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Grateful Dead 05/07/89
Frost Amphitheatre, Palo Alto, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums orig-shn-md5 , shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary updated source: bootleg CD> WAV> SHN; note Other One missing from the bootleg 
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Grateful Dead
Frost Amphitheater
Sanford University
Palo Alto, Ca

Updated Source: bootleg CD> WAV> SHN
[had been marked Source:  Unknown]
Sound:  A

Disk One:

1:  Aiko Aiko
2:  Little Red Rooster
3:  Bertha
4:  Me and My Uncle
5:  Mexicali Blues
6:  Built to Last
7:  Picasso Moon
8:  Birdsong
9:  Foolish Heart
10:  Victim or the Crime

Disk Two:

1:  Crazy Fingers
2:  Man Smart, Woman Smarter
3:  He's Gone
4:  Drums
5:  Space
[update: missing The Other One]
6:  Black Peter
7:  Black Peter (continued)
8:  Lovelight
9:  Knockin on Heaven's Door

Rex Foundation Benefit
Billy Kreutzmann's 43rd Birthday

Shncoded by A.F. who has requested his name be removed from the info file,
as he did not originally intend this for wide release, and no longer wishes to
receive email.

This text file at revised 8/18/01.
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ed976ec8ef09e7bf3fd846fed23d7385 *d01t01 aiko.shn
ccfaf5717cc6aabf110a1b9c0e44c8c0 *d01t02 rooster.shn
e4f92cc8cf044d2324a1bfc75a7d79de *d01t03 bertha.shn
6b3ca7de572e186c6687b02e3143eb24 *d01t04 me and my uncle.shn
58b808a4e993f70d177f3ef5fc952063 *d01t05 mexicali.shn
e5b3b7e47ddf9ac1546ed97934cc41ac *d01t06 built to last.shn
f907db7f164c944a577cedd07c469f72 *d01t07 picasso moon.shn
286d0104e1aced72d0d3d13cd0e10453 *d01t08 birdsong.shn
f72082c9f4e3a498bd2109e97aa37f9c *d01t09 foolish heart.shn
bc36cf5ba9dc17157bdecebbeca2399d *d01t10 victim or the crime .shn
49c938f90d811fd065c98758d482bce2 *d02t02 man smart, woman smarter.shn
5b335a721ad8caf48fddc604b8c41cb4 *d02t01 crazy fingers.shn
aee48c1fe08723ce5150db8d1b353986 *d02t03 he's gone.shn
cf0c0815b32d25c8a90feb9429c356e2 *d02t04 drums.shn
3240d88575383ed47e5658c22def1675 *d02t05 space.shn
872bbe8f70000bfa63976d9b6f965144 *d02t06 black peter.shn
b71019c6972c52ef2fe29bb48b6ff85b *d02t07 black peter II.shn
3ed4c9cd6ab249ffa8e5d0bf38b3530f *d02t08 lovelight.shn
7e367f72a6b2a46898490fd22c3a02db *d02t09 heaven's door.shn
ed976ec8ef09e7bf3fd846fed23d7385 *d01t01.shn
ccfaf5717cc6aabf110a1b9c0e44c8c0 *d01t02.shn
e4f92cc8cf044d2324a1bfc75a7d79de *d01t03.shn
6b3ca7de572e186c6687b02e3143eb24 *d01t04.shn
58b808a4e993f70d177f3ef5fc952063 *d01t05.shn
e5b3b7e47ddf9ac1546ed97934cc41ac *d01t06.shn
f907db7f164c944a577cedd07c469f72 *d01t07.shn
286d0104e1aced72d0d3d13cd0e10453 *d01t08.shn
f72082c9f4e3a498bd2109e97aa37f9c *d01t09.shn
bc36cf5ba9dc17157bdecebbeca2399d *d01t10.shn
5b335a721ad8caf48fddc604b8c41cb4 *d02t01.shn
49c938f90d811fd065c98758d482bce2 *d02t02.shn
aee48c1fe08723ce5150db8d1b353986 *d02t03.shn
cf0c0815b32d25c8a90feb9429c356e2 *d02t04.shn
3240d88575383ed47e5658c22def1675 *d02t05.shn
872bbe8f70000bfa63976d9b6f965144 *d02t06.shn
b71019c6972c52ef2fe29bb48b6ff85b *d02t07.shn
3ed4c9cd6ab249ffa8e5d0bf38b3530f *d02t08.shn
7e367f72a6b2a46898490fd22c3a02db *d02t09.shn
d144f03c0056cdc0dc18ba77ebdac74f [shntool] d01t01.shn
3118923be1e44b0594df30e08f74191e [shntool] d01t02.shn
74a8574373f0f77864fc5300924a48eb [shntool] d01t03.shn
afedbdfbd2291e994a6ce4a0635a2fe8 [shntool] d01t04.shn
39962a295ccdf0115b4172944e8a5c59 [shntool] d01t05.shn
10117cf9b50174306452763244dab880 [shntool] d01t06.shn
a66abea70373caab6c0473a58e2f1845 [shntool] d01t07.shn
a4e0625e327d59d7857549ce9efc5b89 [shntool] d01t08.shn
6fcd38bc552445ca350c8f096ddf1012 [shntool] d01t09.shn
bf6583381ec5a8075f1ec6680418ed8b [shntool] d01t10.shn
62057b146cfcf28a7a309f9abde2e573 [shntool] d02t01.shn
47e8b3bea4fbbb369cfe47b271cedc08 [shntool] d02t02.shn
90097cb463d9cf499ccebf1a30c0e599 [shntool] d02t03.shn
cae6ee264ec6c78541315fa2305d9ab0 [shntool] d02t04.shn
d87003d5f19fd51f1b7e326499c8e09c [shntool] d02t05.shn
5bf9d632b040fb8450da6106136f2014 [shntool] d02t06.shn
9237f8811b9c979fedf375483efe6502 [shntool] d02t07.shn
6775f87173bc612b13e47426dbecca23 [shntool] d02t08.shn
0e00a27346130b89ed28aa00125b44b1 [shntool] d02t09.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
SBD > DAT> DALCard Deluxe>... (3) DSBD > DAT; DAT > WAV >... (0) flac16; Seamless fix... (1) flac16; Source:(ots)... (0) flac16; Source: 2... (0) flac24; Recorded and... (0) flac24/96 ... (0) flac16; Recording... (0) flac16/48kHz; Source... (0)
Date User Comment
08/17/2001 glenn french Missing the other one
08/17/2001 Diana Hamilton Thanks to the easy accessibility of, I was just now able to pick up the Space and 2 Black Peter tracks for a quick listen. There is a segue out of Space and then a track of what should be The Other One is clearly missing. The Black Peter is arbitarily split mid-song but
doesn't have the Other One in either part.

The omission is pretty appalling, perhaps part of the downside to the easy accessibility of

08/18/2001 Diana Hamilton It turns out this is a copy of a bootleg that someone uploaded to gdlive for a friend, not realizing the wide circulation it would see through gdlive.
I have removed the uploader's name from the info file here at his request, as he has reportedly been been receiving hate mail over this. That is far more appalling than any bootlegger sloppiness. :(
09/30/2001 Hamilton, Diana The other version is now at gdlive as of ~9/16/01.
10/22/2002 GDLIVE http download
from gdlive gd890507