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Zero 02/13/99
Beach near Royal Waikaloan, Kona, HI
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Source Summary {onstage} Nak 700's > Sony D5M as mic preamp > D7/Clone > Tascam DA-20 > HHB Burnit830 > EAC > Plex8/4/32 > SHN 
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Beach near Royal Waikaloan - Kona, HI

Taped By Robert Wagner
Transfered by Quincy McCrary
Source: {onstage} Nak 700's > Sony D5M as mic preamp > D7/Clone
Transfer: Tascam DA-20>HHB Burnit830>EAC>Plex8/4/32>SHN

d1t1.Cole's Law >
d1t2.Tangled Hangers,
d1t3.Roll Me Over,
d1t4.La Fiesta,
d1t5.Sitting On Top Of The World,
d2t1.Highway 61 Revisited
d2t2.Chain of Fools*,
d2t3.Baby Baby,
d2t4.Jump Back >
d2t5.Out in the Woods,
d3t2.Papa was a Rolling Stone,
d3t3.Listen Here,
d3t4.E: Mercury Blues

Comment: *Anna Rizzo on vocals.
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4fb01d8b4d13c7beed9ce1693b9a93a0 *Zero1999-02-13d1t1.shn
7e708945aedb6c341e87b49706b51dfe *Zero1999-02-13d1t2.shn
92e81ec2bc46eeb6f4d3adf3a1dcf29f *Zero1999-02-13d1t3.shn
465278064a7c8ef3923fd942344cfbcf *Zero1999-02-13d1t4.shn
5e7c857ce81f29a8d79ebd266b49b58e *Zero1999-02-13d1t5.shn
902b2a947b5853b484b0b2f7b1fdc03d *Zero1999-02-13d2t1.shn
55c300ad3d340e20af56a6c9c588e1be *Zero1999-02-13d2t2.shn
89b8f3a68da2bf664cf01f8c5fe8db7d *Zero1999-02-13d2t3.shn
1d4d4017f8a0895676f320c88022b66d *Zero1999-02-13d2t4.shn
eae144aef62509962aab8deba58c022a *Zero1999-02-13d2t5.shn
d5663883e51ea494da219cea9549156c *Zero1999-02-13d3t1.shn
31e891c2cb74159cc5c295e59504eee0 *Zero1999-02-13d3t2.shn
7bf3a80a97eac80cef1eea7d108a5472 *Zero1999-02-13d3t3.shn
77465ca172e145ad97f1063c0bcca5c5 *Zero1999-02-13d3t4.shn

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