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Medeski Martin & Wood 10/30/99
The Guvernment, Toronto, ON
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Entered by duggy
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Source Summary Neumann KM-184's -> Apogee AD-1000 @ 44.1khz DAT->PC (S/PDIF, TB Fiji); SHNs from Original WAVs; tapers J. Kemp, D. Cameron; transfer by A. Shiffman;  "sounds really sweet" 
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Medeski, Martin & Wood
10-30-99 The Guvernment - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Source:  Neumann KM-184's -> Apogee AD-1000 @ 44.1khz
          DAT->PC (S/PDIF, TB Fiji) SHNs from Original WAVs

Tapers: Jeff Kemp/Dave Cameron
DAT->CD: Adam Shiffman - [email protected]

Great show, and a really nice recording.  Enjoy!

2 Discs

Subject: [etree] MMW 10/30/99 Setlist
From: Pete Rocco

Here's the setlist I've come up with; track 6 in the 1st set is one
I've heard before, but I couldn't find it on any recent MMW live
recordings to ID it.  1st song 2nd set is by Duke Ellington, as Billy
mentions, and they've been playing this one recently as well, so it may be
called Blue Pepper (see 7/24/99 on the MMW setlist page).

MMW 10/30/99 The Guvernment, Toronto Ontario

Disc One:
Set I:
1. Start/Stop >
2. We Are Rolling >
3. Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus?
4. Rise Up > Drum Solo [@3:56] > Bass Solo [@7:46] >
5. Chubb Sub > Open Improv [@8:49] >
6. Afrique
7. Night Marchers

Disc Two:
Set II:
1. Blue Pepper
2. Seven Deadlies
3. Just Like I Pictured It
4. Coconut Boogaloo > Intro to LCTDT(P) [@6:51] >
5. Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps) >
6. Africa >
7. Dracula * >
8. Bubblehouse
9. No Ke Ano Ahiahi

* begins at end of previous track
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17ba34b334ebb2bd2590bbdadd0f068b *mmw10-30-99d101.shn
99288674b6305f2d3dddec0ce6a3eb28 *mmw10-30-99d102.shn
0d8f84790fab9ae42d7eeae6cd35e483 *mmw10-30-99d103.shn
39230043f1de2ed77e24ee8baa771a47 *mmw10-30-99d104.shn
c80fddda4de75834f6b24abfaeadc4f4 *mmw10-30-99d105.shn
2b6522780ed9be86c6433be2b8bb76d8 *mmw10-30-99d106.shn
d7f3a8134dacd0d8d83b0be0a6d41066 *mmw10-30-99d107.shn
445089523243c3a305540fa4c93ff914 *mmw10-30-99d201.shn
ac40d6858c0010b5acbfdea5c3811975 *mmw10-30-99d202.shn
f75d89281e98813970f0c2db9aac7a54 *mmw10-30-99d203.shn
675cb9f145b7b39a5bb148ca8b4bf4a8 *mmw10-30-99d204.shn
61d75a2d921f1ad61914ff242e575212 *mmw10-30-99d205.shn
e4916922043fa17a9ac91f9480261278 *mmw10-30-99d206.shn
09c798e827394ffd0b83f11fcd57cba8 *mmw10-30-99d207.shn
f58647644d5ac7a5c15e03369ab29efd *mmw10-30-99d208.shn
326a027638ee9634751566c3099eed98 *mmw10-30-99d209.shn

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Neumann KM-184> AD1000,... (1) Neumann KM-184's> Apogee... (1) Source: 2 ATM31a (X-Y)>... (0)
Date User Comment
10/19/2009 duggy Considerable maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, etc.)

Since it seems all three Neumann sources come from the same recording I'm presuming they all follow the same tracking. My tracking notes are based on this source.