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Medeski Martin & Wood 06/17/06
The Other Tent Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, TN
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Entered by duggy
Checksums flac-ffp , flac-st5 , t-flac-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
Media Size Compressed: 458.61 MB (480889395 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; Source: Neumann ak20/ak40 > lc3 > km100 > v2 (MS mode) > 722 @ 24/96 (FOB, DFC, 25' from stage); 722 > firewire > wavelab (fades, tracking, dither, resample) > flac frontend; Taped & transferred by Brad Wolf 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
Bonnaroo Music Festival - The Other Tent, Manchester, TN
June 17, 2006 (Saturday)

Source: Neumann ak20/ak40 > lc3 > km100 > v2 (MS mode) > 722 @ 24/96
Location: FOB, DFC, 25' from stage
Transfer: 722 > firewire > wavelab (fades, tracking, dither, resample) > flac frontend

Taped and Transfered by Brad Wolf

Disc 1
01.  [01:15] - 'Intro'
02.  [08:28] - New New Orleans
03.  [07:57] - New Planet
04.  [10:26] - Egbe Mi O (Carry Me I Want to Die), Intro to [@9:31] >
05.  [09:46] - Hanuman > Drum Solo [@6:22] > Intro to [@8:27] >
06.  [07:13] - Waking Up (aka The Squalb)
Disc 2:
01.  [08:09] - Cat Creeps# >
02.  [09:43] - Tootie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing#
03.  [08:17] - Exploration* >
04.  [06:02] - Sugar Craft*+
05.  [06:05] - What'd I Say*^%
06.  [08:05] - Chubb Sub#*

# w/ Oliver Wood
* w/ DJ Logic
+ w/ Beatle Bob
^ w/ G. Love on Harmonica
% Got hit with a beach ball.  Pop taken out with pencil tool in Wavelab.

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bd1af6677ac12a75c9702fd549f9c947 [shntool] mmw2006-06-17d1t01.flac
143d55c67611e8ee1e8e645319b2f4d3 [shntool] mmw2006-06-17d1t02.flac
a143f5f92882f2d388dafa0ab970470b [shntool] mmw2006-06-17d1t03.flac
777d94a65de1f33b590c13d4799ec10d [shntool] mmw2006-06-17d1t04.flac
1504c24002e6141b06dc6badbcdcaf1b [shntool] mmw2006-06-17d1t05.flac
1f17226d3a0ef87bba095651882dcdb9 [shntool] mmw2006-06-17d1t06.flac
b06a08a753d414f91a71f1e04d36d911 [shntool] mmw2006-06-17d2t01.flac
7f0815941588790887788e145dbd33ae [shntool] mmw2006-06-17d2t02.flac
ecba835cce8b8a5e13ce431429a4ec97 [shntool] mmw2006-06-17d2t03.flac
44b504c6a091eea1eddc2e7ad496706e [shntool] mmw2006-06-17d2t04.flac
ebe9f273d06428766e6e362f985d6cea [shntool] mmw2006-06-17d2t05.flac
25e40c75a75550ac149740b272978fbf [shntool] mmw2006-06-17d2t06.flac
2d5544ebe82325473455803f21912b57 *mmw2006-06-17d1t01.flac
9c6e994301cd8b03682b980d77dc9c63 *mmw2006-06-17d1t02.flac
2ccb07e4208a82d6f6ad1ce3d48721cf *mmw2006-06-17d1t03.flac
ab265d7948e1e512b1d779a4f8e50509 *mmw2006-06-17d1t04.flac
aea18e2d5dc3a84ef40c5f35156f4b45 *mmw2006-06-17d1t05.flac
df451d9168494e147e4872e540df38f3 *mmw2006-06-17d1t06.flac
34aea7a91f3f0b5c66861dc1fa8d6d62 *mmw2006-06-17d2t01.flac
e6d42989623d90b9658ea1cf650a8f08 *mmw2006-06-17d2t02.flac
33f7beed5c0ca89411011a4b65fc7ee5 *mmw2006-06-17d2t03.flac
15b9597c0135aa49353b9637c466e3ab *mmw2006-06-17d2t04.flac
492202b4ccd8af5f99b3e597708c6256 *mmw2006-06-17d2t05.flac
404cb427cda53f857d80aa2d9cc93c12 *mmw2006-06-17d2t06.flac

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Date User Comment
07/27/2006 wolfman1201 Filled in setlist should look like this:

d1t01. Intro
d1t02. New New Orleans
d1t03. New Planet
d1t04. Egbe Mi O
d1t05. new tune (d1 t3 2/25/06)
d1t06. Wake Up

Disc 2:

d2t01. New Song $
d2t02. Tuttie Ma $
d2t03. Exploration #
d2t04. Sugarcraft #
d2t05. What'd I say #&*
d2t06. Chubb Sub #$

$ w/ Oliver Wood
# w/ DJ Logic
& w/ G. Love on Harmonica
* Got hit with a beach ball. Pop taken out with pencil tool in Wavelab.
08/19/2006 shackaholic filled in setlist as per wolfman1201's comment. when/if official titles are give to the new tunes, please post here and i'll update again.
09/20/2006 TWATTS This source freeking rocks. Nice and fat on the bottom, clean and crispy on the top. I love d1t04...

11/11/2011 TWATTS 1661ff3b0b7c09191b02e2bf43516de4 *mmw2006-06-17d1t01.wav
6661774e5c0d7041ec8d84e3c32b6b24 *mmw2006-06-17d1t02.wav
13f4595f9b93e1b3e16ebf57efd3a3e6 *mmw2006-06-17d1t03.wav
f3a42b500c514794193e4a6fd275a9b2 *mmw2006-06-17d1t04.wav
60d7968f76f8c621761e40e28acd3ab2 *mmw2006-06-17d1t05.wav
7d5829dc400a55ecdd5c0520bf80b9ca *mmw2006-06-17d1t06.wav
a83fdfceb01d58aa0fc9f2913c357db0 *mmw2006-06-17d2t01.wav
35134216d5508d516a62da13434dff66 *mmw2006-06-17d2t02.wav
85c25169437db4b01aa3b5502319ea31 *mmw2006-06-17d2t03.wav
73e695939f96b73a77f57a6ab666d0e8 *mmw2006-06-17d2t04.wav
613f6ec197714600b9f9b161e6619f88 *mmw2006-06-17d2t05.wav
3cd3be129357edac93b352f60b4ab685 *mmw2006-06-17d2t06.wav
11/12/2011 duggy Considerable maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, track times, etc.)
01/16/2014 duggy An ID3 tagged fileset now circulates. Its checksums are noted on this source entry.