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Grateful Dead 06/28/83
Poplar Creek Music Theatre, Hoffman Estates, IL
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Source Summary FOB Senn 421's> Sony TCD5M w/ Maxell XLII dolby B encoded MC> DAT> CDR> EAC> SHN (w/seek tables appended); Jim Vita recording, 17th Row center; Analog> digital> cdr: tascam 112mk11> Sony PCM R500 @44.1khz> HHB CDR-850 transfer by Jim Wise; Eac/SHN by Chuck Hogan with thanks to John Tallmadge 
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Grateful Dead --- Poplar Creek Music Theatre, Hoffman Estates, IL.

June 28, 1983

Source: FOB>AUD>MC>DAT>CDR>EAC>SHN(w/seek tables appended)
Jim Vita recording,17th Row center.Senn 421's>Sony TCD5M w/ Maxell XLII dolby B encoded.
Analog>digital>cdr --- tascam 112mk11>Sony PCM R500 @44.1khz>HHB CDR-850 transfer by Jim Wise.
A big thanks to Jim Wise for providing the seed discs and to John Tallmadge for distributing them.Eac/SHN by Chuck Hogan -- [email protected]  Uploaded to etree 4/01

Disc 1:
Set 1  

1.  Tuning
2.  Feel Like A Stranger
3.  Dire Wolf
4.  All Over Now
5.  Brown Eyed Women
6.  Little Red Rooster
7.  Tennessee Jed
8.  Looks Like Rain
9.  Deal
10. Encore: Aiko - Aiko
11. U.S. Blues (Probally encore from 6-27-83)

Disc 2:
Set 2

1.  Help On The Way>
2.  Slipknot!>
3.  Franklin's Tower
4.  Women Are Smarter>
5.  He's Gone>
6.  Drums

Disc 3:
Set 2 cont.

1.  Space>
2.  Throwing Stones>
3.  Not Fade Away>
4.  Stella Blue>
5.  Sugar Magnolia  

4.  Stella Blue>
5.  Sugar Magnolia  
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e57093bb30443371a2898b50dfc71113 *gd83-06-28d1t05.shn
bdd11e8dd1a28cad5e58d019348f0f44 *gd83-06-28d1t02.shn
c6076e327a85efc95f894cd27cad561a *gd83-06-28d1t03.shn
240c9e512eb279b696cdd1bd558ce0a7 *gd83-06-28d1t04.shn
548545cf1c3cb18c6c8b8a02a26a6a26 *gd83-06-28d1t01.shn
9f5beca6107eb8e9c8d7d336f55caff3 *gd83-06-28d1t06.shn
76a2ddc8bd28ba555aa669bfd1c1ce5a *gd83-06-28d1t07.shn
46c83b64a7d13de5f108876e2a752c3c *gd83-06-28d1t08.shn
dd12d7fda823526cdcd64b7ce90526c8 *gd83-06-28d1t09.shn
357230ae77329a4338cad8f3d15863cd *gd83-06-28d1t10.shn
1bb196a5829f38197cb30724bf4f7237 *gd83-06-28d1t11.shn
5d4a6e17842477ff37a6f47628443e92 *gd83-06-28d2t03.shn
6e8f8fcbc8367a26753bd39f01a03a5d *gd83-06-28d2t02.shn
93f1bf876ad0351ad2622546784500b9 *gd83-06-28d2t01.shn
389e6d530df57fa0576d0f491f0996ee *gd83-06-28d2t04.shn
02f9bebfb1da97d5f0eb185d51c1d3aa *gd83-06-28d2t05.shn
6d63844b0162d6a9a5b7dfc52be72ee0 *gd83-06-28d2t06.shn
4ac91198b27a4762b20800f88d1ad8f2 *gd83-06-28d3t02.shn
48bd56192d3d319d38407657ac406a77 *gd83-06-28d3t01.shn
6408aa39eed7955c39a1bef29382f080 *gd83-06-28d3t03.shn
56a3cac8f8c45879e5b5d3dfb7a9c193 *gd83-06-28d3t04.shn
1f809abb1c76e9c0ed7e81409761c1c6 *gd83-06-28d3t05.shn
d314690b4bf649ae0e276a16194d8174 [shntool] gd83-06-28d1t01.shn
ca7a3d80d1820ee1e98af724a4be6c19 [shntool] gd83-06-28d1t02.shn
748889e838c319443d17587bccc548bf [shntool] gd83-06-28d1t03.shn
27270df0c48ed66e3467b1e27167c896 [shntool] gd83-06-28d1t04.shn
a525f3d584720489d8fb546bd473c91c [shntool] gd83-06-28d1t05.shn
d81d43ca356b561190bb639b2ef4929c [shntool] gd83-06-28d1t06.shn
c0a36e119a4ae14b33df05ffb962c28b [shntool] gd83-06-28d1t07.shn
390ef50bbbeebe0482d21e8f7fc95306 [shntool] gd83-06-28d1t08.shn
262d0e8d4781794cc99be0f77de42bf5 [shntool] gd83-06-28d1t09.shn
5e9183f5cc9490002ffe6f4ef2405d21 [shntool] gd83-06-28d1t10.shn
de6089ec9547f9295df3948101979e47 [shntool] gd83-06-28d1t11.shn
08a6257c1ce72b3e54b6f5376c658408 [shntool] gd83-06-28d2t01.shn
9261dfe2c2ca5277606d4a577351f48f [shntool] gd83-06-28d2t02.shn
51b6e106e0ca763bee90a134ad2ca472 [shntool] gd83-06-28d2t03.shn
d00c9cc86ea09e650f124a18aa2c4687 [shntool] gd83-06-28d2t04.shn
823da3179a88918663ae7c8c0033f15c [shntool] gd83-06-28d2t05.shn
48ff63586e090bbc48232642f7a9e0be [shntool] gd83-06-28d2t06.shn
7c7739db1442d4c0b7a5276fcd66541e [shntool] gd83-06-28d3t01.shn
53620ee6701ea7144ebcd9ca3973a62f [shntool] gd83-06-28d3t02.shn
7d36d178d89e9deaed990f40825008c3 [shntool] gd83-06-28d3t03.shn
e14f5947dce2df633d6060c7d64ce72d [shntool] gd83-06-28d3t04.shn
270091b3930d061b3344dc171c7b1c01 [shntool] gd83-06-28d3t05.shn

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