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Grateful Dead 04/17/82
Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT
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Entered by dr.unclear
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Source Summary set II; SBD> PCM> C> DAT> ZA2 downsampling> CDR; conversion: second half of the set was normalized because the levels were lower; known flaws: some mic crackle in shakedown, and a few clicks and pops- but does not have the bad diginoise in Sailor et al that's present on another widely circ copy; room for filler on each disc; via R. Nayfield 
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The Grateful Dead
04/17/82 Set II
Hartford Civic Center, Hartford CT


The DAT>CDR conversion was performed with a ZA2 soundcard which
downsampled (48>44.1).  The second half of the set was normalized
because the levels were lower.
No other editing was done to the original.

There is some mike crackle in shakedown, and a few clicks and pops.
However this is the best circulating copy I know of.  A widely
circulating copy has the worst diginoise I have ever heard right
at the start of sailor, among other places.  
This copy does not have those errors.

Rod Nayfield [email protected]

Disc 1

1] Shakedown ->  [15:30]
2] Lost Sailor ->  [7:25]
3] Saint of Circumstance ->  [7:10]
4] Spanish Jam ->  [5:20]
5] Drums and Space ->  [15:56]

Disc 2

1] Uncle John's Band ->  [9:14]
2] Not Fade Away ->  [7:46]
3] Wharf Rat ->  [9:42]
4] Around and Around ->  [3:59]
5] One More Saturday Night  [8:10]
6] E: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue  [7:24]

Jerry leaves the stage before Spanish Jam and does not come back until Space.

There is plenty of room for filler on both discs.
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a24bbbd529aee06448f75555430b347d *gd820417d2t3.shn
c50e9b71fc942fb465436420e930733c *gd820417d1t2.shn
5c9513d05044474b38681f3ae99c1509 *gd820417d1t3.shn
28a10271c5cf9a9573fad929435f3a27 *gd820417d1t4.shn
3623143276a4a1c61d303ee63ebda5b5 *gd820417d1t5.shn
aa37784e8088a2df813bb34ab3415265 *gd820417d2t1.shn
fa53454571d328db0e2a897a84468eae *gd820417d2t2.shn
d3845faf06aaa078c5ad98d288be4288 *gd820417d1t1.shn
88209a4a77abb2d4aa31baf2190d8f3f *gd820417d2t4.shn
94a0eec4942897063b7a6c7b1822a8fa *gd820417d2t5.shn
424d6e0611e86fb9f8baabdfae8d19ac *gd820417d2t6.shn
99561c5cbad594ea1255b88f213f81b3 [shntool] gd820417d1t1.shn
4de650db535c708c52238261cafbb196 [shntool] gd820417d1t2.shn
69ce51d30be56a6e3b739c0491e647c3 [shntool] gd820417d1t3.shn
67750aa66eabc7a0d3fa9b43e4a88236 [shntool] gd820417d1t4.shn
08a9520cad0d17a9268946b11a9c9788 [shntool] gd820417d1t5.shn
323bb3e1edb28a71e507ed584d5ffb7b [shntool] gd820417d2t1.shn
48594bfdf00ed6bb2fff41011bf8d404 [shntool] gd820417d2t2.shn
48b8692a07d25e974feee5776dcbabd1 [shntool] gd820417d2t3.shn
d6d2a399c6cfd6bf8f1157c10e38f868 [shntool] gd820417d2t4.shn
5938693f6e29ad9aeef55d9446b701f1 [shntool] gd820417d2t5.shn
9b39100bf5bbcc936f275da8c435e743 [shntool] gd820417d2t6.shn

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Date User Comment
07/17/2001 rod nayfield
Please note that the lineage as presented above (S>PCM>C ...) is correct. This show circulated for a little while with an incorrect text file.