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Phish 05/01/92
The Rave at Central Park, Milwaukee, WI
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary Set 1 only; Bootleg CD ("Sloth") > EAC (secure mode w/ C2 error checking) > WAV > SHN v3.1; Seeded by Kevin Kress 
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Phish 5-1-92 - Set I only

The Rave at Central Park
Milwaukee, WI

Seeded by Kevin Kress on 4/30/2001

Source:  Bootleg CD > EAC (secure mode w/ C2 error checking) > WAV > SHN (v3.1)

Track listing:

1. Suzie Greenberg (5:24)
2. My Friend, My Friend (6:34)
3. Poor Heart (2:58)
4. The Landlady (3:27)
5. NICU (5:36)
6. The Sloth (3:42)
7. Divided Sky        (13:06)
8. Guelah Papyrus (1:21)
9. It's Ice        (10:07)
10. Horn (3:41)
11. I Didn't Know(*) (3:23)
12. Possum(**)        (12:05)

(*)  with "sans bag" bagpipe solo, from "The Piper" (Fishman)
(**) with extensive "secret language" in the intro

This is the Italian-import bootleg CD titled simply "SLOTH."  My girlfriend-at-the-time gave
this to me as a gift, around five years ago.

It should be noted that I would personally NEVER buy a bootleg CD (you shouldn't, either)--
nor would I support bootlegging (i.e., profiting off the music) in any way.  Bootleggers
disgust me.  Therefore, I am making these tunes available (free-of-charge, of course!) on
ETree.  Long live ETree!

EAC log is included in separate text file EAC-log-ph1992-05-01.I.TXT.  Track 5 had three (3)
suspicious positions (3:33, 3:39, and 3:44) but ended up sounding fine anyway.  Even after
thoroughly cleaning the CD, I couldn't do better, sorry.  (The CD has been abused in the

Track 8 (Guelah Papyrus) is only 1:21.  This is the way it appeared on the disc.  It might
be more appropriately titled "Guelah Papyrus Reprise" as they only play a small portion
of the song!  You be the judge.

Any comments or questions, e-mail me (address is above).  Thanks.
-- KK

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e8bb8ff68cdc9bd0cf1c9aae39425f44 *ph1992-05-01.I-t01.shn
af375e36437c2d0890125eb6acdcf147 *ph1992-05-01.I-t02.shn
1fc1d26245ff665bcadf2b2a7919c173 *ph1992-05-01.I-t03.shn
cbde6deca563f8f65e23fffc68558c4d *ph1992-05-01.I-t04.shn
f1f6452826b180e2ef8ef64dfbfe7a00 *ph1992-05-01.I-t05.shn
edf150318068a90b8bb68579a5b9dc46 *ph1992-05-01.I-t06.shn
e156f31d8f15df1746e0f6263decd027 *ph1992-05-01.I-t07.shn
ad0e2be9d935882ddbb0d5ee89293151 *ph1992-05-01.I-t08.shn
53bd4a9d61a0f2fedf29784d98c702fb *ph1992-05-01.I-t09.shn
527193a2bba4a15838c143a96b81040c *ph1992-05-01.I-t10.shn
4cbd9026d7186e74660a0bf4a277bdec *ph1992-05-01.I-t11.shn
eebd1054cf8d6b3b8ff503c0c6f06de7 *ph1992-05-01.I-t12.shn
251344f853542464d6520f9f4f3e80a1 [shntool] ph1992-05-01.I-t01.shn
713c2ef07aa3d3ce2d81eba02a837108 [shntool] ph1992-05-01.I-t02.shn
9a00900040f64b5e90b35dba290e986a [shntool] ph1992-05-01.I-t03.shn
898c9eea579c34971d8de2f8b3dd9b66 [shntool] ph1992-05-01.I-t04.shn
737f31fcf57e05d8d0119de5e93ec2b7 [shntool] ph1992-05-01.I-t05.shn
7c7383ddbd28645424296fd66c1e1c69 [shntool] ph1992-05-01.I-t06.shn
1f36b190eb2910aa93a8bfe1391359e2 [shntool] ph1992-05-01.I-t07.shn
1b9e9a0285252d68eedff14216ecf040 [shntool] ph1992-05-01.I-t08.shn
d8af668ea29966afd00062d1a0f76ed5 [shntool] ph1992-05-01.I-t09.shn
c80a21867a0133cfc44c5b2fd7f2e1a3 [shntool] ph1992-05-01.I-t10.shn
37a0ff0769788754b319fbeb6689b4e1 [shntool] ph1992-05-01.I-t11.shn
c651e0cee1776b93db0071c4d00f8277 [shntool] ph1992-05-01.I-t12.shn

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