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The Big Wu 03/17/01
Cajun House, Scottsdale, AZ
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Entered by eviljerry
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary Earthworks SR-71's > DMic20 > D8(@48khz) > PCM-R300(Dat Master) > Egosys U2A Waveterminal > Soundforge 4.5 > CDWav > Mkw > SHN 
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The Big Wu
The Cajun House
Scottsdale, AZ

Source : Earthworks SR-71's > DMic20 > D8(@48khz)
Transfer: PCM-R300(Dat Master) > Egosys U2A Waveterminal > Soundforge 4.5 > CDWav > Mkw > SHN

Taper: Mike Roesler
Tracked and Transfer: Brian Hormann

Set 1:
Rhode Island Red
Handle the Spam
Big Love
Gimme a Raise
Mean Spirits >
Whiskey River
Jazz 88
Red Sneakers
Minnesota Moon
Wild World
Angie O'Plasty

Seeded Angie O'Plasty

Seeded d
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4256cc1fd6750e85b80d80f7a4a29966 *wu2001-03-17d1t14.shn
02f6b8c3ff5161d7275778dc006ec881 *wu2001-03-17d1t02.shn
61b9901fca7642a3c7275f9453cd474b *wu2001-03-17d1t03.shn
b9412df22c6c97006d298ea016d9d922 *wu2001-03-17d1t04.shn
7ed7d79463ecf0fb7fac3579a2b5939c *wu2001-03-17d1t05.shn
ac4f09f953211cfbb229bac4e789ddff *wu2001-03-17d1t06.shn
ad17dac411e4bfcd40ba596a9b61c8f3 *wu2001-03-17d1t07.shn
9b416051912f613d7ace598c1a6a09b6 *wu2001-03-17d1t08.shn
3b31f93745f4306e3f5172949a71dd6c *wu2001-03-17d1t09.shn
9d73d923d7eb8aca20f2fb1e6d5ee574 *wu2001-03-17d1t10.shn
4c92be5f26cf3861b973df80e8dfa1c1 *wu2001-03-17d1t11.shn
533a21da16bf81880c95b92c6025676d *wu2001-03-17d1t12.shn
51170b5724c545aa6136cf32894b572a *wu2001-03-17d1t13.shn
8d01b4e5756f68407da033c039cf75d8 *wu2001-03-17d1t01.shn

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