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Ween 07/29/03
First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary FOB: AKG 463 [Jim Williams mod] > GP DMIC-20 > D100 [Oade mod.] > wav > soundforge > shn. (Different update from previous 2 FLAC seeds?) 
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July 29 2003 First Avenue Main Room
Ween, first of two nights
Sold out big time
maybe 115 degrees inside
And yeah, we sang along.
(We do that here)

Some guy named Steve did the taping
FOB: AKG 463 [Jim Williams mod] > GP DMIC-20 > D100 [Oade mod.]
My brother got a copy and I edited some pops out.
It sounds real good, I was there so I know.
Lookut for Voodoo Lady and Transdermal....

Files updated 01/05/2004
Starts and finishes of songs moved.
EQ Tweaked a tad.
Normalized to 98 db
End result is better sounding stuff.


01 Buckingham Green
02 Stallion Pt 3
03 Happy Colored Marbles
04 Grobe
05 Take Me Away
06 Transdermal Celebration
07 Springtheme
08 Voodoo Lady >Kiss >Voodoo Lady
09 Bananas & Blow
10 I Dont Want It
11 Roses Are Free

12 Mollusk
13 Reggaejunkiejew
15 Ocean Man
16 Waving My Dick In The Wind
17 You Fucked Up
18 Goin' Gets Tough
19 Johnny On The Spot
20 Fat Lenny
21 Spinal Meningitis
22 Don't Sweat It
23 Baby Bitch

24 Someday
25 Blarney Stone
26 Encore Crowd Ween Chant
27 Dr Rock
28 Touch My Tooter
29 Purple Rain
30-Old Queen Cole
31 Piss Up A Rope
Show Checksums
2629b1a67e44e30d560ef4ce422b854b *Ween_01_Buckingham_Green.shn
5bf547c04d1deb5149dc3dc82609f46b *Ween_02_Stallion_Pt_3.shn
e98974490bfe948caa64f3632cec9e49 *Ween_03_Happy_Colored_Marbles.shn
67c581bdcdaac1fbbf8b36a7376d6711 *Ween_04_The_Grobe.shn
86ddb199c87caf573954951b4e39a2df *Ween_05_Take_Me_Away.shn
ea3f4c0d29cc3c779db3cd097daccf9f *Ween_06_Transdermal_Celebration.shn
d0064d5222b0655b35a7ff3b3eac31ca *Ween_07_Springtheme.shn
642b84d0a4ee039e1b83d09eb9e041d7 *Ween_08_Voodoo_Lady-Kiss-Voodoo_Lady.shn
db628eb3b8d489c8bbed27f8873cdfb9 *Ween_09_Bananas_n_Blow.shn
9ba4754d3df6d092c8dce56d91eafc07 *Ween_10_I_Dont_Want_It.shn
1b1495b6728bb34caec1c54e1ea20ec5 *Ween_11_Roses_Are_Free.shn
503e96895529d916853b6445b676908d *Ween_17_You_Fucked_Up.shn
15fd850e8c4f7237b4f384b1e8c72763 *Ween_13_Reggaejunkiejew.shn
2ee08dcbe812b6a83059bf660687d43b *Ween_14-Zoloft.shn
8abe3c0c0225fae558b8f3a6583cb27e *Ween_15_Ocean_Man.shn
801357e24e82d3927a4834f53c3e4141 *Ween_16_Waving_My_Dick_In_The_Wind.shn
c1f12be8fee04d4b731dce373d0e30aa *Ween_12_Mollusk.shn
e84c824acabd0824c8cceea7252346ca *Ween_18_Goin_Gets_Tough.shn
7bd6db1b768379b1e04641979c94d9d1 *Ween_19_Johnny_On_The_Spot.shn
03ec9488514c85ab144837ad48c11dd0 *Ween_20_Fat_Lenny9.shn
9fcf7ed76951a9ad6972e5bac00c15a2 *Ween_21_Spinal_Meningitis.shn
fe06c5f4ae981c6d1af277a84c581222 *Ween_22_Dont_Sweat_It.shn
4e171c98331129136fb60dc63c461624 *Ween_23_Baby_Bitch.shn
c891dd346902f7b5d116dd96af61912b *Ween_24_Someday.shn
06a5257d433e8ee3a8f012905e8b8ff7 *Ween_25_Blarney_Stone.shn
151074149a39e9b412abe5eec44de719 *Ween_26_Encore_Crowd_Ween_Chant.shn
20aba327471a0a55ff60c2d06f36dc64 *Ween_27_Dr_Rock.shn
6f3fccb89a486d42494744f5eb422e21 *Ween_28_Touch_My_Tooter.shn
06f0a6031a4c1aefa5f8e9cf961997fa *Ween_29_Purple_Rain.shn
fda4759d144c493371d7efb437db2b20 *Ween_30-Old_Queen_Cole.shn
8fc6b45137a0fe38fdbe7779d20e7e2c *Ween_31_Piss_Up_A_Rope.shn

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