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Grateful Dead 03/06/94
Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; SBD> ?> CD (see info file for notes); via sailor_saint 
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Grateful Dead
March 6, 1994 (Sunday)
Desert Sky Pavilion (now known as "Cricket Pavilion")

D1 (70:51)
01: Tuning
02: Help On the Way -->
03: Slipknot! -->
04: Franklin's Tower
05: Spoonful -->
06: Jack-A-Roe
07: When I Paint My Masterpiece
08: Brown Eyed Women
09: Let It Grow
10: Tuning
11: Easy Answers
12: Lazy River Road

D2 (75:04)
01: Playin' -->
02: Eyes Of the World -->
03: Drums -->
04: Space -->
05: The Wheel
06: The Last Time -->
07: Attics Of My Life -->
08: Good Lovin'
09: E:  Liberty

1)  Static and 1.3 second dropout at 3:26 of "Let It Grow"
2)  Static and 0.6 second dropout at 3:32 of "Let It Grow"
3)  1 second dropout at 3:37 of "Let It Grow"
4)  1 second dropout at 2:49 of "Attics Of My Life"

This recording has the same genealogy as the 3/5/94 I recently posted.
In the summer of 1999, Dick Latvala cloned the March 4-6 1994 run for a guy who hosted a
Grateful Dead-themed radio show; I obtained copies from the radio host.

Unlike 3/5/94, this show was tracked pretty accurately.  I did make minor adjustments to some
track markers, again boosted the levels by about 20% (actually, 18% for reasons noted below)
and again fixed a duplicated section of the track marker between "Drums" and "Space".  

The show had the same low levels problem as noted in 3/5/94.  However, the boost was a problem,
since the music itself peaked a few times during "Drums", "Space", and "The Last Time".  
Accordingly, it was difficult to do an across-the-board boost, because that would have driven the
levels -- at least for those songs, at certain parts -- throught the roof.  So, I acted in the
greater good, so to speak, and decided to boost the levels for the benefit of the entire recording.  
So, there are a few "hot" sections in those songs.

Furthur, there was a BIG problem with the "Drums" --> "Space" track marker.  On my originals, "Drums"
was the last song of Disc 2, and "Space" was the first song of Disc 3.  Come to find out that when
those songs were tracked together, the volume levels didn't match; "Space" was quite clearly louder,
even the waveforms looked markedly different.  So, the splice was a problem since the levels didn't
match.  Again, quite similar to the 3/5 seam, the first 15 or so seconds of "Space" was duplicated
at the last 15 or so seconds of "Drums".  However, when I chopped off the duplicated sections, I
still had a marked difference in volume.  So, because I have entered this little project not wanting
to fade anything in or out, the volume markedly increases at about 15:28 of "Space".  "It is what it is",
as they say these days.

Techie Stuff:
Extraction: EAC Secure Mode
Editing: Cakewalk Pyro 5.0.31
FLAC encoding: FLAC Frontend 1.1.0 (with Sector Boundaries aligned)

Created and Uploaded March 21, 2005.
Any problems or comments:  [email protected]
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586993fb0b0dd9e1b9221f756e7e1f0b *gd1994-03-06d1t01.flac
ad1dfb872c6ee0c763478cad86440731 *gd1994-03-06d1t02.flac
cdf691963b7f851676da000e4a5c7dd5 *gd1994-03-06d1t03.flac
b8e527012624dc1162e7c31253461c33 *gd1994-03-06d1t04.flac
9012f901bcc387d3ffe3bc05b19755e0 *gd1994-03-06d1t05.flac
d67b3be0741da329dadefbbaebac5ef9 *gd1994-03-06d1t06.flac
e1bd993ebfd8cd5bc9188c74e2c53872 *gd1994-03-06d1t07.flac
4bc17a0ddf32b3eaa85e37785bacbc2d *gd1994-03-06d1t08.flac
e0f4a369305808187100c1168829b433 *gd1994-03-06d1t09.flac
1511656d66b753da82a84e15ce559c90 *gd1994-03-06d1t10.flac
02be56f0faceacec2ec073ac660d3171 *gd1994-03-06d1t11.flac
711bf059bd07a597027ec42edb6f1620 *gd1994-03-06d1t12.flac
cd856f2d2111b8a2a228916b06deb185 *gd1994-03-06d2t01.flac
10f5134cab7379694bf85221e9b422d5 *gd1994-03-06d2t02.flac
56ca3ed7a614844c48868854d0d855dd *gd1994-03-06d2t03.flac
e81a9daa88dffd983a802ef5b8adc9c2 *gd1994-03-06d2t04.flac
a40bfda7a1b27de12f50730f3e5c6bb1 *gd1994-03-06d2t05.flac
776ed1314a2b4ea77a78ce68d92cdcdb *gd1994-03-06d2t06.flac
7a3a178846dfed78f95829f73dc290af *gd1994-03-06d2t07.flac
167653d136a4f776fd973b0ffdefef2c *gd1994-03-06d2t08.flac
750d8b6f669eb095579186675738de9c *gd1994-03-06d2t09.flac

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