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Robert Hunter 07/20/78
The Other End, New York, NY
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums ffp , md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; Soundboard reel masters by Jerry Moore 7 1/2 ips, no noise reduction, house Teac deck, Maxell UD35-90 reels Transfer by Rob Berger, May 2006 Sony TC-850>Sony SBM1>Tascam CD-RW4U 
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The Other End
Bleeker Street, New York City
July 20th, 1978
Early & Late Shows

Much obliged to Mr. Hunter & Mr. Klein

Soundboard reel masters by Jerry Moore
7 1/2 ips, no noise reduction, house Teac deck,
Maxell UD35-90 reels

Transfer by Rob Berger, May 2006
Sony TC-850>Sony SBM1>Tascam CD-RW4U

(Apologies for any incorrect song titles)

CD1 - Early Show (72:13)

Rum runners
Marie Elena
Us blues>
Yellow moon
Reuben and Cherise
All the same/Peggy Sue
It must've been the roses
Jesse James
Come to life>
Friend of the devil
Blues for Allah>
Wharf rat

CD2 - Late Show (76:53)

Mr. Charlie>
Box of rain
Mountains of the moon
Brown eyed women
Wild Bill
Stagger Lee
Fenario/Dire Wolf
Terrapin Station
Harp tree lament
All the same/Peggy Sue
Friend of the devil
US blues>
Brokedown palace
Scarlet begonias
Show Checksums
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t01.flac:26207002fb96903313c1c6b8100f5792
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t02.flac:235a9a770850a76062c7cfc6863ec06f
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t03.flac:be3227fbb86672a7dbff818d8c6c0b08
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t04.flac:862f3c4dcd78d74629839db208e441e8
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t05.flac:35ba6483bb0f2343352ce7a29290b598
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t06.flac:90be35d546c41679fc896b980ada5942
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t07.flac:273c6bab56f6fa42b31a45091bb8b36a
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t08.flac:9d7d8befccfe28789dd6a6becad6106f
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t09.flac:e65ccf1847061287d4a36a3ec025a7cc
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t10.flac:5929922bb07512f77dcf763d6c13b3f7
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t11.flac:4906a9d6c24705b9dea80b8e14a61df6
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t12.flac:820b43fa430f0d89b58a48d490d61f4b
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t13.flac:73735dd09fd764753d14fdd5d3ac613b
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t14.flac:e2c6411cd7d79585fe3358c41c1b799e
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t15.flac:6d07c8b7cb3fcc55a51f13a0c7c2cae3
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t16.flac:c9260454636c0391e838e2b2dc9e1e03
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t17.flac:9c96a6869307cb17d0694bfe9d4e64ea
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t18.flac:76a82147cdf2f2c9d4d53ba98b02ffba
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t01.flac:b4ee62c4a721f40426e66c778b95b294
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t02.flac:b56e6ff93ec5d85561af684efbc105d4
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t03.flac:b8f4562b5bdee9ac8147a8672dd1e242
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t04.flac:cd9f66252bd9653d2dc531512fb0b750
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t05.flac:dfa8424eb7da18f8e841390466f9b5da
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t06.flac:0adacc7979fd2814a73840a3e20f88b3
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t07.flac:c4774d41ae1d67acd54d29ddffd43321
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t08.flac:ced1ca38044c24bf01970728745d50cd
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t09.flac:379174f06bbb0a153a3b32aeabb663fa
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t10.flac:7ddc791513617cfdc50e482833352bdb
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t11.flac:0fb7961a9336d4e021999b0fa9713a7c
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t12.flac:7eaf02bd00f83a37db93c200178faa0a
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t13.flac:f0e1767c16e83cb92534ad9351812cfe
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t14.flac:eca0a4da99a649462a7217eb2255a8aa
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t15.flac:25250516ac5bb50333e43b4d8d92e48b
Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t16.flac:6d8420d9d0aa42de0c0362765091a4ae
a58ca9c6736094c8a295e34867677922 *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t01.flac
8b89d7621d0b689856a56303a4cb2e2b *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t02.flac
a6e2a17607533c672c21d4a074c78fcc *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t03.flac
e312ce5cef7ecfcb2830619cae17d2ee *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t04.flac
b1f535c581987de771935428920f32d9 *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t05.flac
08e197dabf6c9195c1a2df55de356a4c *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t06.flac
745bd772464efafbac55821e8e43be66 *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t07.flac
14912c3f282fe99e06f6f02ffd0f9179 *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t08.flac
0b639ece077153966ddb1f9e2e72181f *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t09.flac
c6897789a51c59bd2b72cb5631f56b9a *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t10.flac
4910b9b79cd28cc7af1f93a7f90ee390 *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t11.flac
bc4cba8fc5e37c2d556b0908407d5cf1 *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t12.flac
032fa8f4a9a0f243fb4797c4d4a51a95 *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t13.flac
c8ba24ec71e57fbf1ebe4c6f7a65ba9a *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t14.flac
5d66d83ff66ee1e4ce745a2e6c764acf *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t15.flac
0af7233a4d42d3bea7dc8fffc264ace1 *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t16.flac
80a5d54da5f02c6f6afda2c7c1b3eb5f *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t17.flac
036afbb446bbc976ec1a19443076fdcf *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d1 t18.flac
ea48cc37d910dd0d03f48da6834ad8aa *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t01.flac
445d589e7b5f8370b70b1b25a1fc2189 *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t02.flac
216b5a0574648384131692e1f51e36fa *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t03.flac
c7ea780b068619f82e2dd70819d7585e *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t04.flac
1ef1f6192372f0cea8ed3b00cbdd956f *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t05.flac
f875b85793104daf6f995f027404f11e *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t06.flac
868f8a3fcb347d47dab36b05f56e61e4 *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t07.flac
9ab94a2b15983e41df043f2adfc9c42a *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t08.flac
b444f2dbbb0efc5879c967228f2ad968 *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t09.flac
40b070814cef38b37fbc9dc8de1cdb93 *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t10.flac
ea9f562279d84130f10d854dd5a40f29 *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t11.flac
e3004a4183c1c0277bc84f4efeb6020d *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t12.flac
c3144145126897f770fe4de741e5f9ea *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t13.flac
abfc3f1a7fd324dc424e1ca8998703b8 *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t14.flac
87dd0b1e023260c4903357d8c04b11dc *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t15.flac
5772431ced5164d047c2bd49b342c33b *Robert Hunter 1978-07-20 d2 t16.flac

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