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Phil Lesh & Friends 02/16/01
Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 4
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Source Summary Taped 2 rows behind SBD. Nakamichi 300/CP1 + AKG C1000S (Hypercards) -> Boss BX4 -> Sony SBM-1 -> Dat -> CD -> Cool Edit Pro (Super High-End Boost Enabled) -> CD (4 Discs) 
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2/16/01 Phil and Friends
Maritime Hall

Taped 2 rows behind SBD.

Nakamichi 300/CP1 + AKG C1000S (Hypercards) ->
Boss BX4 ->
Sony SBM-1 ->
Dat ->
CD ->
Cool Edit Pro (Super High-End Boost Enabled) ->
CD (4 Discs)

You must use 4 discs in order to avoid changing discs during music.

Disc 1:
Passenger >
Tennessee Jed
Cumberland Blues

Disc 2:
Smokestack Lightning
Casey Jones

Disc 3: (Needs 80 Min Disc)
Low Spark >
Watchtower >

Disc 4:
Help On The Way >
Slipknot >
I Am The Walrus >
Slipknot >
Franklin's Tower
E: Cosmic Charlie

Recorded and Remastered By Charlie Miller

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0f579da79678634f2c6df52fdeb5944a *p&f01-02-16d1t01.shn
317d3820c20e3642a6a5d31246f1df32 *p&f01-02-16d1t02.shn
0c1c62c0dfc075fa3c70c928ca580587 *p&f01-02-16d1t03.shn
00b871f0e754e0026035fda8f75a1a3b *p&f01-02-16d2t01.shn
e79844849f0f8fda8d85fd58809d5b38 *p&f01-02-16d2t02.shn
4a665ebe591737c0d3bed1d29b4224f3 *p&f01-02-16d3t01.shn
542cb368356d1135f2a77a392ff16ac1 *p&f01-02-16d3t02.shn
cd30ea4ce8a2c95173353db24e93e56d *p&f01-02-16d3t03.shn
24ca9ef89988593a8697e703e0869768 *p&f01-02-16d3t04.shn
a43dcb84db59c454c0ea36c8eac08d7b *p&f01-02-16d4t01.shn
a2ac46d70b754878d432f032ed77c64b *p&f01-02-16d4t02.shn
6e2321442cac4cf6706b34d4090804b1 *p&f01-02-16d4t03.shn
dc2329cf31c43e29b0c55fb618bfdc98 *p&f01-02-16d4t04.shn
08508f4f0ab0cfe437416399738506f8 *p&f01-02-16d4t05.shn
78b9504fda6bfe3a5c120e5d4e9ef3a7 *p&f01-02-16d4t06.shn
62f515da876878b5c4501eb5d153927d *p&f01-02-16d4t07.shn
df48a86f52668ce377fc158ab0f0a3df *p&f01-02-16d1t01.flac
a26350ee7f747c7c6ac84f9f1fd8d526 *p&f01-02-16d1t02.flac
0c29c588b92aba919b908d09cff7b220 *p&f01-02-16d1t03.flac
5e5d15070494e8c1a645590746334183 *p&f01-02-16d2t01.flac
06c197e0f96313439e0b8b7740ec127c *p&f01-02-16d2t02.flac
41953c5fbb1a10a8c5df207e8e534ae7 *p&f01-02-16d3t01.flac
bfa6334443a2fa80f000b82a9d6d22b4 *p&f01-02-16d3t02.flac
0ef147cb2cc40437d122f01050bd8cb1 *p&f01-02-16d3t03.flac
460fc3249f68972e934232617c409396 *p&f01-02-16d3t04.flac
5a3cca25e0c3c37da8a834f2ec087e86 *p&f01-02-16d4t01.flac
d0906d56e92e1e45bcd222f703417da6 *p&f01-02-16d4t02.flac
f1e792055ad3de7a4ddd967f051243bc *p&f01-02-16d4t03.flac
f61dd0cb5320048c1c72564267d214e3 *p&f01-02-16d4t04.flac
f537a49140a71087dbbc6a8f72c21245 *p&f01-02-16d4t05.flac
5f97ed81a414dee8220b7f8200dd3048 *p&f01-02-16d4t06.flac
19f70c87c85cc78f42ec63112efe6969 *p&f01-02-16d4t07.flac

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