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Medeski Martin & Wood 11/10/99
Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, MO
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Entered by duggy
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Neumann KM143 > lunatec v2 > sbm-1 > dat > za2 > soundforge 4 > shn; via Steevo? 
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Medeski Martin and Wood
November 10, 1999
@ Mississippi Nights
St Louis, MO

source:  Neumann KM143 > lunatec v2 > sbm-1 > dat > za2 >
soundforge 4 > shn

Disc One:
1. Improv > Improv [@8:37] >
2. Macha
3. Blue Pepper
4. Just Like I Pictured It > Bass Solo
5. Shacklyn Knights >
6. Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho
7. Seven Deadlies >

Disc Two:
1. Coconut Boogaloo
2. Partido Alto* >
3. Start/Stop* >
4. We Are Rolling* >
5. Sugar Craft* >
6. We Are Rolling* >
7. Hey Joe

8. Bass Solo > Chubb Sub*

* w/ DJ Logic

NOTE: Seven Deadlies does indeed segue into Coconut Boogaloo but the discs are not seamless so there is a fade out/in at the end/start of each disc.

Filler: ??
9. ??
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87cc2fd5297c91f73a6c10ba1f49fab7 *mmw99-11-10d1t07.shn
e62a9e50cf73b659ae249d78bf5184e9 *mmw99-11-10d1t02.shn
331d7070ea05b9919d061286b4070449 *mmw99-11-10d1t03.shn
6cde929865f59dd049d1b5a82f63497f *mmw99-11-10d1t04.shn
97af531c702d4e9d28193dced3213fc3 *mmw99-11-10d1t05.shn
0653bde2067053a1490ec2e4399f6e13 *mmw99-11-10d1t06.shn
f936147d130195bc439346674ff9d9fd *mmw99-11-10d1t01.shn
0b079709b5f649e22aeea34cbcf1a74b *mmw99-11-10d2t02.shn
f02ef1353083d0d2c62f7a220ac55580 *mmw99-11-10d2t03.shn
5493b81d4432819b322dffcc18eddcf0 *mmw99-11-10d2t04.shn
cbb28f1353dd0fc12e958e6ae43eb152 *mmw99-11-10d2t05.shn
5e577fb10b6292e14a734e19134a0ce5 *mmw99-11-10d2t06.shn
2bbaeb88e19d00e28922887b20f82b3a *mmw99-11-10d2t07.shn
4c6e6eaf7f112d0c761ebc134668deb0 *mmw99-11-10d2t08.shn
5a8f1fc4607d3f8dff76215f36c1ee1e *mmw99-11-10d2t09.shn
ae7ec5ff0bf1a84cf1b0b3e9d7788b46 *mmw99-11-10d2t01.shn

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Neumann KM143> lunatecv2>... (1) Neumann KM143 > lunatec v2... (1)
Date User Comment
10/28/2009 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, etc.)

I do not have this actual source, so I made the updates based on the other two Neumann sources.

If anyone has this source and cares to amend any of my updates, please get in touch.