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Zero 08/11/95
Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary {FOB) Sennheiser ME-80 (30' back from Kimock) > D3 > DAT > CDR > EAC > SHN 
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Zero - 8/11/95
Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA

Senn ME-80 (30' back from Kimock)->D3


CD #1 - Set I
1.) Cole's Law >
2.) Tangled Hangers
3.) Catalina
4.) Highway 61
5.) Home On The Range
6.) Afro Blue

CD #2
1.) End Of The World Blues
2.) Chance In A Million
3.) It's Up To You
4.) Use Me up->Feeling Alright
5.) Golden Road

note: possibly missing "tell me all about it" in the second disc...some minor digi pops in golden road, maybe on master dat?
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cf08c97a321e660a0ce0a0f1df34e50e *zero1995-08-11d1t1.shn
91429ae4391cd625e50882342ca51de4 *zero1995-08-11d1t2.shn
28741301eb19d67f17e52c8be27f39fb *zero1995-08-11d1t3.shn
63f03e7a64911efbf8c59955c0835633 *zero1995-08-11d1t4.shn
aeb41be264e210a1939363bdd3636aa2 *zero1995-08-11d1t5.shn
0b929289b20d1abf294949b3a7fb35b6 *zero1995-08-11d1t6.shn
8afaddeed1def4f6e9e00a145f7a17b4 *zero1995-08-11d2t1.shn
e4baaf67b8c8522fdf92ce989f26de01 *zero1995-08-11d2t2.shn
996f10fd467b62add513b1b4c841680f *zero1995-08-11d2t3.shn
8d7c470610e60705521fb6cd810efa4e *zero1995-08-11d2t4.shn
4c343932d4edef7b40e65122e3e3e2a8 *zero1995-08-11d2t5.shn

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