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Phil Lesh & Friends 02/09/01
The Fillmore Auditorum, Denver, CO
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary FOB Blumlein config 20' off stage, dead center MBHO 603a KA800 capsules > Zefiro Inbox > D7 > CD >SHN DAT master > CD via direct S/PDIF 
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Phil Lesh and Friends
The Fillmore Auditorium
Denver, CO 2-9-01

FOB Blumlein config  20' off stage, dead center
MBHO 603a KA800 capsules > Zefiro Inbox > D7 > CD >SHN
DAT master > CD via direct S/PDIF

Disc one (79:58)
Set One

Jam >
Mississippi 1/2 Step >
Jam >
Smokestack Lighnting >
Shakedown Street >
Ramble on Rose
Broken Arrow >
Cold Rain and  Snow

Disc Two (79:54)
Set Two

Jam >
Help on the Way >
Slipknot! >
Franklin's Tower
Crazy Fingers >
Not Fade Away

Disc Three (44:29)

Fire on the Mountain
Morning Dew
The Wheel >
The other one v1 >
The Wheel

taper almost busted during Cold Rain and Snow (d1t08).
Mics were lowered and hidden (while some dude got busted behind this rig)
causing a muffled effect to the sound.
Show Checksums
7d5e26f9f5737b176504348501a07f8d *phil01 - 02-09d106.shn
236beac98d5b7018342429199cb0c7e0 *phil01 - 02-09d102.shn
8a12946f831b762c537b42ef1c8e963d *phil01 - 02-09d103.shn
25b8b4b1f35f3aa31a09e7be8dd49c29 *phil01 - 02-09d104.shn
a913cc0e25cba3ea8a8b0c67423e0b64 *phil01 - 02-09d105.shn
c3a13084402079de0865ca553b6d23f7 *phil01 - 02-09d101.shn
86c4ab98e683c80a1769507ba375ee37 *phil01 - 02-09d107.shn
a179b68848c56ddd4b894de304cf142f *phil01 - 02-09d108.shn
ce7d4fcdf4771df3a921e71f584ce021 *phil01 - 02-09d2t06.shn
06594c1df00ae2ac05c0e37c13dc34b5 *phil01 - 02-09d2t02.shn
dbbcbec4160d761508aeb1d45c6f4238 *phil01 - 02-09d2t03.shn
46c8f43d74a1ed29e37d0d47c397a8ab *phil01 - 02-09d2t04.shn
70566cc2378e9dd8fb32c25c32d5a083 *phil01 - 02-09d2t05.shn
4bfebfcce2af93d70cb790a19ef7c27f *phil01 - 02-09d2t01.shn
ab4b870aeb760ce88b771787f39a4492 *phil01 - 02-09d2t07.shn
a57dbbc3f7dd094a27ac71b50a028181 *phil01 - 02-09d3t03.shn
de33750ea65ed9bd8bc497ad1deb5c1f *phil01 - 02-09d3t02.shn
ece4d3fdecb3c2daab916c33ff360cac *phil01 - 02-09d3t01.shn
b47ee9b39cba0e697994aa2cc3d2abb1 *phil01 - 02-09d3t04.shn
827d72ac4fbade3230f630a6aa4e8835 *phil01 - 02-09d3t05.shn
ec34cbcda55c934ffae361d0678ed82b *phil01-02-09d101.flac
ff8a09b0ff950cf91e8f3919107af0c2 *phil01-02-09d102.flac
1d3d913b7891af00a258216d88030f47 *phil01-02-09d103.flac
10e4605e131d749442f0ef3cffe6c933 *phil01-02-09d104.flac
cd9789001457dcfc48e60af1be83890b *phil01-02-09d105.flac
132681535a2c76ea69b7cb53e44734ff *phil01-02-09d106.flac
9a176fff4b37c2ac696b4c5d2ed9379d *phil01-02-09d107.flac
c68b02810f184e94c0955a14f955ec29 *phil01-02-09d108.flac
2c9281da0f62b3aab1ef41c50ab27515 *phil01-02-09d2t01.flac
57e24051bca3b008b29b40a1016db1a1 *phil01-02-09d2t02.flac
b4a757b54e3dfc057d1b1aff31a8527c *phil01-02-09d2t03.flac
668d04d7de2752cdd623805bde8a9f41 *phil01-02-09d2t04.flac
78e6ead5e7fc935dd8b2573ea8782704 *phil01-02-09d2t05.flac
ef011147ef26d21ef0d65ce244f89f6e *phil01-02-09d2t06.flac
22634a986fe494e23d3921d5bffce452 *phil01-02-09d2t07.flac
a3bede8d3623e4f68051c6094e39bb21 *phil01-02-09d3t01.flac
bc40ee3c582d126177b76faa0e0cb883 *phil01-02-09d3t02.flac
66eacaf9f68093a2d7e8c560371a5300 *phil01-02-09d3t03.flac
89673e1553afdd237a4cc11099c6f6c6 *phil01-02-09d3t04.flac
0cc4c24a805371fbd39d4dff7d28c1f6 *phil01-02-09d3t05.flac

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