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North Mississippi Allstars 09/13/05
The Bluebird, Bloomington, IN
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Entered by Randy Carman
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Source Summary I taped this one a while back and forgot to seed it to etree. Better late than never. -sf 
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North Mississippi All-Stars
Sept. 13, 2005
The Bluebird
Bloomington, IN

Source: AT822/8415>D8(48)>wav(44.1)>shn>CD
Mic Location: FOB/DFC!!  10' elev., 15' from center of stage.
Taper and shn: Scott F.

Disc 1
Set 1
1.  Teasin' Brown
2.  Poor Boy > Snake Drive
3.  No Mo
4.  Bang Bang LuLu
5.  Mean Old Wind
7.  Ship
8.  Po Black Maddie >
9.  Skinny Woman >
10. Po Black Maddie
11. [Chris Chew rap]

Disc 2
Set 1 (cont.)
1.  Be So Glad
2.  The Man From Galilee
3.  Ass
4.  Hurry Up Sunrise
5.  [Chris Chew rap]
6.  Moonshine
7.  Sugartown
8.  Cody's washboard solo
11. Goin' Down South
12. Amazing Grace
13. Freedom Highway
14. Shake 'Em On Down
15. [crowd noise]
16. Mississippi Boll-Weevil

Notes: Play Loud !
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9c300c74b7c880b09013d5b4c433632c *nmas_050913_d1t01.shn
831e7cdf47727d49ef4373bd28227ff8 *nmas_050913_d1t02.shn
74e98e88032ebc829cafc43594cd8cdf *nmas_050913_d1t03.shn
854562bf437ac8b9740a43fc5e715a7e *nmas_050913_d1t04.shn
1b16b65c4f1d234f1292327c4ae11535 *nmas_050913_d1t05.shn
b06bc072a7e23f41693423dc64875371 *nmas_050913_d1t06.shn
9f58e9c18d79b3c537649af4ffb958b6 *nmas_050913_d1t07.shn
3ab9d36dcbc0fe97b16b3f5b515b7eaa *nmas_050913_d1t08.shn
f0773e3d16056a9c060f242f503078fb *nmas_050913_d1t09.shn
c4cb41f4e818946f876d05b42344fb62 *nmas_050913_d1t10.shn
073b583896a3943654079e1ff08217e9 *nmas_050913_d1t11.shn
65fd7735485f5eab8f1da0ea05ee32b1 *nmas_050913_d2t01.shn
a4e4f5a8fbcad222ffb09f61a30549fe *nmas_050913_d2t02.shn
38b43cdde4059beb05dc8090bc447d37 *nmas_050913_d2t03.shn
268bd1d6227e1e58473557b6bcb4577d *nmas_050913_d2t04.shn
2ef352de375618e1cf8647b3dac04939 *nmas_050913_d2t05.shn
59bb3cfd2e8f991df04ce3aa8ec41b59 *nmas_050913_d2t06.shn
a976ba874b3d6d88b3700fe436fed4ae *nmas_050913_d2t07.shn
136658c34c07a8de077bc9d86a83259d *nmas_050913_d2t08.shn
aa464bf19a68e0da0f197f52a90f26b7 *nmas_050913_d2t09.shn
45f5a207915fabde649d2ea2bfa7ed3a *nmas_050913_d2t10.shn
7b9f511c8aa302e53ed0f02435fca813 *nmas_050913_d2t11.shn
e4b1c3be7f5df98dceb831b196cf2b09 *nmas_050913_d2t12.shn
cc3f060ccb9f6664b2ca1cf72d568563 *nmas_050913_d2t13.shn
f3346d6cec88f35ba2c7a51ed24f98c4 *nmas_050913_d2t14.shn
888fd9af9b7863f6857f3386e0e713e3 *nmas_050913_d2t15.shn
383648403ed70982d3691e44bcb8f2c3 *nmas_050913_d2t16.shn

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