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Phish 06/17/04
Keyspan Park, Brooklyn, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary VHS patched out of video feed; Master VHS->Final Cut Pro->AIFF,44.1/16 Converted to SHN w/ Xact (SOUNDCHECK) 
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June 17, 2004
Keyspan Park, Brooklyn, NY

Source: VHS patched out of video feed
Transfer: Master VHS->Final Cut Pro->AIFF,44.1/16 Converted to SHN w/ Xact
Xfer by Caravan2001

Track Listing

01. Jam (2:29)
02. Frankenstein (3:20)
03. Banter 1 (2:49)
04. Song I Heard The Ocean Sing (9:15)
05. Banter 2( 3:20)
06. Nothing (4:58)
07. Banter 3 (1:45)
08. Undermind (1:26)
09. Undermind Jam (2:12)
10. Crowd Control Ver.1 (2:35)
11. Crowd Control Ver.2 (4:58)
Show Checksums
5336c31753d0dea463af155ef6417426 *ph2004-06-17d1t01_sdchk.aif.shn
76ce76c4c9ca75d8a6f4c3b07097f26a *ph2004-06-17d1t02_sdchk.aif.shn
9557ef8441fc41a33a806e601cd0f4b4 *ph2004-06-17d1t03_sdchk.aif.shn
d24c9c01007d1ef906c610a078ae73d2 *ph2004-06-17d1t04_sdchk.aif.shn
6a17e4f4d21a6e7907e6ed5c91a29670 *ph2004-06-17d1t05_sdchk.aif.shn
f6ee90b218b8d9067f5a87b41d17a3d6 *ph2004-06-17d1t06_sdchk.aif.shn
9b1024bc64ae4e90599ea5f2f8c98544 *ph2004-06-17d1t07_sdchk.aif.shn
dae4269ab75fae820fd17f7628d4f062 *ph2004-06-17d1t08_sdchk.aif.shn
3653606532c2b65a4776ecdfc0861fd5 *ph2004-06-17d1t09_sdchk.aif.shn
8abcb22f01c515c126e9c1cab1ffe582 *ph2004-06-17d1t10_sdchk.aif.shn
37f7becde532c49dcd231ef450ef22dd *ph2004-06-17d1t11_sdchk.aif.shn
a45869bccb525611a6ca1b0952bcbd87 [shntool] ph2004-06-17d1t01_sdchk.aif.shn
e59e2dd6163b9e307fbe0e875400c49d [shntool] ph2004-06-17d1t02_sdchk.aif.shn
b395eb81d95659d02a40d8bddbdcb56d [shntool] ph2004-06-17d1t03_sdchk.aif.shn
41d15e048087ba2116192a8af09c2ff9 [shntool] ph2004-06-17d1t04_sdchk.aif.shn
7721346ceee2ce25e1c4864e74aa0c3b [shntool] ph2004-06-17d1t05_sdchk.aif.shn
65077236213d446d146c8b32ef700da1 [shntool] ph2004-06-17d1t06_sdchk.aif.shn
bdf36945a5eff3c5a388edc76e285c10 [shntool] ph2004-06-17d1t07_sdchk.aif.shn
0c376501fc3f7c8d5cbc2beb8dcefeb6 [shntool] ph2004-06-17d1t08_sdchk.aif.shn
24e8dc7144a39532a0a9f4aed3789cfc [shntool] ph2004-06-17d1t09_sdchk.aif.shn
7692b9c7b2568ead575a9593280be58c [shntool] ph2004-06-17d1t10_sdchk.aif.shn
da5eb7b6f3e208682d5698c136ad911e [shntool] ph2004-06-17d1t11_sdchk.aif.shn

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Date User Comment
07/12/2006 Terry Watts Ocean, Undermind, and CControl are officially available now on the limited edition single released with pre-orders of the Live in Brooklyn DVD/CD set.