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Grateful Dead 11/12/71
San Antonio Civic Auditorium, San Antonio, TX
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
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Source Summary sdb> master reel> pcm> cdr; via Mike Lai 
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Grateful Dead  San Antonio Civic Auditorium
San Antonio, TX  11-12-71
sdb>>master reel>>pcm>>cdr

CD1                    66:55
Set I:
1) Truckin'                    9:36
2) Loser                       6:58
3) Beat It On Down The Line    3:27
4) Sugaree                     6:52
5) Jack Straw                  5:27
6) Tennessee Jed               7:06
7) El Paso                     4:39
8) Brown Eyed Women            5:05
9) Mexicali Blues              3:44
10) Black Peter                 9:07
11) One More Saturday Night     4:54

CD2                    62:22
Set II:
1) Ramble On Rose              6:09
2) Me And My Uncle             3:20
3) Cryptical Envelopement >    2:00
4) Drums  >                    2:44
5) The Other One >            21:34
6) Cryptical Envelopement      5:30
7) Big Railroad Blues          3:48
8) Sugar Magnolia              6:48
9) Casey Jones                 6:20
10) Johnny B. Goode             4:09

any info help send to [email protected]
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330a1d6837ceb15d91d8129ee5801651 *gd71-11-12d1t104.shn
9462070de6b3cf4a2c0039e8138b19e8 *gd71-11-12d1t102.shn
639923cb41abb8531904133da544f52a *gd71-11-12d1t103.shn
765e983bb20b47531fc4686e5f31a2b8 *gd71-11-12d1t101.shn
494440d785d969947ea4a084b03a759a *gd71-11-12d1t105.shn
5c3b879612558aa5539b3a5a1f704ff4 *gd71-11-12d1t106.shn
49a182ff018189de47da73ecfa750abd *gd71-11-12d1t107.shn
f3630293a41b58b760b5ab4518a890f3 *gd71-11-12d1t108.shn
24704db8237897ef06b384da7cc62b01 *gd71-11-12d1t109.shn
9d41e506c542f977df1c7618f9328f19 *gd71-11-12d1t110.shn
371023380f9902e9c75c3d58371a09ee *gd71-11-12d1t111.shn
0b39d52536d1945ea038087ab43eee92 *gd71-11-12d2t201.shn
1a10c3b727bf6e781d49b5141d519ef2 *gd71-11-12d2t202.shn
cf96148b683770ded09191eb2198c811 *gd71-11-12d2t203.shn
a608ccedff1efb4f650605f01ea02e93 *gd71-11-12d2t204.shn
dce1bf41e618c32ced52372ca4e0556d *gd71-11-12d2t205.shn
17a74cbf02a7d4c88fd93e3cbca41632 *gd71-11-12d2t206.shn
d6669fc2b2426e7db6eafa99be684f3c *gd71-11-12d2t207.shn
446154778977fc41345a7cd675b9b0ff *gd71-11-12d2t208.shn
bfcb8dde07719596a1771bae909e28be *gd71-11-12d2t209.shn
57d7efba2114a48240f9c3f2549d4754 *gd71-11-12d2t210.shn
85e3c3fffd6cf04d0f2a433cbf411087 [shntool] gd71-11-12d1t101.shn
d42bf776019c1980fc993f34e2f55765 [shntool] gd71-11-12d1t102.shn
36a831a63b31ca901ad5c8c0a922f2c2 [shntool] gd71-11-12d1t103.shn
ccd488c9aa59f4cd9193cb707cc15231 [shntool] gd71-11-12d1t104.shn
2cf20436d905191976757af80c38ee29 [shntool] gd71-11-12d1t105.shn
21786558c36c1815735b34b977fb1362 [shntool] gd71-11-12d1t106.shn
f1817e2e1f982865a8661e37a384d357 [shntool] gd71-11-12d1t107.shn
693129dfb4942b1a32d3e15bc1d9bdf1 [shntool] gd71-11-12d1t108.shn
241f6aabe022551f68f3d191d3636cd7 [shntool] gd71-11-12d1t109.shn
5a9adf5341f33b57c64e60feb4c6b374 [shntool] gd71-11-12d1t110.shn
2d9b3f33ee89702cb1eab179785fd992 [shntool] gd71-11-12d1t111.shn
5e63edbb9d598af6cd2fcd8f97ce46c2 [shntool] gd71-11-12d2t201.shn
3d08a6cb13ce3812ac532c00c809307d [shntool] gd71-11-12d2t202.shn
efc572c9e1cf77cbbce1fc580b7f7319 [shntool] gd71-11-12d2t203.shn
1caafe43f9f09db4f0f3310ad9bbb90f [shntool] gd71-11-12d2t204.shn
31d70f6aea3db9ba85dc954aa91187c2 [shntool] gd71-11-12d2t205.shn
e0d99779f38b170ee2498d4bc181010b [shntool] gd71-11-12d2t206.shn
3ebc99946ce26065ae40a05cac69b597 [shntool] gd71-11-12d2t207.shn
0a81fe8eb16a5477c10d1cd01e21a73c [shntool] gd71-11-12d2t208.shn
16f31c05a4e3e29fc30d6305caf6cea8 [shntool] gd71-11-12d2t209.shn
2c48d13ec2223cf4adcd7cdd586f83cb [shntool] gd71-11-12d2t210.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Master Soundboard Reel >... (0) 2nd set only; S : MC > C >... (0) flac16; Partial aud... (0) flac16; Source: Sbd... (0) flac16; Partial Set... (0)
Date User Comment
04/15/2001 Sean I have a 1 disc set 2. With a different lineage. SBD->MC->C->Sonic Solutions->CD->EAC->SHN. Anyone know whats up with the 2 sources?
05/07/2001 Diana Hamilton Updated info file here courtesy Jim- thanks!
11/26/2001 Jimbo Disk 1 has some pretty severe problems with dropouts in the left channel. They are numerous and range from < 1sec. to almost 2 minutes. They are accompanied by a scratchy static like the patch from the board had a problem in the left channel and was being wiggled.
04/19/2002 Brian This is a fine show, the second set certainly makes up for the stumbles in sound quality of the first. One of the most well balanced early Keith shows in circulation, the piano is bright and full.