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Grateful Dead 08/05/89
Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary FOB Schoeps MK2 (spread) > dat > cdr; Transfer: EAC (range extraction at 100%) > CDWAV > mkwACT; d2 tracked for 80 min; encore missing 
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Grateful Dead
Cal Expo
Sacramento, CA

FOB Schoeps MK2 (spread) > dat > cdr

EAC(range extraction at 100%) > CDWAV > mkwACT

Set 1/CD 1:
1. One More Saturday Night
2. Cold Rain and Snow
3. We Can Run...
4. Stagger Lee
5. Stuck Inside of Mobile
6. Row Jimmy
7. Let it Grow

Set 2/CD 2 (requires 80 min disc):
1. Crowd/Tuning
2. Hey Pocky Way
3. Playin' in the Band
4. I Know You Rider
5. Terrapin Station
6. Drumz
7. Space
8. Standing on the Moon
9. Throwin' Stones
10. Not Fade Away
*missing US Blues encore

Show Checksums
af8fd2ba24a4f55bd051b87bc5a7f11d *gd1989-08-05d2t10.shn
59fa906991989f2c8c46f743d9b0af75 *gd1989-08-05d1t02.shn
2baa631a6dc28871eeca5c4fd5207d7b *gd1989-08-05d1t03.shn
95f7002b19d4953245f7c1b896dc46f1 *gd1989-08-05d1t04.shn
ff13ded0ec8ca085224a7e75ca039242 *gd1989-08-05d1t05.shn
181b06297cf9bb2cd278053bcfdc04b7 *gd1989-08-05d1t06.shn
4ec8499bf964e46f1a86d35c1768f09a *gd1989-08-05d1t07.shn
a28dec059a0ece9ec3a7c1bd6278051b *gd1989-08-05d2t01.shn
72bc4e46e8533ec0130b9dd140bbaa25 *gd1989-08-05d2t02.shn
c8145acebf9a9ad4f9acfa6fa0ec91df *gd1989-08-05d2t03.shn
1366e6ab22c44fb34ff8bd5dd73ae57a *gd1989-08-05d2t04.shn
499266902ed1ea6dbcd6cf537e497e5e *gd1989-08-05d2t05.shn
57ed1593a606e50654de130909fbb5b2 *gd1989-08-05d2t06.shn
40ed68e08c74634e190a7d26d9284a83 *gd1989-08-05d2t07.shn
ea9c31d511768b3b9ef5fe770e400e7b *gd1989-08-05d2t08.shn
0d42e3ebecc3e13c36f3bb5ff5eee5bc *gd1989-08-05d2t09.shn
1cb709f58dcfe7b268c01d8460b0e24c *gd1989-08-05d1t01.shn
c994ca1ee86c687910a34d2b8d9ad6cb [shntool] gd1989-08-05d1t01.shn
c38a32317ca982e30aa49aa7c4ca146f [shntool] gd1989-08-05d1t02.shn
4bc83fb2881302e0cff2efa3ad97b26e [shntool] gd1989-08-05d1t03.shn
fd1e47c2c947841544cb30a24c20a435 [shntool] gd1989-08-05d1t04.shn
3e297ecb3b2ddf7a8c118e4ef47e5185 [shntool] gd1989-08-05d1t05.shn
d6ac4e1f4f6f0485ab28c7b6f308af77 [shntool] gd1989-08-05d1t06.shn
7afd47489bf911f8ec09c5cc58274fc5 [shntool] gd1989-08-05d1t07.shn
c7d950a20fa6908fd0ba8b86788fb561 [shntool] gd1989-08-05d2t01.shn
e1689b579b751d21fe2b4a78b9cc32ec [shntool] gd1989-08-05d2t02.shn
2796bdf97e85c671523f19740621f653 [shntool] gd1989-08-05d2t03.shn
91bb42428399a0d03ddb8cde7c85ebdf [shntool] gd1989-08-05d2t04.shn
65eaa4ae7af2c77cc14f7c8913a7f55c [shntool] gd1989-08-05d2t05.shn
9f640bdb95d7f34cc220b6b27d54d083 [shntool] gd1989-08-05d2t06.shn
f5ba9ccb882ead75991c550855c4b4b9 [shntool] gd1989-08-05d2t07.shn
3a948d4496d372d5b7f646fa9b5a19e3 [shntool] gd1989-08-05d2t08.shn
3fd8ed8211981b0379a6c9b30d377505 [shntool] gd1989-08-05d2t09.shn
3595cab695e9392b067862e49f34745c [shntool] gd1989-08-05d2t10.shn

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set 2; SBD> CM> DAT> CD>... (0) SBD > MC > C > DAT > CD >... (0) flac16; Seamless fix... (1) flac16; AUD Source:... (0) flac16; Recording... (1) flac16; Source:... (0) flac16; matrix of... (0) flac16; FOB/Schoeps... (0)
Date User Comment
01/01/2003 Doug Nawrocki I seeded this show but forgot to include my name on the text file. If you have any questions or comments you can email me. Enjoy.
01/01/2003 Doug - I have been collecting for a very long time and this one has always eluded me. God love the GD at the Cal Expo - Gone are the days ........ Thanks a lot for getting this one out !