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Medeski Martin & Wood 11/12/99
Tennessee Theatre, Knoxville, TN
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Entered by duggy
Checksums d1 , d2
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Source Summary AKG 483's> Graham Patten m20> Lunatec V2> DaP1> D8> ZA2> SF4> CDWav> Teac55-s CDR> i/ou; via Steevo 
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Medeski Martin and Wood
Tennessee Theater,Knoxville Tennessee

Source: AKG 483's>Graham Pattern m20>Lunatec V2>DaP1>
D8>ZA2>Soundforge4>CDWav editor>Teac55-s CDR> i/ou

disc 1
01. Improv >
02. Shacklyn Knights >
03. Philly Cheese Blunt >
04. Macha >
05. Brigas Nunca Mais >
06. Henduck
07. Open Improv >
08. Buster Rides Again
09. Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho >

disc 2
01. Just Like I Pictured It
02. Blue Pepper
03. Africa >
04. Drum Solo >
05. Open Improv > We Are Rolling * >
06. We Are Rolling cont'd * >
07. Sugar Craft * >
08. The Lover * >
09. Hey Joe

10. Swamp Road *

* w/ DJ Logic

Show Checksums
5f3e31ddce7c5c148841b829bb1dcf18 *Track01.wav.shn
de4f3ed50f585866b8b76cc592c21af6 *Track02.wav.shn
4d21e793532e5f182987b989b1459982 *Track03.wav.shn
2219538c9cd6c347ae746da0b1098a6e *Track04.wav.shn
4d107b586abcdf6de3ac7e07ad055c7a *Track05.wav.shn
7169f35133a7c5c0e498d967ae9d7cfb *Track06.wav.shn
ca59130cb451ac0031f1bd57764d141a *Track07.wav.shn
23d098bb7155c6c77e64193353d0ad2e *Track08.wav.shn
ecd8a7dfa57cd5d1d632db491da6880e *Track09.wav.shn
8ff3c1ab1da4a03cb376f297c22b0cbd *Track01.wav.shn
eb62662ae5b6239900b1835afb4565aa *Track02.wav.shn
7f83ea7dbb96add83f1be5e7e24b59f4 *Track03.wav.shn
449eeb0032c479e47e894986278548b6 *Track04.wav.shn
deb7bd0de8ed6db05bf073b5c5860cda *Track05.wav.shn
21d213df610e3d5b5b0368b82f71ad92 *Track06.wav.shn
c180443b4e952a60509f48e602ac4444 *Track07.wav.shn
08babfd00b4ba8dcbbeab4aaff1d4fe8 *Track08.wav.shn
a05051f708fbf6f7998cc901590f2e51 *Track09.wav.shn
0de916d12e6537b3bf45250cef60c4d5 *Track10.wav.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
AKG 483's> Graham Pattern... (1) AKG 483's> Graham Pattern... (1)
Date User Comment
10/28/2009 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, etc.)

I do not have this actual source, and so I filled in the setlist based on the incomplete list that was there and the source I do have.

The only real uncertainty I have is whether the short Open Improv before We Are Rolling is on the same track.

If anyone with this source wishes to speak up and confirm or correct, please do.