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Ratdog 12/03/95
Mesa Ampitheatre, Tempe, AZ
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Entered by ziko
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Source Summary Source: AUD > DAT > CDR; Lineage: CDR(m) > EAC (secure) > WAV > FLAC [7]; Taped by: Gary H.; Transfered by: Jim Blackwood 
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Ratdog - 12-03-95
Mesa Amphitheatre
Mesa, AZ

Source: AUD > DAT > CDR

Lineage: CDR(m) > EAC (secure) > WAV > FLAC [7]

Taped by: Gary H.

Transfered by: Jim Blackwood

Disk 1

1: Bombs Away->
2: Take Me To The River
3: Fever->
4: Eternity
5: Blackbird
6: KC Moan
7: Queen Jane Approximately
8: Juke
9: It's A Man's Man's Man's World
10: Schoolgirl

Disk 2

1: Minglewood Blues
2: It Should Have Been Me
3: The Winners->
4: Easy To Slip
5: Drums->
6: Bass
7: Victim Or The Crime
8: Throwing Stones


9: In Dreams
10: Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Ratdog = Bob Weir, Rob Wasserman, Vince Welnick, Matt Kelly, and Jay Lane

FLAC and 1st seeding for on 10-03-04 by Jim Blackwood  

Show Checksums
8b8359af9e1f297a093e26164cac6e04 *rd1995-12-03d1t01.flac
3b25df4364abbc13b563f5fb30e73a4c *rd1995-12-03d1t02.flac
07a8d5ef457a72dec4f15c869e613529 *rd1995-12-03d1t03.flac
c637ea85631ca542acaa99d04162da35 *rd1995-12-03d1t04.flac
c517e0db4df73de791cb77f5c6d241f9 *rd1995-12-03d1t05.flac
b4e5802cbdefb3812a17f4214bc5f5b8 *rd1995-12-03d1t06.flac
9ca1bfcc359cdf1a421f1d37d652cfbf *rd1995-12-03d1t07.flac
696e66ed4084b5305adbc525b4908402 *rd1995-12-03d1t08.flac
47aa23eae4cac34e9465ddb5613568c3 *rd1995-12-03d1t09.flac
ecd937018ccaceae1b2c324a0d36ad8b *rd1995-12-03d1t10.flac
bb51c0540abacf2a7863d53f9ca086ed *rd1995-12-03d2t01.flac
3085f493373bc0f22b9a6201daea95bd *rd1995-12-03d2t02.flac
8a3dda088be136c702a3a10fd0378a71 *rd1995-12-03d2t03.flac
15d8af49ffb4cb8055d5870d01961c11 *rd1995-12-03d2t04.flac
a34faa2707cc335cac5f6df90c3b98d4 *rd1995-12-03d2t05.flac
d81120d766ba14e91662542f6de46492 *rd1995-12-03d2t06.flac
2f90f3ac63c3ee5d6707217707246552 *rd1995-12-03d2t07.flac
0bab35218952d9b53c81a16646fab4f9 *rd1995-12-03d2t08.flac
2234f0d14074fc2c38a136c1fcc4b4fa *rd1995-12-03d2t09.flac
597d6832d8f546c390b7366cc720a9a6 *rd1995-12-03d2t10.flac

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Source: (FOB) Shure Beta... (0)
Date User Comment
04/19/2011 cincyg123 Subject: The true master recording source.
Hi- Not to be knit picky but thie is my recording! I am the taper and the holder of the master, NOT Pete K. I know Pete and I was the one who gave him the cd-r. This was a very difficult show to record in many ways. They were not allowing recordings of the show- neither the band or the venue and they searched throughly. Me and my friend Mike Salemi "smuggled" the equipment in our underwear and had to go without a mic stand. I held on mic during the show and Mike held the other the ENTIRE show. I don't believe any other sources are out there except for mine. SOOOO, give credit where credit is -due, for "Gary's- sake" and not for "Pete's-sake". By the way, the source was a Sony D8 using Shure BG 4.0 mic's. thank you for reading my rant. Anyone who would like to contest this info can email me directly: cincyg123 AT aol DOT com
04/19/2011 cincyg123 was a Sony D7 (I didnt have my D8 yet)
04/22/2011 ziko Taper info updated 4/22/2011

Pete Klausner to Gary H.