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Zero 11/11/00
Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary (Stage) Crown PZM + (FOB) Nakamichi 300/CP1 -> Boss BX4 -> Sony SBM1 -> Dat (Sony D8/44.1k) > Dat (Sony R500) -> Prodif Plus -> Samplitude v7.02 Professional -> SHN 
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Maritime Hall
San Francisco, CA
November 11th, 2000

Source: (Stage) Crown PZM + (FOB) Nakamichi 300/CP1 -> Boss BX4 -> Sony SBM1 -> Dat (Sony D8/44.1k)
Lineage: Dat (Sony R500) -> Prodif Plus -> Samplitude v7.02 Professional -> SHN
Taped by: Charlie Miller and Bob Cogswell
Transferred by: Charlie Miller

Set One:
d1t01 - High & Lonesome
d1t02 - Cole's Law ->
d1t03 - Tangled Hangers
d1t04 - Bridges
d1t05 - Itchy McGuirken
d1t06 - True Love Never Dies
d2t01 - Home on the Range

Set Two:
d2t02 - It's Up To You
d2t03 - The Core
d2t04 - Tongue 'n' Groove*
d2t05 - Chance In A Million
d2t06 - You're The One
d3t01 - Willin' ->
d3t02 - Drums ->
d3t03 - Pits Of Thunder
d3t04 - Listen Here
d3t05 - Gregg's Egg's ->
d3t06 - Papa Was A Rolling Stone ->
d3t07 - Gregg's Egg's
d3t08 - Forever Is Nowhere ->
d3t09 - Supersonic Transport

d3t10 - Mercury Blues
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ddb7eb97a9224281db0a83ca274027f6 *zero2000-11-11d3t01.shn
db7fb42acc30fecc241e92a16ab17b81 *zero2000-11-11d1t02.shn
f823b5d6ff441fb95c4a56288f701181 *zero2000-11-11d1t03.shn
493084c9cde6338ac7c4a1f5d214ba00 *zero2000-11-11d1t04.shn
9be206a3eefd5393ccbcc6613c8d0236 *zero2000-11-11d1t05.shn
f09145d8b022711b427051ab9a18954d *zero2000-11-11d1t06.shn
3ebd53e2979b204ccc30af7f0b0c8ea4 *zero2000-11-11d2t01.shn
538f56919b293100132e9a6eeca57294 *zero2000-11-11d2t02.shn
9f99b30a26e48424c82a40a4130dc3e4 *zero2000-11-11d2t03.shn
ae012924a89baf9f647e8f2de2e5d324 *zero2000-11-11d2t04.shn
77945ba8755805aeb04e2723cf33ca02 *zero2000-11-11d2t05.shn
7c17c871012e7d814cbab7ff2386a9cd *zero2000-11-11d2t06.shn
91117fd23593843bfd84bfb7aa84f0b9 *zero2000-11-11d1t01.shn
7338b1814d1af1a491480793900b06f4 *zero2000-11-11d3t02.shn
e4303dc28a55acd6c17a663ddde2bb66 *zero2000-11-11d3t03.shn
4b2685ae2eb64a6290a6e53d76a35ae4 *zero2000-11-11d3t04.shn
e11a3c966248ee55960dafd007a59661 *zero2000-11-11d3t05.shn
8d13cd857eeee6d5d04aa3c3511f565a *zero2000-11-11d3t06.shn
64c32703f9e3d3efb69c9883686d4449 *zero2000-11-11d3t07.shn
352db11c7db97f1068b428b5ce722675 *zero2000-11-11d3t08.shn
838ed71c112d08d8f039f6f70928fb86 *zero2000-11-11d3t09.shn
1219bbf9b2574b74a3628f3c93c2e553 *zero2000-11-11d3t10.shn

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