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Zero 05/29/88
Molly's, Boston, MA
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Entered by rowjimmy
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Source Summary sdb>>cassette master>>CD
Second set only (?) 
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Zero  Molly's  Boston, MA
sdb>>cassette master>>CD

CD1 (80 min cdr*)


*at around the 45 min mark of CD1, there are drop outs
for about a min or so.
any song help send to  [email protected]
thanks to Dr.B.Fried for lending me the masters.
conversion by mike lai

Setlist is as follows:
Set 1:

Set 2:
Girls Drums,
The Core,
Severe Tire Damage,
Little Wing,
Straight Jackets,
Golden Road
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be4cb1695f3ca546d4e62c1027ec314c *zero88-05-29d1t101.shn
294b59c55e268bbcc71d4f42a253328c *zero88-05-29d1t102.shn
99675da929ccd74cc00ea99d10a728a1 *zero88-05-29d1t103.shn
e1b036d6f682a4eda2b6b8eec1500039 *zero88-05-29d1t104.shn
f007c15795db3adf215fccf0cfb5d29d *zero88-05-29d1t105.shn
dd8e7d9cbf70b1a84a8bafcd9031313a *zero88-05-29d1t106.shn
e5206bbe0617f2a84a099fc37ff96f88 *zero88-05-29d1t107.shn
4335638d0b791df9b46866f63861ad62 *zero88-05-29d1t108.shn
4c4bb411a141cfa6be386bd36de54bbf *zero88-05-29d2t201.shn
e6e90cda5f04adb2017a0b7470270d49 *zero88-05-29d2t202.shn
854636ae49d23cd9c6ce1125f92988ec *zero88-05-29d2t203.shn
4b1aa6a17b6e64322dc42c112114e87f *zero88-05-29d2t204.shn
186b4e566433aab40ab533d50ca274fe *zero88-05-29d2t205.shn
01948acddab04f67c515635e7d3f5217 *zero88-05-29d2t206.shn

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