.shn
5be3b35e27f63f0091d335140b4f0124 [shntool] gd811006d3t01.shn
4e33ab5bbd4c3f8ed951e82762ad2821 [shntool] gd811006d3t02.shn
91507a053ea88164554c198996b6e0f1 [shntool] gd811006d3t03.shn
518489ac23750e8e317ba5398166feec [shntool] gd811006d3t04.shn
d7204897d9a342d58605f6eddbf7f3ca [shntool] gd811006d3t05.shn
b2391abcdb80e7c827335b1a2a4e9203 [shntool] gd811006d3t06.shn
fab22668243d39c9b0123f75394b9501 [shntool] gd811006d3t07.shn

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flac16; Recording... (1) flac24; AUD 2nd Set... (0) flac16; AUD 2nd Set... (1) flac16; Recording... (0) flac16; Soundboard;... (0) flac16; Audience... (0) flac24; Audience... (1) flac/176.4kHz;... (0)
Date User Comment
05/17/2001 MF Some crackling noise through various parts. Good show though!
08/30/2003 mcole sbe d2t05
07/07/2004 Fatty entire first set fits on an 80-minute disc
04/05/2007 JoeSamaritano D3T01 - Allah Space. Great name! Definitely a Blues for Allah theme in there.