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Grateful Dead 03/30/94
The Omni, Atlanta, GA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
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Source Summary SBD: DAT> ZA2> Samplitude2496> CDR> EAC> SHN; via Tony Gardner with thanks to Chris Larson; encore missing 
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Grateful Dead
March 30, 1994
The Omni - Atlanta, GA

SBD: DAT> ZA2> Samplitude2496> CDR> EAC> SHN

Disc One
Set One
1.  Tuning
2.  Here Comes Sunshine
3.  Feel Like A Stranger
4.  Jack-A-Roe
5.  The Same Thing
6.  Lazy River Road
7.  El Paso
8.  New Speedway Boogie
9.  The Promised Land

Disc Two
Set Two
1.  Tuning  
2.  Scarlet Begonias >
3.  Fire On The Mountain
4.  Playing In The Band >
5.  Dark Star >
6.  Drums >

Disc Three
1.  Space >
2.  I Need A Miracle >
3.  Stella Blue >
4.  Sugar Magnolia

Encore (Liberty) missing

Please report any flaws to Tony Gardner [email protected]

Thanks to Chris Larson for the discs

seeded to etree 4-01
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207a64c944b391a9d585d04f68c626a1 *gd1994-03-30d1t01.shn
5b288f2bd3931eb3db97c5cd1fd5d68b *gd1994-03-30d1t02.shn
5e88d14bea9b9f169367d7d6e406a622 *gd1994-03-30d1t03.shn
8d76772df847e29d0644011be7768b5d *gd1994-03-30d1t04.shn
05941392f9855f4cb3b2371def00d46f *gd1994-03-30d1t05.shn
41d767680b06b8fe48a59726a0cd9703 *gd1994-03-30d1t06.shn
4a55271cf67abafbc4323353c4d6ff49 *gd1994-03-30d1t07.shn
0db7fdd5cb1167952cee09bb24bc25a8 *gd1994-03-30d1t08.shn
f08156a269ac58bc0bb21f241a035eee *gd1994-03-30d1t09.shn
2288fad40b05e4c1de5ce3b02ff3b854 *gd1994-03-30d2t01.shn
fea0f92d3f88a9795e3b819cbddd6d99 *gd1994-03-30d2t02.shn
a710c557026ffdc7c555008abb3da65b *gd1994-03-30d2t03.shn
236ee95a0f05ee11574ae4f91cea5219 *gd1994-03-30d2t04.shn
7f18b9780df8c8e34bc511da58676b19 *gd1994-03-30d2t05.shn
b9c99bdc8857f6db1188bb7e0458056e *gd1994-03-30d2t06.shn
d34af774e25068d64fd312557729857f *gd1994-03-30d3t01.shn
3f593e300182d106027e633fb1b7e7ff *gd1994-03-30d3t02.shn
ab455496398bb1a45bbddfe672982551 *gd1994-03-30d3t03.shn
a9eb8b82658fc162080f39a5bf4fbd5b *gd1994-03-30d3t04.shn
587f103835de756f8feab159192f22e3 [shntool] gd1994-03-30d1t01.shn
084c616cd13bf7a0f2467655a347cc81 [shntool] gd1994-03-30d1t02.shn
e62b7f30f17ded70da4dec6020936d52 [shntool] gd1994-03-30d1t03.shn
be8b880efb7eb34aedb009444adc59ec [shntool] gd1994-03-30d1t04.shn
680c89f8eaf36e7e41c08858820f9c15 [shntool] gd1994-03-30d1t05.shn
f476748c68ae8b7306bf36839dbb2dd8 [shntool] gd1994-03-30d1t06.shn
39848e96eec6a8c2efe319cd0ddc5316 [shntool] gd1994-03-30d1t07.shn
9eba7c953bebee4f97601f7d2a1dc5c8 [shntool] gd1994-03-30d1t08.shn
294a6db3cfc3966909498202b2ea8e8a [shntool] gd1994-03-30d1t09.shn
112857e3d461377fa98b01c0f769d865 [shntool] gd1994-03-30d2t01.shn
f2cde0f60fc31d12cf5bfb8f36be79ee [shntool] gd1994-03-30d2t02.shn
6def018da29f0d666712a30cd1f5ccef [shntool] gd1994-03-30d2t03.shn
9d0b347d7a349c300c7e639c6f21ef6a [shntool] gd1994-03-30d2t04.shn
c9c490a7072004efc2a93e23f08ef1fd [shntool] gd1994-03-30d2t05.shn
6e058ac5d0b2913f16ce6d71e5c71ab4 [shntool] gd1994-03-30d2t06.shn
08dd34349ccd5c67a10f59731bfb024b [shntool] gd1994-03-30d3t01.shn
a2a2e9888c3feac78d99e573efba6c36 [shntool] gd1994-03-30d3t02.shn
b8ec68c0d7522bd6081e0b3e654afac7 [shntool] gd1994-03-30d3t03.shn
65c0fcaaf2d23c56cad17848272995a3 [shntool] gd1994-03-30d3t04.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Recording Info: SBD -> Dat... (0) Source:... (1) flac16; Source:... (0)
Date User Comment
11/26/2002 Mark Goldey Some staticy-popping in d1:t1&2 (tuning + HC Sunshine). Other users report diginoise in d1:t3 (Stranger).
11/27/2002 Mark Goldey More popping in Fire, d2:t3 at 13:35. There's probably more hidden in here, too.