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Drive-By Truckers 11/19/04
Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, NC
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Source Summary [SBD] + [AKG 483] > DMod UA-5 > JB3 (Joel Hudson) 
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Drive By Truckers
Winston-Salem, NC

Source: Matrix-32 Channel SBD Mix to L/R Matrix + AKG 480(ck63)>Oade DMod UA-5>JB3 Optical-In (Wav @ 44.1khz)
Lineage: JB3>Firewire>Audition 1.0>CD Wave>.flac16
Taped by: joel at jamlivedotorg
Transfered by: joel at jamlivedotorg

Disc 1

1. Where the Devil Don't Stay
2. Hell No, I Ain't Happy
3. Boys from Alabama
4. Cottonseed
5. The Buford Stick
6. Outfit
7. Never Gonna Change
8. The Company I Keep
9. Sink Hole
10. Daddy's Cup
11. Carl Perkins' Cadillac
12. Ronnie and Neil
13. Wallace

Disc 2

1. Goddamn Lonely Love
2. Puttin' People on the Moon
3. Shut Up and Get on the Plane
4. Lookout Mountain


5. Crowd/Banter
6. Grandaddy
7. Tornadoes
8. Decoration Day
9. Let Me Roll It
10. Marry Me
11. Let There Be Rock
12. Ain't Talkin''Bout Love


13. Crowd/Banter
14. Zip City
15. The Living Bubba

fade in between encores (new file)
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5c03b1a00b1d655c6f9fc63d0eda7160 *dbt2004-11-19d1t01.flac
326d9e706e69e6093f5609d71cd625c9 *dbt2004-11-19d1t02.flac
96312721e3bbfd90abd0572c89e531e2 *dbt2004-11-19d1t03.flac
c1ddf599cc327d43564322fca4c920bc *dbt2004-11-19d1t04.flac
0630d6951ba072cb6c96fe6c95d22408 *dbt2004-11-19d1t05.flac
1c12a47a433cc0876e8cafe37cf9484f *dbt2004-11-19d1t06.flac
76c6e61e3de1b753da41fb300eb83a40 *dbt2004-11-19d1t07.flac
e038dc3a3d1e1c17e0ad141a63d77f14 *dbt2004-11-19d1t08.flac
5b1f89e8f0239efc1ff6f4f5d3064cf2 *dbt2004-11-19d1t09.flac
bf307c3da9886ddd9b959fa96d11ecef *dbt2004-11-19d1t10.flac
a48234690971dabffc4013d4ee85b577 *dbt2004-11-19d1t11.flac
04ee36a06b0c4ce162aa48d1e795c60e *dbt2004-11-19d1t12.flac
05ceadcf58e62d80b46d664440c6fa98 *dbt2004-11-19d1t13.flac
c402b3d8f6b64f683cf602f8bb77a93c *dbt2004-11-19d2t01.flac
ab68dfffae0aa1c34ed0a5db1d4b652d *dbt2004-11-19d2t02.flac
2a551f9a3cae2497db025fd5e85fe78e *dbt2004-11-19d2t03.flac
832166da165b289173d35bf43f265011 *dbt2004-11-19d2t04.flac
6de53fd6547132545c104d5b98ffffa5 *dbt2004-11-19d2t05.flac
f4f0f530c265a7ced42f3910aa23e9d4 *dbt2004-11-19d2t06.flac
5e7a7443c5192253ec607530f1701ee4 *dbt2004-11-19d2t07.flac
9f2fcaa1babdacfecdade3b4a4a9e719 *dbt2004-11-19d2t08.flac
59d245fc776e4c79387c5651cfbafb89 *dbt2004-11-19d2t09.flac
853c88cd70145538c2da207a2755b39f *dbt2004-11-19d2t10.flac
4f05def7b687c423166b7f9a473b7caa *dbt2004-11-19d2t11.flac
b806fda1115edfdba1f070010740afaf *dbt2004-11-19d2t12.flac
27d4a06e3c6becf58e4f89b1cdede4c9 *dbt2004-11-19d2t13.flac
6bb5ae572f9e9d90b0c586b2407d775b *dbt2004-11-19d2t14.flac
a206e8f02bef99537c7589b820b07aa5 *dbt2004-11-19d2t15.flac

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